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File: 1491600618677.png (47.4 KB, 566x665, veronica.png)

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2 years later and another thread is up
Old threads:

This is probably bad. I can barely keep up with these threads anymore and they're super slow so I don't know what my excuse is. My wallowing self-pity party notwithstanding, here is the new thread!

I'll try to be more active in discussing and addressing any stuff of mine you guys want to bring up, though I imagine monstergirls will still be the order of the day.

Here's to a new year (or more) of soft, strange ladies.


File: 1491600696041.png (482.22 KB, 2319x785, heights redone.png)

Because it's always helpful to have this at the top of the thread.


File: 1491600746105.png (1.05 MB, 1210x2085, monstergirls.png)

And for easy ref, might as well include this too


File: 1491608528617.png (89.43 KB, 511x718, classact.png)

oh hey Weaver, your actually alive

I was thinking of expanding how many students were actually at the school, does this look okay for at least 1 class? Using monsters only from your tumblr.

Might expand it some more - there's one red lizard girl who i can't decide if she actually goes to the school or skips classes because she's 2cool4school


File: 1491615468702.png (583.17 KB, 1280x578, 8fd2bbfafe3ce3d7f14527b448….png)

Weaver, you are a fine, upstanding gentleman.
Thank you for tolerating our oddity.


File: 1491615973257.png (146.25 KB, 800x1200, tumblr_ofz8mmxqKQ1r5h2ogo8….png)

>Here's to a new year (or more) of soft, strange ladies
What about the seemingly hard ones? Are they also soft in their own, strange ways?

I really like this rock lady. She has a build that makes her come off as motherly and safe while being large enough to completely envelope you in an embrace.


File: 1491615987669.png (408.05 KB, 1553x1609, 1483391270606.png)

I'm posting this because


She and Wosyet should meet and discuss golem things.


File: 1491619483977.jpg (78 KB, 540x540, tumblr_okzmqkvwno1r6a2cfo1….jpg)


actually I'm pretty sure she might be a natural Rock-based creature and not a Golem, since they are VERY different in design

Think Discworld Trolls and how they are literally made of certain rocks types

although she could be a prototype Golem, honestly I wouldn't be suprised if there were a few Putty Patrol tier Golems around


File: 1491620200605.png (168.56 KB, 967x639, tumblr_nytio4Tc8Z1th8zpyo1….png)

Another possibility is that she's an elemental.
I still imagine that she and Wosyet would probably have more to talk about than not.


Yeah, that's true. Rock-based creatures are basically walking Time Capsules. Wosyet herself is possibly one of the few links to ancient Anonymous past history we're going to get, so might as well make the most of a possible history lesson on why MODS=GODS or how the golem-making process became more factory like when they hired Checks-For-Repeating-Digits to inspect the Golem Quality or the really neat tricks they did, like how Wosyet is basically flesh to touch but if you try to inflict violence upon her person she can "become" like stone, despite techncially being 75% stone and 25% sacred fire


Also I just realised Gillou has an expression that makes her look like she just realised that she's standing in the rain, and thus is going to absorb the rain and puddles and become huge, all the while some kid is gonna be there to watch her expand in real time


>Gillou: "CPS is gonna eat me alive."


File: 1491623105277.png (307.67 KB, 810x683, 1491331645808.png)



File: 1491627494741.png (27.7 KB, 243x465, tumblr_nmks6xNYEP1tjra01o1….png)

This is Gumberry.
Say something nice about her.


She's cute.


File: 1491650346826.png (197.13 KB, 800x872, tumblr_nmtrlrAmWs1r5h2ogo1….png)


It's fine, Weaver. It's probably best that you don't deal with the weirdos here.


She's sweet.

>plural form


File: 1491667954222.png (136.29 KB, 778x639, WeThreeKings.png)

Hey, that's not very nice

I'm interested in exploring and contextualising purly for the benefit of making a interesting, yet simple narrative

For example, I'm 100% sure that if Wosyet acts as exposition - or introduces us to a source of exposition - for the past, sooner or later we will arrive at the reason for why the Demonic Plane is so thin. And I bet that reason could be puzzle-pieced out amongst the 3 Wise Men theme the Greater Demons seem to have going when Wosyet runs out of things she can explain, or runs out of people she knows who could explain that she trusts.

Although it's pretty up in the air right now, since I'm concentrating on getting the begining right, instead of concentrating on demons


File: 1491668974943.png (138.94 KB, 364x432, 1480242302736.png)

Personally, anon, I have no problem with you creating your own narrative.
The characters and setting allow for interpretation and differentiation.
I honestly don't know why other anons are giving you shit.
Also, I like your art.


File: 1491687277086.png (392.9 KB, 2280x1499, someideasheet.png)

Well, it's possible that most of us want the same thing: For Weaver to just make a "Year 1" series for Monstro village, so we don't have to retread the same tired arguments over and over

I know that it's a pretty unrealistic expectation, especially since Weaver can draw what he wants, and doesn't need to tie himself down to something he never promised to do, and it turns out that it's actually harder to come up with possible early scenarios than it looks (pic related) because it requires like, a 4 chapter setup in order to get to the much advertized "daily life" part of the story (half monstro village, half adventuring)

It's longer than the Persona 5 Tutorial and I just wanna draw things and roll with the punches that come my way over my ideas and pictures. You want anything drawn by the way?



>Writing stories for characters that aren't yours

My point exactly.


File: 1491692147156.png (16.72 KB, 680x487, tumblr_o39w3aJFG71tajajho1….png)

See, this is what I'm talking about.
Pointless aggression against someone who's just doing their own thing and not hurting anyone.
It seems to me that YOU are the one with the problem.


Not him but;
He keeps approaching the whole thing from this weird fucking angle that meshes poorly with what weaver has said about the purpose of the setting and keeps giving unsolicited, deep end-tier spergouts that read as if he thinks they're anything but that.
Sure, he gets to post them. But we also get to think they're poor form and shitting up the thread.


File: 1491706725787.png (265.74 KB, 900x540, tumblr_n3myj2XaGa1rp5hgco1….png)

And just what have you contributed?


File: 1491725946678.png (Spoiler Image, 419.56 KB, 2319x785, Monstergirl size chart.png)

Don't forget the nude one.


Whose nipples do you want to suck?




File: 1491755026475.png (68.47 KB, 436x239, youbelieveinfairiesright.png)

Ah, so basically, you agree with me when I said everyone wants Weaver to write a Year 1 story, and I'm a faggot for trying to think of ways that various things could come together neatly because Weaver should do it instead

Well, it's okay. Gotta roll with the punches, not everybody would be interested in a overall bigger picture forming out of random little ones



>Your lips and mouth end up glowing


File: 1491756978216.png (3.09 KB, 200x200, aguaface.png)

Speaking personally, I absolutely understand wanting to write your own stories – it's part of why these characters were created. Fanworks are more than encouraged and there's nothing wrong with it.

The only thing I don't quite understand is the lens through which it's all framed. So often I see this motif of symbology and "gamey" mechanics and tiers, circles, stars, tarot, things like that. I genuinely can't figure out that approach. But in the end, you should go with whatever helps you to organize and sort the world for yourself.


Rock on, man.


Straight from the horse's mouth.


File: 1491768642854.png (191.62 KB, 800x1069, tumblr_ohoq74N58I1r5h2ogo1….png)


WEaver has spoken. I'm sorry, Write Fag. I still think you should take it down a notch or two though.


File: 1491770176137-0.png (79.48 KB, 500x500, meara.png)

File: 1491770176137-1.png (80.25 KB, 500x500, meara with glasses, lens r….png)

I drew a Gillou for last thread just to placate you.
And here's a Meara to placate you some more.
Not that it should take contributing to be able to voice dissent because that's a fucking stupid way to go about things.

>Ah, so basically, you agree with me when I said everyone wants Weaver to write a Year 1 story
No. I never said or even hinted at that. Stop reading into things.

But since Weaver has spoken all I can do is chime in with >>16585 and ask that you PLEASE consider toning it down.



Shit, I almost thought that you were Weaver, but forgot your name. I couldn't tell those pics apart from the real deal.


File: 1491782264274.png (92.78 KB, 558x564, 1441498632748.png)


This makes me a little more confident in making Monster Girl content.

Doesn't fix the fact that I fucking suck.


File: 1491855909544.png (40.77 KB, 964x271, inportantblurb.PNG)

Thanks for getting it

It's true, I'm mostly using that stuff just to trim down my ideas and, ah, "tone it down" if you will. You've already seen how I've basically used motifs as a sort of folder for ideas. I've seperated most of my ideas for PB's adventures into "Hearts", for example, because I view her adventures with Anon as replacing her being raped by random guys with taking Anon out to different places in the hopes he will man up and fuck her already. It's like a extreme version of dates - He's the Protagonist and she's the Main Character, so naturally their adventures together need to be something special instead of normal.

Ultimatly, what I don't understand is that you load guns you don't intend to fire. I mean, pic related has three, and I only can explain one of them - at least right now - in a way nobody can seem to understand.

to put it short, 4 of cups is the "things not considered" folder, because Anon has no reason to consider adventuring with PB untill she ends up in the hospital, because EVERYBODY focuses on the "bad girl who can take care fo herself" attitude and doesn't consider that PB fucking sucks at actual adventure. Ace of Hearts is basically where all the "Anon's first adventure" ideas are going, and possibly when PB begins to truly respect him for giving the oppertunity to get even and not abandoning her (her current status quo)

does it make sense now what I'm doing or do you want me to just draw something


File: 1491929557616.png (567.3 KB, 1280x1017, tumblr_oi9cbzYYvv1r9y1sco1….png)


I want to bury my face in all of those breasts at the same time


File: 1491935013186.png (Spoiler Image, 194.28 KB, 781x627, 1486995229811-1.png)



File: 1491939100766.png (231.45 KB, 1272x280, RilyRepulsive.png)

Actually, I'm pretty happy that I talked to Weaver about how my thing works, because I just realised the entire reason PB might have come to Monstro Village is to track down the Cup Suit Motif I've been using the entire time.

No, think about it: a magical water Grail - which may or may not exsist - would be a valuable enough treasure for PB to come and find. And Gillou has a "water purifier" feature despite living in a swamp/lake, so it's likly not a entirly baseless rumour if Gillou - just so happens - to be filtering the dark magic that could get in the water from the town along other things.

here's a image of a 6ft tall PB to stay on breast topic, it's a little bit of a revamp of one of Weaver's older PB works


You really like to make her hair grow
I also like it


File: 1492024964019.png (82.82 KB, 327x438, frogarmour.png)

I just really like PB having long hair for some reason

It's weird, I draw Pb having Caimon-length hair but not Caimon having short PB-length hair. I suppose it's just really hard to imagine Caimon cutting her hair short for any reason

Also, about giving Anon Ape-Escape gadgets: I realised Ape Escape 3 has a knight transformation, which I'm so totally gonna use. It makes more sense for Anon to just order a set of fitting armour from the Anonymous homeland than wear a second-hand rusted metal bathtub anyway.

Seriously, Anon totally rocks the
>Maidens I've Rescued: Lots
>Maidens that have rewarded me with sex:
look, I love the Sparkster Rocket Knight vibe, and above all I like how I don't have to give Anon a real sword


>Ultimatly, what I don't understand is that you load guns you don't intend to fire. I mean, pic related has three, and I only can explain one of them - at least right now - in a way nobody can seem to understand.
These aren't Chekov's Guns, they're handwaves.

"PB is the hero of her own story" just means that she thinks highly of herself and doesn't realize she's a mean person, because she, like almost everyone, is kind of narcissistic and self-important. It's not a unique trait, it's a use of an old saying that's true of most people.

Leo "nudging her one way or another" just means that he can use hypnosis/mind control (as a fetish) but not to take total control. So he can maybe make her take her shirt off without realizing it but he can't make her go "yes master, no master" and do everything he tells her to.

Puck being "assigned by powers that be" is literally just an excuse. "Why would Puck hang out with her if she's so mean?" "I don't know, he has to, because."

If those answers aren't satisfying enough and you need to flesh them out a bit, I understand, but to me they're just means to an end – addressing PB's selfishness, Leo's ability to implement a fetish, and Puck sticking around when most people would just fuck off.


File: 1492111335710.png (148.61 KB, 551x475, whiteknight.png)

Alrighty, thanks for the response.

I had a feeling PB would have a strong self-projection about being "the hero", but I at least wanted confirmation before I ran with the idea that maybe Anon is responding in some way to her projections, so I can at least explain why Anon becomes a harem protagonist (Pb projects something > Anon responds to projection > PB complains about how Anon responded to her unrealistic projection and acts up > Adventure makeup/friendship session depending on which girl I want to also take with)

with Leo, that's actually great - I could have him be behind nudging PB into being more meaner or ruthless than she should be, but not to the point PB basically becomes SHE DINDU NUFFIN SHE A GOOD GIRL and everything gets blamed on Leo, and at the same time Anon could strike a deal with Leo to nudge her towards being slightly less of a handfull and Anon would help Leo out of paperwork, actual work and probably put him with the Barnacles, who I think Leo would actually get along with pretty well

Puck being there as a excuse is interesting, though. It allows me to do anything I want, for one, but I could make it that Puck's reason for being there is a case of exact wording - in that he was assigned to PB by someone powerfull, who wants somewhat reliable reports about her, and probably is the reason PB has stayed alive despite general incompetence in the wild meaning certain death because he can oh-so-conveinently have information on deadly areas or creatures to avoid

And if I go along with Anon being a White Knight, it becomes a interesting team because all three guys are conspiring to make PB's life less shit for their own reasons without her realising it, with Anon being the manager, Leo the muscle and Puck the magician. What could possibly go wrong?


File: 1492121412708.jpeg (2.07 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

Does anyone have any drawing ideas that I could do? I can't provide anything amazing, but I at least need practice and for some fucking reason I can't just draw a character standing in one spot.

Pic related was my attempt at an OC, but I accidentally made Gumberry. Go figure.


Actually, you COULD just draw Gumberry. I personally am having difficulties coming up with anything for her - currently I'm playing with the idea that it's possible she's a product, like a actual buy-from-stores product, sort of like a completely safe pet slime series that kids and adults can enjoy for entirly different reasons. As usual, I hate the idea of Gumberry just accidently disolving people, so the idea of Gumberry being a idiot-proof product that you could feed with a hose or table scraps or anything that isn't alive is better than "PB channels Judge Doom from Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, disolves a guy in Gumberry"

also, I realised I've missed my oppertunity to ask Weaver what he'd think of possibly having Anon, Caimon and PB go mess around in Caimon's hometown/trailerpark/whatever the gators live in, or how Caimon's visiting family views PB and eventually Anon - I suspect Polt has already gained a black eye for trying to hit on PB - to once again talk soley about solving PB's problems. It was a good trade though - I got a lot of speculation fuel for Anon's home dimension from Weaver's "everyone has something selfish" thing because, ironically enough, Anon is the person who responds to everyone elses desires rather than his own and the story started because he, himself made the decision to leave and nobody projected that onto him. It's possible he left BECAUSE nobody was projecting on him, however.


File: 1492216381618.jpg (40.87 KB, 584x482, 1891796fe982cb05f1dc645791….jpg)


Or, you know, she's just a slime monster. One that's passive. Kind of like how Princess isn't some tribal Goblin or Gnathodelli isn't hunting in some hellscape.

They're monsters that are living normal lives, that's the whole shtick.


>that image
>Gumberry goes to art school and studies cubism


>and eats a couple dudes


File: 1492282283682.png (135.64 KB, 709x403, crocodilesneakingsuit.png)


the sad reality is, no matter how passive Gumberry might be, the moment I accept Gumberry might disolve people without being pumped with corrosive acid first is the moment that it is going to be abused in some way, shape or form by somebody else

Besides, the fact that Gumberry is bright pink should be a big enough clue of her being specially bred, especially since Golems exsist and are much more advanced artificial life than Slimes, and I'm pretty sure I could work it into the story naturally since Monstro Village DOES have a port, so "cargo" getting free and then living in the area might not be a rare occurance

also, I now remember why I didn't ask Weaver about the crocs is because they go against my consistency boner. Seriously, it's so much easier to draw them like cartoon gators but I'm constantly thinking "Polt is skinnier than this" "Caimon isn't THAT fat" "why are Polt's legs so small" instead of "it's a cartoon don't be a killjoy" and accept that Polt is going to have a 16 ton weight dropped on his head the moment he tries to touch his sister's bikini.


File: 1492284686917.png (154.37 KB, 718x905, tumblr_ojh85aQpyD1r5h2ogo4….png)


>What is food?

You don't think things through at all, do you? And no matter what you do somebody will abuse something. Like Gumberry drowning someone by forcefully entering their lungs.

But she'll never do that. It's not in character. Just like how she would never engulf and dissolve someone.


File: 1492348544461.png (525.22 KB, 1543x811, caica.png)

Alright, see, for food I already have Agua and Gillou to prove some monsters only really need water. I already have the means to demolish the no-fun-allowed argument of "slimes should disolve things they touch".

But I'd much rather have Gumberry be more fun, like maybe if you feed her cleaning liquid and the dishes she turns into a dishwasher for you, and I'm honestly confused as to why you'd argue against Gumberry being scientifically proven safe when it actually helps her keep in character no matter what fetishes you have in mind (the argument I'm assuming your using). You can try to drown in her, or eat her, or stick her in a blender, or use her as a substitue for bathwater, or whatever, but product testing has been there and done that and would have the t-shirt if Gumberry didn't ruin clothes.

Also it's funny, I should be spending Easter setting up how Scotch could be usfull during this particular holiday season but here I am, speculating on how Gumberry works and finding out how much I suck at drawing Giant Alligators



>"slimes should dissolve things they touch".

Who the hell said that she couldn't control it? Also, Aqua still needs nutrients, like all plants. Water just makes it easier.

Gillou is a water nymph that filters the water she's in, so that's her food source, not the water itself.

Do they need water to survive? Yes.
Can they survive only on water? No.


File: 1492364493490.png (59.83 KB, 479x577, getintherobot.png)

>Who the hell said that she couldn't control it?

isn't this what the entire argument is about? Because nobody can decide how Gumberry actually works, and most people immedeatly jump to the conclusion she can't? And how would Gumberry learn to controll her own body to such a degree without being specially made or taught, considering how context-sensetive such information would be?

It's a little early to reveal, but it being Easter reminds me: I do have a backup story idea for Gumberry that involves the Sherrif just for the eventuality that we do, in fact, need evidence to prove how Gumberry works, and I intended to use this evidence to give her the place in Monstro Village she has now. Also, it allows me to potentially have a Yellow Devil or Ivan Ooze knockoff.


File: 1492375738872.png (87.46 KB, 364x676, bunniboi.png)

Finally drew Scotch on easter, reason I put paws on his hands is because I envision he can run sanic fast when on all fours, meaning he can go from Monstro Village to Misfit Camp pretty much whenever he wants, and honestly I'd only expect to see it in action if Gnathodelli really decides to chase him


File: 1492460092138.png (43.53 KB, 287x361, mantiswidow.png)

Ah, I see the stupid argument has killed interest in the thread again. Well, if I HAVE to simplify it, it is this:

We are basically on the same side of the "Gumberry is for love care and affection" fence, but disagree on impliminatation. I want Gumberry to at least have a "why doesn't she do X?" - "SCIENCE" reason, and the other has "why doesn't she do X?" - "NATURE" reason.

Looking at what I have on hand, it is possible for these arguments to align: There is no reason why a domesticated generation of slimes couldn't be bred AND altered to be nice and kind and safe to play with. It just becomes a question of how Gumberry got to Monstro Village, since I'm pretty sure an operation like that wouldn't have gone unnoticed if it was local.

My current idea actually links somewhat to Elinda, who is another character I have trouble coming up with ideas for. I joked she has a single mother, but it IS possible to connect that with Sherrif having Gumberry-related evidence idea with a industrial accident in cargo/the docks. It's not the nicest thing I could have done, but it does allow for a story from the Sherrif's perspective, and basically it becomes just your average Phoenix Wright case with investigating, getting testimony, collecting evidence, and PB probably pulls a Larry Butz on the case (come on you know she's gonna be arrested for it, she can't ever catch a break), and Gumberry becomes both a key piece of evidence AND a key witness so gets cross-examined in court

I suppose eventually Wosyet gets to look after Gumberry, PB will later have this and other cases held against her to corner her into living in the Towers, and Elinda and her mom get to be sad, and her moms depression will worsen when Elinda decides to be independant and goes to college to acheive her dreams, leaving her mom all alone in a empty house.

Elinda's Mom has it rough.



File: 1492622434292.png (663.66 KB, 2261x3231, keepitsecret.png)

Sorry, didn't know blank posts were possible! Whoops!

In case it wasn't obvious enough, I'm new here and want to partake in the glorious waifu bounty.

Have a hastily-made picture of best wife with angry, seductive fuck-me eyes



Run while you still can. It's all become cancerous.



I was hoping we could make it less cancerous, if that's even a possibility at this point. Y'know, make it what it was meant to be. Us filthy degenerates, wallowing in glorious waifu pictures.

No extensive lore, no game mechanics, just good ol' fashioned fun.

>No lore, coming from a writer, haha


File: 1492795101526.png (98.14 KB, 337x441, BESTBOSSEVER.png)

oh please, it's not entirly cancer. There is a important difference between Gumberry melting into your arms and melting your arms off, and explaining which side of that difference Gumberry is on might not be fun, but it does come with interesting ideas.

For example, by thinking about how the Sherrif would collect evidence for Gumberry's exsistence and innocence (a broken canister? A instruction manuel? her own forensic tests?), I realised it is possible for Wosyet to be a public defender in court when the town needs one (because she was MADE to protect and serve, much like how Gumberry is MADE to be innocent and sweet), and I even realised who the prosecutor of Monstro Village is, and how PB got so many minor crimes on her record. It's really obvious too, everything is literally already there, but I never thought about it before.

Also I've already said Weaver really should be the one dealing with parents but alas, Weaver is more interested in pack street, so instead I'm stuck with it and tried to make it so Paula (doting parents), Veronica (strict parents) and Elinda (who drew the short straw just by being a mantis) arn't all exactly the same college girl and the inevitable parents evening where anon encounters all of them at once while waiting with their daughters can still be fun



oi sir, didn't mean any offense by veering away from the lore-side of things. Just wanting to make sure we're all having fun here.

Also, really nice artwork on your end! Keep up the good work!


File: 1492912136510.png (37.75 KB, 500x500, gumberry doing something s….png)

>I was hoping we could make it less cancerous
It's worth a shot.

Let's do it like this;
Requests, anyone?


File: 1492976407478.png (103.22 KB, 275x414, thebeauty.png)

>Just wanting to make sure we're all having fun here.

That's alright. Honestly, having Melchior as Elvis from Godhand gives me lots of ideas for a possible Western-themed adventure (and a possible accent for Melchior to have). I mean, I could probably frame the entire thing with "Melchior is a good guy at his core" and "Melchior is associated with the gift of gold" alone. Hunting demon banditos who have gone too far trying to find gold that may or may not exsist pratically writes itself. Melchior's Wild West Ride can be one of the three big adventures for chance-of-a-liftime tier fun if I get it right.

Also while its tempting to just have PB and co dress up like outlaws on this adventure, I realized this journey is probably financed by Melchior, which means he's not looking for instant trouble so NO OBVIOUS OUTLAW OUTFITS, so she's probably going to look like this instead. And I'm extremely okay with PB looking like this, since it means a bar brawl and a duel is pratically guarenteed.


File: 1492980022861.gif (1.54 MB, 300x229, 1479492470679.gif)


God damn it, I hate your lore nonsense, but that pic of PB. MY HEART HAS AN ERECTION.

I love to hate you, and hate that I love you.



Picture this, just as a possibility.

Gillou. In bellydancer regalia. Are you capable?


File: 1493084457051.png (54.6 KB, 500x500, gillou being a proverbial ….png)

Well I can try. Caveat emptor and all that, though.

Pretty challenging request. I had to scrap a few drafts before I could balance the bold act with the shy character and then I spent quite a lot of time trying to make the lower body look anything but retarded. I think it turned out pretty ok.

Anyone else has any requests?
No straight up porn, mind you. I don't feel like I'm at a level where I can do that yet.



That looks great!

How about Veronica looking nervous in a bikini that's too small for her?



Better than I hoped for, dude! Great job! I'm considering taking requests myself, but I think I'll have to relegate myself to scanning from paper. Unless I can clean up my act, you've seen what you can expect.


Now we're cookin'! You're on my wavelength!


File: 1493141507501.png (74.19 KB, 292x274, westernspaghetti.png)

Fun facts: Coming up with scenarios just to put PB in more and more bonerific outfits drives a lot of what I try to do with her adventures

Melchior's Wild West Ride is something I'm trying to build up slowly towards so that I can bring other characters - some of the demon support characters and Agua, for example - into the sandbox and give all of them western-themed dresses. Basically, Melchior brings the Western with showgirls and Anon brings the Spagehtti because it turns out putting PB in a dress makes her super fucking hot, and she knows it, and now she's gonna spend the entire train journey there just being a big fucking cocktease


You can almost see her scream because of that corset


File: 1493233100842.png (79.4 KB, 251x349, tosaveaprincess.png)

honestly, getting PB into a corset and having her keep it on is a challenge all by itself. I'm sure Meara can help (you are now manually imagining Meara in a corset), Illistre is definetly a option (Melchior's other hookers too), and I'm pretty sure I can round up some other excuses for PB to go through with it

one of those excuses comes to mind now, actually - I'm pretty sure Anon is going to go through a hazing ritual for joining PB's group with crappy armour, wooden equipment and parkour all thrown at him, so it'd be interesting if Anon finally gets his own back by putting PB through a hazing ritual of her own involving extremely tight clothing and bondage. She's not gonna chicken out if Anon didn't back out of his, right?


File: 1493322850967.png (44.42 KB, 212x380, weaverarmour.png)

I drew the hazing armour set, just so I can make a reference and imply what Anon has to go through for a few months

I mean, when you have to go through a dorf fort wooden spear danger room in armour that doesn't fit you or really give you any advantage and might have "KICK ME" written on the back, you'd order a made-for-anons armour that has lots of advantages too


File: 1493343080365.png (57.35 KB, 500x500, veronica regretting purcha….png)

She should have expected as much from a website called "boldclothing".

Any more requests?


File: 1493376234640.png (108.19 KB, 425x552, princessbondage.png)

redraw of another one of Weaver's old pictures

I spent a few hours trying to find the picture where PB is holding up some demon kid with one hand just to find it wasn't on Weaver's tumblr, but in a old thread

at least I have it now, but I'd much rather have older pictures (the stash? I dunno what to call it) around as a reference point on tumblr, rather than just waiting to be blindsided by a picture that was drawn x years ago but never posted in a easy-to-find (more public) place.



>You are now imagining Meara in a corset

That doesn't sound like a bad idea at all! Let's see that!


File: 1493405085526.png (256.51 KB, 1221x895, nojohnyouarethedemons.png)

alright, now that I have everything I can find I can finally post this, no doubt Weaver will post more demons in time

hey, I was serious when I said I wanted Melchior to bring as many support characters as he could with him. I realise some of these character's might not be demons, but honestly it's pretty hard to tell at times and Weaver has only drawn some of these once, so


No. And let someone else make a request.




It took me a minute to realize just how tiny that bikini is.
That or Veronica is one of the most well endowed women in the village.


File: 1493570757880.png (551.35 KB, 826x1743, demondealsgowrong.png)

Well, where did you think the Barnacles go when they finally get to shore

Do you honestly think Melchior is just gonna let a bunch of sailors waltz around the village without any, ah, entertainment? Hmm?

also fun facts: I was pretty sure I screwed myself over regarding the red/pink/purple cyclops lady since she looks SO much like Leo it can't be a coincidence, untill I came across pic related and I realised that I now have an example of WHY Melchior's a nice guy AND a interesting reason to connect him to the local hosptial demon ladies


File: 1493641020114.png (109.6 KB, 645x615, image.png)

I've got my own backstory bullshit for PB, which totally doesn't have a hint of inspiration from Tower Girls' Goblin kingdom being all about breeding.

Back when she lived with her family Bitch was the middle child out of, maybe, 10 to 20 kids, and her parents were more or less exaggerations of who she is now. They argued constantly over top of the never ending screaming and shouting of Princess' siblings, and to make things worse they had hate and make up sex often. So that arguing quickly shifted to creaking, moaning, and more shouting.

Since she was a kid Princess figured that all of this was normal for the world, and still hated it. The babies crying, the arguing among siblings, the casual fucking, and the two or more perverted brothers that harassed her shaped her world view into something that can never be trusted.

Eventually she packed what she assumed was hers in the mess of clothes and belongings in the room she shared with brothers and sisters alike, and left home. She figured that her parents wouldn't notice, and she was right; they didn't see that she left until a few days later.

Her first encounter with the outside world had mixed messages as she figured hospitality and kindness was just another form of flirtation. When Princess tried to buy food and was turned down she figured that sexual favors would get what she needed. For a while she was right, but quickly learned that she needed copper, silver, gold, platinum, and other fantasy world setting currency to get what she wanted with having to give herself up. That's when she learned about adventuring and the lovely loot that came with it. From there it's what we already know; getting fucked and fucked over on adventures, teaming up with Leo and Puck, still getting fucked by them two, and retiring after selling what they stole.

Princess moved into Monstro Towers, and rather enjoyed it. Caimon was chill and typically silent, and she cooked; win-win. Any time someone does try to speak with her she goes right back to being antagonistic. She desperately wants to make up for the rest and relaxation she missed out in her childhood and early teens.

Well? It's not as fantastical as her mom being some short stack dungeon boss, but it's a little believable.


File: 1493665597353.png (16.6 KB, 416x442, pencilbitch.PNG)

It's alright as far as bullshit backstories go.

Mine is that she was born with a awful fate, so she was cursed and then sent to a boarding school in a attempt to subvert it. She spends 12 years being the Bart Simpson of the school, never being good (or bad) enough and getting straight Fs in everything but intelligence (she got an A grade for not showing up)

Goblin Adulthood begins at 12, and since Pb was still useless they were ready to pimp her off to someone, but unfortuantly that someone just happened to have beat up a pimp and steal his clothes, car and identity beforehand just for the chance of giving his daughter actual freedom, and PB instead spends 4 years of being begrudingly happy traveling, camping and getting into trouble instead of being miserable, oblivious to who this guy actually is

It probably would have been longer if PB's fate didn't catch up with her one fatefull day, where it turns out her uniquly depressing destiny has caught the attention of people by now and made her Wanted: Dead or Alive at 16. They spend a year trying to get to a safe haven, but they walk right into a trap and PB goes through a very stressfull ordeal, ending up escaping into the wilds where she has a rough time.

Her Rough time - the status quo PB now has - escalates when her Eldest brother tracks her down and, one pile of dead bodies later, teaches her how to survive and become strong enough to get revenge on those who've wronged her. PB wasn't good at murderering people like him, so after 1 year or so he arranges for PB to have her current gang of Leo and Puck, and PB's status quo begins in ernest.

Recently, she was poking around in Monstro Village, getting into trouble often, and eventually the cases stacked up against her and she was forced to "choose" a residency - which is a single choice of Melchior's brothel - for rehabilitating into society. Dewbon pretty much shattered that false choice, and that's how PB ended up being a resident of the appartment and ends up causing a semi-permanent vacancy in the Towers via her reputation. She complains, but you can tell she enjoys it - there are no guys there that can rape her and everybody does their best to convince people not to get that room, so surely it'll stay that way right? I mean there's no possible way history will repeat itself and some nameless guy will show up to change this. Nope, her destiny definetly won't screw her over this time. Fuck you, powers that be, you can't do anything to ruin this all-girls appartment just to spite her-

well, I'm sure you get the point of how PB gets screwed over by the narrative constantly. I intend to show a bullshit future for PB too. So I'll start with College Camping, then move onto Anon the White Knight, Visiting Caimon's family, Harpy Mountain, Melchior's Wild West Ride, Misfit Camp's Outpost Railroad, Belthazar's Ruse Cruise, Grails N Goblins, The United States of Anonymous, and F.A.T.E (for the suprise reveal)

Then I can have an ending of The Great Gaspar's Grand Gala, The Queen of Hearts (to resolve PB plot threads), King of Cups (finale) and Valentine's Day (epilogue)


File: 1493757552464.png (30.51 KB, 196x223, rocketknight.png)

Basically, my thought process with PB is that there are two kinds of adventures, one where you know what your in for from the get go, and the one where it starts off doing some outdoor activity or something like a vacation and ends up a shitstorm

So Camping is supposed to be a fun college girls only romp untill PB crashes the party (along with Gnath) and turns it into a boot camp, because Sargent PB is salty Anon is going outdoors with Veronia, Elinda and Paula and NOT her

meanwhile, Anon Knight starts off with PB getting pretty badly hurt, Anon training as a result of it, and his first dungeon exploring concludes with Anon Knight fighting a dragon to rescue a Princess (spoilers: Weaver has a Dragon character so of cource I'm going to have her play along because it's been AGES since she last did something classical like this)

So as you can see the adventures can also build up PB's relationship with the other Towergirls as well as Anon. For example, I always pegged Paula's dad as a flyboy, but a Duel between two Anon Knights would be cool as fuck considering one is built to be a tank on legs and the other has a jetpack and is a aerial ace, and when they stop trying to kill eachother Paula's dad can give some very handy paragliding tips so Anon and Paula can end up going Wind Waker style Paragliding (think Link and Meldi dungeon) or Breath of the Wild Paragliding

And just for the final nail in this ridiculously long post, I intend the Three Kings stories to at least move the overall plot along in some way. The Western is a perfect time to have the "Ancient Mayan treasure" steriotype turn out to be Wosyet's creator, who turned himself to stone to preserve his knowledge for those who can undo the petrification, The Cruse is a excelent time for sea-faring adventures on the Jolly Python and to expand on water-based Monsters so Gillou can play a suprising role, And "The Great Gaspar" sounds sort of like a circus magician, so it'd actually be fun to visit a Castle Town Carnival and have a fancy Gala dance right up untill the Lords and Ladies - Vampies, Elves, Drows, if it has a lord or coutn you can bet they attend the fancy occasions- show up and turn the place into Castlevania


File: 1493856777830.png (84.15 KB, 227x467, goblincarry.png)

There are also other factors to consider as well, for example I'm pretty sure I can subvert a lot of dungeon expectations, like block pushing. Sure, Leo CAN push the block, but it's actually more efficent to have Puck shrink the block into a hand-size carryable, then put it on the block and re-size it to solve the puzzle. Puck probably gets shoved into a lantern as a makeshift lightsource often enough that Anon arts and crafts the inside into a cushy mini-suite. I'm pretty sure I can have a "Leo and Anon compare the sizes of their clubs" joke thrown in somewhere. Since I decided to have the Dragon at the end, maybe I could use the forest tribal Kobolds Weaver drew a grand total of once for something completely different and never used again, to inhabit another area of the forest (Tower Lake, College Camp Hotsprings, Gator Swamp, Dragon Peak, Misfit Camp can all be mapped out as parts of the forest/swamp/lake eventually just to narrow down the parts of the forest nobody has been in)

I also have to balance Town normal life, PB Adventure Life AND Plot all at once. So I have to consider if all the lizards and kobolds in town will lose their shit over there being a dragon in the area (I'm pretty sure the Lizard Lands have a Dragon nobility thing going on, which is why lizards don't like humans), would Veronica's parents be strict enough to go TRIAL OF THE DRAAAAGON mode and send Veronica up there to talk to Alscadox so she can be set straight on why not to date humans, if it's possible to be a cheeky cunt and assosciate Femanon with the colour Pink enough to claim she's the one who ordered Gumberry and therefore has a reason to come visit, maybe I could throw Paonne into the Harpy Mountian scenario because I seem to have decided Paula's dad is connected strongly to the colour Blue, And the Western I'm going to have the bring Agua along simply for a Cactus Valley, and probably a sentient tumbleweed that unfortunatly falls over and blows by every time something happens

Basicaly, holy shit I'm drowing in all this text, Weaver please post your shit on tumblr so I don't have to rely on my terminal autism to do fucking everything. No, I don't care how old it is, EVERY LITTLE THING can do because the more stuff you post, the less details I have to make up and the more I can draw without having to pray to RNG I'm not fucked over by a random image I never saw posted 5 years ago


I really hate how Weaver squanders his potential with his nonproductivity. He has way too much talent for original universes and characters to be only making occasional doodles and fanart/fanfiction things.



He's a grown man with things to do, leave him be.



Arguing about politics on imgur?



My goodness. Is that… is that the Weaver we know, or an impostor? I mean, the account has his work posted and all, but I never figured him the type to be overtly political.


File: 1494160081085.jpg (14.63 KB, 400x225, 14721764_10154147282518983….jpg)


This is not okay.



Weaver's political views and how he spends his spare time is irrelevant. He can do whatever he feels like.

I'm just saying, when it comes to his work, he could do better. I know there's much more audience in the fan content, but I think even he's aware that he's absolutely wasting his ability.


File: 1494179735237.png (61.01 KB, 186x329, aligatorhugs.png)

>Weaver has a imgur


Where is it? I might as well spend hours browsing through it for "new" things (Read: pictures he never reposted on his tumblr) before doing anything else. Don't even care if it's fake: it beats spending hours of my time having to do literally everything myself if there's something I havn't seen before on it. His Real Imgur will probably have the Monstergirl height chart in it (theres a imgur link from his tumblr, he complained tumblr desized it) so I can always look for that particular thing first.

Also I agree that Weaver's not as driven as he could be, but am also aware that's a double edged sword and I should be carefull what I wish for. I have lots to draw and do, am certain everybody just autohides my posts after a certain lenght, but I'd much rather have even one Weaver picture to base my stuff off than 0 and have to make stuff up and stick my neck out like it feels I'm doing constantly.

I mean just recently I've seen a opinon on here that I want to run with - that PB likes Caimon's food - and I COULD run it so that PB is fine for food between Anon and Caimon, that PB gets stuck between her reasoning and her apetite when it comes to Caimon's ma and grandma due to food, and inevitably have PB get fat one New Years because it's funny to think PB won't turn down 3-meals-a-day giant alligator portions regardless of how many food comas she goes into… but Weaver hasn't really made a lot of images of Caimon's support characters so I can't really say how they get there (is there a road? do they go through the forest? what's the place like, is it sort of like a trailer park and forest shack hybrid?) or what they are like (well apart from Caimon's bros anyway, I'm pretty sure Caimon and PB agree on them being a pain in the ass) and how everybody would respond to Caimon bringing a goblin and a human to her parents place for New Years (probably with a lot of guns going off). Really turns off the creative flow when you have to come up with a good reason for shit to go south when you have a neighbourhood of nice, if a bit cartoonishly violent gators and have nothing to really support it




It's him. Not much art though, except for the occasional fulfillment of a doodle request.


File: 1494284563892.png (543.6 KB, 1737x537, swamp.png)

>4 images

Well, that was a fast and disapointing check of imgur.

Guess I'll just continue to do everything VERY SLOWLY, as per usual. I'm too far ahead of myself as is, but it pays to establish things early and slowly to test their viability. For example, Caimon's family being within driving distance (or walking/swimming distance depending on how far your willing to walk/swim), or one day during the "Room 03 goes to Gatorville for New Years" idea Gillou can show up and them being neighbours to eachother could be addressed (Or Gnath, If I want them to bust out the guns early) so the fallout of that is that Gillou doesn't have to be so lonely anymore and can chat with Caimon's parents whenever they are in the area of eachother (gives Caimon some breathing room and allows for her "lazy day" lifestyle).



you care more about weaver's universes than weaver


File: 1494338741075.png (743.65 KB, 3280x2024, gottamapfast.png)

Sadly, this statment seems to get truer every day. I mean, I made this just to give myself a sense of scale.

I blame PB for this development. She can't sit still and I have to come up with ways for her to become slightly friendlier with her own appartment while also making sure it isn't the same (or boring) adventure. Which is why I made 13 of the fucking things, just to be sure. This is ignoring any Cup Chapters - basically Anon's story - that can tie them together.


File: 1494424349085.jpg (90.41 KB, 388x446, tumblr_inline_ooxj6lL7l81r….jpg)


Or Weaver just wants to work on more than just Monstro Towers.


File: 1494445890940.png (111.25 KB, 471x357, ISTHATTHESUPPORTBEAMTOTHEH….png)

Well, that's true as well. Weaver does go all over the place. He's still in Zootopia mode currently. Again, double-edged sword and being carefull what I wish for.

Here's something silly just to set the mood. Yes, Caimon's place is pretty much Ed,Edd N' Eddy with Giant Alligators untill further notice. And better yet, Anon and PB get to spend 5 nights there for New Years with Caimon. I'm sure nothing will go wrong. I mean, you have a beach right up north, a whole foresty area to walk around in, Kobold farms to the east and some nice pure lake swimming water to the south-west, complete with 3 french chefs in the house. Definetly enough stuff to do over a 5 day period and I'm sure the party will be something to remember.


File: 1494461796609.png (74 KB, 500x500, boldclothing.png)

It's mainly her not realizing who the website was catering to. She assumed the choice of model was arbitrary and didn't really think about the URL.
But her tits are certainly up there in size.

Still open to requests.


File: 1494465483256.png (246.88 KB, 800x678, tumblr_n32c6iSUi11r5h2ogo1….png)


Oh nice. How bout Caimon relaxing in the bath while Poli and Beau spy on her?


File: 1494517867042.png (52.17 KB, 800x369, oh hi mark.png)


File: 1494520282923.gif (914.66 KB, 320x180, Football magic.gif)


I can't tell if this is a good or bad reaction.


File: 1494610621988.png (316.82 KB, 809x917, DragonQuest.png)

He posted a new image so obviously it's a good reaction. I mean sure it'll never go on his tumblr like all the paonne pictures or the pb holding a demon picture, but it's new content.

also yes I'm still working on the "things to do with PB" thing. Here's adventure 2 on that map I drew.

What, did you really think I'm just going to put Anon in Knight armour and have him NOT encounter a dragon? Especially with the Special Kobold Squad with a threat level of 0 Weaver drew like once and never used again to provide half the adventure's comedy?


File: 1494761897601.png (109.92 KB, 1249x537, easyaccess.png)

oh right, also I forgot to say I'm still going for the ape escape tier technology on Anon. Mostly because I don't want it to be too easy for PB to get her hands on a weapon that Anon cannot just press a button to get back instantly.

I also don't want to get too overly complicated with Anon's armour, so sure while there will at least be one instance of "Suit up for combat" I'm planning to also have that be a button press away as well. And yes, haha persona very funny, but I'm seperating the "daily normal life" anon from "adventuring with PB" anon with the press of a button, so the term is correct.

Finally, using asymmetry to tell which of anon's hands is which is great for pratical reasons (it helps that Weaver has already drawn a picture of Anon using a wooden sword with his right hand), and is also great for stealthily showing Anon is different if he's the only Anonymous that has the asymmetry theme (the googles, the gloves, his own roommates)


File: 1494790503152.jpg (298.09 KB, 768x758, 1478841677269.jpg)


I love PB and I love Ape Escape, but this shit should not mix. You have to stop.


Please stop, anon.


File: 1494870408512.png (82.57 KB, 320x306, AnonEscape.png)

If you mean "Don't Mix" as in "PB shouldn't have access to Ape Escape tech", I agree with you. I honestly think PB is better off using the ''Second Hand'' type weapons, and would, for example, have a normal and more Zelda-like net for catching insects, fish and Puck when he's being an asshole.

However, There is no reason for ANONYMOUS to not have access to high tech stuff. I mean, if I take Sherrif as a standard of how far technology has advanced, I wouldn't be suprised if she catches criminals by firing Ape Escape nets at them anyway. There's really no reason for him not to just order shit online and wait for it to be shipped to him the moment he has the money for it. It's probably built and designed for Anons, by Anons.

The only real problem with this entire scenario - apart from the stuff being stolen by PB, which is pretty much covered by Sherrif's exsistence - is timing the delivery for long enough that we can have Anon-PB bonding time, where they can go outdoors and Anon gets to be taught how to actually use a net, using the shitty second hand net.

Anon and PB should work together to reverse her shitty status quo and, you know, just send all the would-be rapists and assaulters to jail with a high-tech net so they can enjoy being interrogated by the local robot rabbit cop, while Anon and PB can go enjoy eachothers company.


File: 1494872860591.gif (1.39 MB, 299x229, tumblr_inline_olf2rhW0Uu1r….gif)


>If you mean "Don't Mix" as in "PB shouldn't have access to Ape Escape tech", I agree with you.

What the FUCK is wrong with you?



I don't think you're taking the hint. Fuggin' STOP with your loregasming, please.



It's not worth it, anon


File: 1494928324434.jpg (18.05 KB, 500x265, 734.jpg)


File: 1494965482773.png (209.98 KB, 733x829, Butchertime.png)

well, that's certainly a lot of replies.

>What the FUCK is wrong with you?
Nothing, because it's perfectly valid logic. You wouldn't normaly trust someone with a criminal record with expensive stuff. However, there is no guarentee PB will not steal this stuff from Anon's room, and also no reason for Anon not have expensive stuff JUST because he lives with PB. Therefore, we need a middleman who will store this stuff for Anon. The Sherrif is a good middleman for this because she very likly has a police station just as advanced as herself. I don't really see a problem with Anon having advanced gloves to access the advanced technology stored in the advanced police station at any time, such as if he gets threatened by pic related, out comes the combat gear at the press of a button to kick her ass instead of being able to do nothing about it.

Perhaps you should forge your own path by drawing about the things you like, just like me. Because it turns out, I love how everything could tie together and I'd especially love to discuss it with Weaver if he ever decided to stop forgetting about pictures, on the give and take basis of "If you give me the pictures, I will take them and run ideas through them and draw my own stuff around that, which you can confirm or deny with more pictures, and eventually we'll have done more work than in the last five years combined".

>It's not worth it, anon
Well, if Weaver actually does anything about it, I win. If Weaver does nothing, I expected this outcome and am perfectly willing and able to draw what I want, so I win. If they draw what they want, and I draw what I want, then Monstro Village gets more content, and I win.


>paragraph 1
I think he's asking you how the fuck you're getting it into your head that combining ape escape and monstro village isn't a complete non sequitur.

>paragraph 2

He might not have the ability or will to create. He might like to talk about the various girls and such but there's very little in these threads to use as a jumping off point both in terms of art and ideas.
Apart from you, that is. But I'd be willing to bet that your ideas are discombobulating and impenetrable to almost everyone else and more often than not whatever art you post is inseparable from whatever you just posted so nothing can come of it.

>paragraph 3

Well the rest of the people lose. Yes, there are other people in the thread. Just because you've authored almost a third of the posts doesn't mean you're alone here. Consider their enjoyment of this thread as well because there's nowhere else to go but here.
For the greater good of the thread, stick to drawing. I don't think anyone is anywhere near as ill-disposed to your drawings as they are to your walls of text.

And just because I'm completely fucking mystified and have been ever since you first shambled into these threads;
WHAT do you think the setting is?
WHAT do you think is it's purpose?
WHAT do you think your role in it is?


He's just autistic


File: 1495056780806.png (170.3 KB, 571x694, Bunnynet.png)

Ah, an actual argument! How refreshing.

1: Monstro village has always been depicited as having a wide variation of technology ever since Weaver drew a knight on horseback using a phone. The Sherrif being the most advanced technology in the area hasn't been disputed, and she's a support character. But she can't leave the village without leaving a power vacuum, meaning she can't catch anyone too far outside the village. Since PB gets assaulted by bad dudes far outside the village, wouldn't it make sense that catching them will be what makes you money, keeps PB safe, and helps the Sherrif with her job all at once? So, what's the best thing that can be used as a reference for CATCHING, not KILLING?

2. It is true, my ideas are not organized properly because I get interested in drawing different things. However, this is not an excuse to not do something, since he can just ask me what I want like you have just done, and my images can be taken apart from my ideas and used for whatever he wants, just like what I do to his stuff. The only difference is he is the creator, and so his ideas are supposed to be the foundation instead of mine.

3. I never said I was alone in the thread. However, it does appear I am alone in how I enjoy the setting compared to everyone else. And while I'd love to draw and love not to write an essay, sadly we both know the only real solution is for Weaver to do that sort of thing, which is a unrealistic expecation.

The Setting is simplistic. it is a place where having a mask and the right herbs can grant you magical powers. That is the Setting, a fantastical place where Narrative and Magic are one and the same.
It's Purpose is for a man to find a normal life. A normal life in a fantastic town for a man from the world of Projections. That is it's Purpose, it is a place for people with old unwanted narratives to find new ones they enjoy.
My Role is to Project. The man exsists only to be projected upon, and nothing more. That is my role, to give him something to run from and never look back. To give him someone to run with, and enjoy his new surroundings. To give him someplace to run towards, and leave the past behind.


This is why Weaver never comes back to chat or share. Because this one fag over shares.


File: 1495142548440.png (97.02 KB, 397x345, horsepower.png)

That's an increadibly self defeating reason to not say or do anything.
What, there's too much content so there's no reason to add his own? What kind of mentality is that? It's not my fault that, in the middle of a "holy shit two cakes" scenario in the making, Head Chef Weaver suddenly enters a coma in the kitchen and I'm the only one left doing stuff. There were supposed to be two cakes, and I've ended up having to sort of make both of them on the fly because Weaver is in a coma on the floor and I hope that when he wakes up later he doesn't ask why his cake was left in the oven for 4 years, because I'd respond with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WtWMByFGYU.



Don't you think you might be alienating him with all of this shit? You're pumping too much into what is essentially Weaver's happiness-fodder for us. You're basically writing stupid, stupid fanfiction on a board meant mostly for pictures and little comments. There's a different place for this.

Your little chef allegory falls flat. You're acting as if Weaver's unable to do the stuff, when realistically you could just be cramping his style. It's kind of arrogant, really, to assume that you're as much a creator as he is.

TL;DR: Please stop walling us with weird hybrid-lore. We dig that you do artwork, but putting massive walls of explanation just puts all of us off. Stop it.


File: 1495150480064.jpg (Spoiler Image, 565.84 KB, 694x1095, 1481262183177.jpg)


And writing for Weaver. It's his story, and while he says writing your own stuff is fine you're taking this freedom too far by including things from other series. i.e. fucking Ape Escape 3.

At what point did crossing over those two seem like a good idea?

I'll even admit that I think up scenarios with Kamen Rider and Monstro Towers, but I keep that shit to myself because I know that crossing series doesn't end well.


>high tech ergo ape escape
You're still nowhere near making it even one iota clearer why it's such a no-brainer that ape escape just follows naturally from there being modern/future technology.


I can't speak for anyone else but your ideas being unorganized or not has fuckall to do with why I find them impenetrable. It's because I have no fucking clue what kind of ultra esoteric angle you're approaching it all from and everything you post is completely fucking incongruous with monstro village as laid out in the threads.
Also, I don't think the second person you replied to in the post I replied to is Weaver so I don't know why you're mentioning him.
>my images can be taken apart from my ideas and used for whatever he wants, just like what I do to his stuff
Is this some sort of freudian slip where you just admitted that what you're doing isn't really related to monstro village in the first place?

>alone not in body but in approach then mental wormhole into justifying walls of text

Yes. very much so.
And no, the only solution to what you and only you see as a problem isn't to write the essays you think Weaver ought to write.

>answer to the questions

Work your way through the threads all the way from the first one to this one in order to re-read all the meta-posts weaver made about the setting itself, Especially his answers to your past spergouts, take them at face value and internalize them. Then try answering those questions again and see if you end up with the same answers.

>oversharing and cake analogy

Oversharing has nothing to do with volume of content.
Even if it wasn't a retarded allegory, What makes you think it's your place to work on someone else's cake unless they ask you to? And do you actually believe you're writing monstro canon?

I think it'd take a sperg of much greater proportions to actually scare him off. It's probably just that he has other ideas that require much more active involvement



I left because I'm not ponying anymore.

Still, I am wondering why you're still posting in thread about pony doodles that turned into monstergirls discussion over the years and degenerated into loregasming over a universe that's never going to see the light of day and apparently also discussing my political views.

This is really getting out of hand and I wish you'd stop.


File: 1495234169978.png (324.99 KB, 1417x588, runrabbitrun.png)

ALRIGHT, so lots of posts, and this is one hell of a thing for me to say but to summerise: Everyone's pissed off at my projections, Nobody really likes my ideas because they are too long and take too much influence from other things, Attempting to do too much by myself might have put Weaver off, and finding different ways for the characters to interact that work out in the longrun is loregasming. But my drawings are nice, all things considered.

Honestly, wouldn't it have been easier to just say "hey asshole, stop drawing what you want and draw me this thing instead"? It seems to be the thing your hinting at since literally anything else I could conceivably do will apparently cause a argument.

>a universe that's never going to see the light of day

See, this is what I thought would happen since the begining. Just giving up over some trifling little thing that could be solved through your easy access personal busybody. It'd be easy, so easy, to just post "alright fucker stop shitposting, I'm gonna bite. Gimme a simple thing you want. A SIMPLE THING, like what you think Caimon and PB support eachother. here's a relevant picture of Caimon and PB I chose from my folder at random", and then just go do whatever for a day or so and when you come back you'll have a reply of "I think Caimon and PB would bond over her family visiting. PB never ever being there when they are around sounds bad, wouldn't it be more fun if they agreed on Caimon's bros being handfulls? How would the rest of the family view PB's rude tude considering they are supportive hick gators? Here's a pic related to this". Then, you have another day or so to do whatever you want, if I pointed out the picture you posted wasn't on tumblr you can mark it, if you don't have a suitable reply pic in your folder you can always draw one quickly, and finally you can reply "alright kid your broadcast from mars is coming in loud and clear, you didn't really answer me in the way I thought you would, tell me more about this specific thing and also have a picture so I can translate from martian" and, a month later, you'll have made enough pics (new or pointed out ones) to do a big tumblr post that makes everyone else that isn't just me happy.

It's literally that easy. You could repeat this process over and over, with varying degrees of questioning to align my point of view into something understandable, untill you get a result you like and are satisfied with. And if you can't do it because of irl reasons, then just post "shit irl stuff will keep me busy for a week brb". Waiting four years for something that I now know will never come was awfull, but I can easily wait a week for something thanks to that.

Would you like to try this new and radical direction as a test? I'm not particulary keen on the tried-and-true method of "lets argue over nothing untill Weaver appears" thing we have now.


do you have a brain tumor or are you legitimately autistic


File: 1495322824043.png (699.46 KB, 2135x799, TACTICS15DOCKING.png)

Legit autist, I guess. I mean, Weaver only now told me he's about as uninterested in the setting roughly to the scale of how interested I am. I suppose I should be gratefull he hasn't nuked eveything from the internet like some artists would.

Also since someone asked how I thought mixing Ape escape in was a good idea, I suppose it began with: Wouldn't Dewbon use those big red buttons, like for her shower or something? She'd need big buttons for her big hands right? And from then I constantly conceded to things like - Sherrif is so high-tech wouldn't she have training rooms like this series, and the gadgets? Wouldn't /toy/ want to build the respawning RC cars? Would the transformations count as something /fa/ invented because one day they didn't want to walk to a wardrobe to get changed?

So eventually it became easier to just say "yeah you can buy all sorts of things online and get it shipped in if you have the money, here's a club and a net, now go adventure with PB and get laid afterwards". All in all it could have been worse - I could have chosen One Piece. The frog armour from 3 can at least have pepe meme support, but pic related is a good example of something that is fun but not something I would seriously follow outside of one joke picture.


>Legit autist, I guess. I mean, Weaver only now told me he's about as uninterested in the setting roughly to the scale of how interested I am. I suppose I should be gratefull he hasn't nuked eveything from the internet like some artists would.

I never said anything like that, thanks



>Weaver only now told me…

See his message. He said nothing like that.

>The continued Ape Escape shit

I really think you're reading too deeply and seriously into this. Monstro Village doesn't exist as a base for… logical (as you see them) connections. Weaver does stories that fit a logic-based narrative, but this is more of a fun thing. Not everything has to be detailed or delineated.


File: 1495406917577.png (Spoiler Image, 437.9 KB, 1003x1057, showerbon.png)

>that's not what I said
>Weaver does stories that fit a logic-based narrative, but this is more of a fun thing. Not everything has to be detailed.

Maybe that's the problem. I'm seeing "I'm not interested in the story that much" and reading "I'm doing what I think is fun, I don't think the story details is fun so I'm not bothering with it, enjoying story details makes you not fun and a retard."

I mean, I've always had fun with the duality Monstro village has between it's fantasy and realism narratives clashing. It's like: Anon's lack of identity might put his lodging at risk? well, Gnathodelli somehow proved herself and she can't even talk, Anon should be fine. Anon's lack of identity might make it difficult for him to prove his school grades and get a job? Just arrange something with the local college and goverment, Anon should be fine. PB's past porn/rape narrative will eventually crush Anon's normal life? Not if Anon gears up and kicks seven kinds of shit out of it, then both of them will be fine and PB might join the Anonbowl properly. Monstro Village's beach being just a beach with no seaside resort? Why not have all the girls go on a tropical islands holiday with a underwater city built like a aquarium?

That sort of shit is my jam. I'm never gonna give up on my jam. I don't care if I become less human in the eyes of others for liking this jam. But I suppose I should try other types of jam now and again, so here's that dewbon shower picture I mentioned for anyone who wants lewd jam.


All we're saying is that you're really obnoxious and wish pineapple would ban you


File: 1495489067498.png (225.67 KB, 1065x445, visitinhours.png)

No, all your saying is your extremely thin skinned about how I dare to focus on and do the things I enjoy, and can't use the hide post button because baiting me into another pointless arguement is the only contribution you'll ever make.

Now, since apparently nobody wants to bother to do anything but be salty, and has once again left me to do my own thing even though everyone agrees just letting me do that is cancer, read this sentance right here: I think Beau and Polt's interactions with Anon and PB should be explored a little. It'd be interesting to know since we only really have the new years picture and their interactions with Caimon. Room 03 dynamics is the most basic thing, so it's a little sad only the turbo autist is currently drawing it.

Now, let's watch everyone line up to call me an idiot and to wish I'd die already, carefully ommiting usefull things such as "I think this will happen instead" or their own images, and wait and see if Weaver catches on that the chances of me replying specificaly to him if he posts something even slightly related to the above sentance is higher than people becoming less salty over the exsistence of a single person


Not everyone creates.
Not everyone wants to.
That leaves contributing by discussing or commenting. But your insane dross encourages neither.

>thin skinned

As if. You've shat on the threads for years and it's only now that people actually confront you with how they feel about your posts in any kind of sustained manner.


File: 1495524587052.jpg (14.41 KB, 246x184, 1494767592051.jpg)

No, all I'm saying is that you're a legit autistic ESL poster who's been writing walls of text about your own headcanon of something that was really just a oneshot thing that wasn't going to go anywhere. You're pouring and pouring meaningless headcanons mixing videogames with cabal with absolute retardedness to the point even the creator called what you're doing "really unsettling" and you've been doing this for literally years.

I'd say that to take this much time to actually confront you about this (not that it would actually do anything, you've show us you're far too deep into this thing to actually quit on your own) would take a skin made of several inches of solid platinum.

What I'm saying is that you really *should* stop, but you won't, so the only thing would be to call an exterminatus from above and stop you from spamming our thread with this.

The only thing it'd do would be to actaully move your offtopic posting to somewhere else that's not the sub and to be honest that's good. I don't care about your personal wellbeing as you yourself don't but at least stop shitting in my lawn please or else I'll call the cops and force you to go shit in another guy's lawn.


File: 1495573208205.png (62.5 KB, 667x277, polkuhana.png)

Oh look what a suprise it's the personal insult brigade doing exactly what I just described

and not a single attempt was made to move away from the argument this day

I realised I got Poli's name wrong. In fact, I've got his name wrong several times and nobody has noticed. But fortuantly, Weaver's old content once again saves the day and saves us all a pointless argument on if Anon coming from somewhere that doesn't really have out in the open names would make him really bad at remembering names or not.


Is there a way to report people to pineapple in real time except for the discord thread


steam I believe


File: 1495659333723.png (59.81 KB, 343x256, vidyacroc.png)

>still not hiding my posts

You got a problem with what I have to say? Then contribute! I won't fall for your bait anymore. The time for talk is over, and the time for us to fight like artists has arrived. Draw on canvas and fight my ideas with your own, if your man enough.

Weaver! I know your reading this. My only regret is letting these snakes convince me your a quitter like them. You are a person I have gratitude towards, since for over four years, every day I have drawn at least one picture thanks to the setting you have created. But you hold the cards to stop this, can post content to kill this argument, and I don't understand why you havn't done so. I have already hyperfocused on a very specific thing for you, so strike me down as many times as it takes. I would rather have even one picture of yours over 100 of mine.

Honestly, I don't think Poli would be THAT bad on his own, at least with Anon. He'd be okay to hang out with for a little while. Maybe a bit heavy on the lewd conversations, but pretty decent otherwise.(user was warned for this post)



Methinks the sperg doth protest too much.


The heck is even going on in here.


I'm sorry for those reports chief but this is getting insane and we can't stand it anymore. This man needs to be stopped, he's so far off the deep end that he's gone and met himself again and pushed himself in a chasm.

Buy more bluntly he's been shitposting about his head anon for monstro girls to the point even weaver ca.e by and asked him to please stop a d he just won't stop
His posts are delirious, his motives are undecipherable other than the fact he's already pretty much not there anymore and after we asked politely he just didn't stop.

For our and his own good I ask you to please stop him from hurting himself and us in the most straightforward way possible.

Thank you and celest bless


Oh dear that's a lot of spelling errors
Phoneposting should be a crime sorry for that but I'm sure you can fill in the gaps



Yeah I see what is up now, I have issued a warning. No problem with the reports that was proper use of them.


Thank you so much for the speedy response! We'll keep an eye open, I hope he gets the hint and won't need to further inconvenience you . Have a good day!


File: 1495749161397.png (Spoiler Image, 246.88 KB, 757x986, mearagearsolid.png)

Well, that's fair enough. That's what I get for doing something I can't do. It could be worse.

If you want my version of the story, I've basically been "nicely" told that I can't do anything by people who seem to think focusing soley on my negative qualities will improve the thread. It does not. This has happened over and over for four years because nobody thought to, instead of arguing with me over what I can't do, just tell me what I can draw instead. And apparently I'm a retard for doing what I wanted in the absence of anyone telling me what they wanted, like posting PORN WHEN or something.

Actually, I'm pretty happy your here since I've just thought of a crazy idea: Why don't you tell me what I can do, what I can draw for you? I can give a go at anything you like. Here's something from my lewd folder just to give you a example that yes, you can request ANYTHING and I'd draw it. Sound good?


You are always welcome to create your own thread here on art. You are free to create and share what ever you like. Just seems like this is more of a takeover of another artiest thread.

My request is you think up the craziest thing you can then draw it, and start your own thread with it.


File: 1495787446142.webm (Spoiler Image, 84.08 KB, 720x540, princessbitch_VP8.webm)

For a long time I came up with an idea that I wanted to animate, but I don't have so much experience in making animations but still I'm confident to make it someday.

I have to practice more.


That's pretty great actually. You really have gotten better at drawing over the years.


File: 1495830493294.png (206.52 KB, 1069x965, femgatorrefs.png)

>Just seems like this is more of a takeover of another artist's thread

Ah, so basically, you want Weaver to have roughly a higher post-art ratio than me? Seems simple enough with the right plan in place.

Alright, here's my current plan: instead of creating a guarenteed dumpsterfire of a thread, how about I draw a particular subject I'd like Weaver to think about or draw attention to, something I worked on over a time period for say a week, and then post once? I mean we have multiple images enabled and I can always cram the small daily drawings onto one big dumpsheet to post every Friday. Does that solve the takeover issue?

Also asking me for the craziest thing I can draw is definetly on the list of famous last words, but the current crazytrain I'm on is basically: Who wants to see PB's attitude massivly backfire because Caimon's family has different standards? Great, now draw the aftermath of this later.


That's a cute animation
Also that sneaky bush


how about I draw a particular subject I'd like Weaver to think about or draw attention to
Sorry to break it to you buddy but weaver dropped the ball on this literally years ago
He doesn't really draw anything other than zootopia characters anymore and surely he doesn't draw monstergirls
He's moved on

Still, we're cool if you just post your fan art without the creepy obsessive explanations but why not just make a thread for yourself considering he's abandoned the project and doesn't care about it anymore


File: 1495888120483.gif (Spoiler Image, 585.98 KB, 600x600, something vanilla.gif)

>he's abandoned the project and doesn't care about it anymore
Bah, I trust him to keep designing interesting monsters. Perhaps not in this particular setting, but it's not like it's mandatory.


File: 1495921592643.png (165.19 KB, 896x496, pbrunsforherlife.png)

>why not just make a thread for yourself considering he's abandoned the project and doesn't care about it anymore

The problem with that is I'd still be taking over his thread. It'd be a proxy thread of Weaver's thread about monstergirls. If Weaver really has quit and doesn't care, well I can't really change that, but it doesn't mean I should stop caring as well. There are still interesting things to be done, and there's always the chance that there is a future for the setting if we inspire enough artists to contribute.

>we're cool if you just post your fan art without the creepy obsessive explanations

Alrighty then, here's the plan: I'm gonna focus on one subject per week and post my doodles via dumpsheet on Fridays. Probably put some text in there to explain my ideas too instead of bogging the thread down. If anyone wants a single image on it's own just yell about which one, and I'll repost it on it's own in about a day. If I think of anything really large scale, like a relationship chart, I'll put it in it's own image. Sound good?

What I'm gonna try focusing on this week is what I sort of started doing: exploring the Caimon family support characters and how they could interact with PB and Anon. Here's a redraw of one of Weaver's images before I get started on that.


File: 1495922932673.png (154.37 KB, 718x905, the dread witch.png)

He doesn't really draw anything other than zootopia characters anymore and surely he doesn't draw monstergirls
He's moved on
lol nah


File: 1495923007848.png (38.11 KB, 609x772, weavchar2.png)

in fact let's drop some more


File: 1495923122421-0.png (120.18 KB, 705x855, herb witch body.png)

File: 1495923122421-1.png (Spoiler Image, 176.99 KB, 800x1200, mountain mossy plus.png)

File: 1495923122421-2.png (Spoiler Image, 65.35 KB, 612x554, agua weathervane.png)


File: 1495923176994-0.png (34.59 KB, 399x471, cabbitch.png)

File: 1495923176994-1.png (81.29 KB, 576x868, smasher demon.png)

File: 1495923176994-2.png (112.1 KB, 730x625, The Quarkettes.png)

File: 1495923176994-3.png (136.64 KB, 800x880, computergal.png)


File: 1495923220642-0.png (65.29 KB, 391x370, mask of infamy.png)

File: 1495923220642-1.png (58.24 KB, 583x640, dragon teen.png)

File: 1495923220642-2.png (Spoiler Image, 62.08 KB, 796x767, doodlevag.png)

File: 1495923220642-3.png (Spoiler Image, 44.17 KB, 796x767, doodlevag2.png)

there's a few


Is this the darkest dungeon ghoul?


I really the one in the far left
Does she put a bag over her body with a "normal" body drawn on it too?


But that's no different from what you already do and what you do is what people don't want.
Make your own thread, post all your shit there and just lurk in this one.


File: 1495938480726-0.png (57.3 KB, 483x485, 1455964662701.png)

File: 1495938480726-1.png (83.54 KB, 747x766, 1455960533675.png)

File: 1495938480726-2.png (256.87 KB, 351x548, 8c569244e79675a73d3a7a3d3d….png)

The head and body look nothing like it. It just looks like a (vaguely familiar) monstergirl that's become a lot more monster.


I forgot, is this the monstergirls General or the monstro village general


It's Weaver general.


File: 1495971768121.png (399.07 KB, 1366x685, weavermonstrovillageanonso….png)


so why did anon post apple's dewbon


also these are all old pictures
all of them


File: 1495991606864.png (191.62 KB, 800x1069, agua dewbon.png)

Because I fucked up my upload and didn't want to upload porn. Fanart is fine as long as it doesn't take over the thread. Don't be neurotic.


Agua will be just fine I'm sure

some by like, a week or two
the entire point was "I'm still drawing monstergirls" not "I literally just drew these fresh this second to post"


>all dese images that I havn't seen before
Alright here's what I'm gonna do: I'll just point out the ones that I don't think are on his tumblr and see if anything happens.

I beleive all of these pictures

the second one definetly isn't

first one isn't

>the entire point was "I'm still drawing monstergirls" not "I literally just drew these fresh this second to post"

alright, good to know. My idea to just focus on one thing to do weekly could actually pay off.


the real weaver would draw more monstergirls


File: 1496016975224.png (103.22 KB, 275x414, tumblr_ogkf7vQDs01tcfr2co3….png)

As weird as that one anon's writing is, I think they have some really nice art.


File: 1496093991966.png (231.56 KB, 1333x679, pairingnarrative.png)

thank yo-
>tumblr filename

ooh, I'm getting reposted on tumblr! Hopefully just the good things get on there though.

Also speaking of writing, working on the thing to post for Friday has given me a little perspective. It turns out, I'm interested in Caimon's family entirely because more Caimon's family = more possible interactions between PB and Caimon. It'd be funny if PB's terrible driving gets compared to the one time Caimon flipped a truck ("It was just ONE truck!"), and it'd make them have more in common than either PB or Caimon like to admit.

I need to keep focusing on what I'm doing, but I noticed this and it distracting me, so here.


weaver you useless fuck update your comic, quest and blog sometimes you get paid 500$ for 1 drawing a fortnight if that


>The reason for my silence is I’ve been deeply embedded in finishing a fairly large project of late, which I hope to post here within a week. It’s been a lot of work but my goal is to actually finish and close out one project so I can focus on another one without leaving it hanging

Congratulations, you got what you wished for on the Monkey Paw. I wonder what project it is?

spoilers: it's going to be Monstro Village. There's no way he'd finish his Zootopia stuff. He just wants to draw monstergirls without strings attatched. I really hope I'm wrong. I hope that maybe Monstro Village will come into focus again after what, only really 2 - 4 comic pages worth of focus, plus occasional doodles. But my hopes arn't set high.


File: 1496360885925.png (107.37 KB, 782x939, cain subway.png)

It's FNAF related. I'm closing the book on FNAF stuff so I can focus more on other projects.

For full transparency's sake:

My intention is to start closing out other ongoing projects; I plan to "complete" Ice Pack soon, as well as Boxdog. The fewer plates spinning and demanding my attention the better. After that I'll probably focus more on DiveQuest and have my spare time portioned into things like Monstro Village and Quorum more attentively. During this time I'll also be spending some segment of my time producing new Pack Street stuff also.


>It's FNAF related
Huh, so what is that about, you making a comic?


>as well as Boxdog
The prospect of Boxdog's ending has me feeling some conflicting feelings. On one hand it'd be quite something to see a thing I've been enjoying for a decade or so get an ending but at the same time it feels like it would leave a hole that I might not be able to fill.

He's co-authoring a story called Roommates. set in an alternate universe populated by the many different variations of the five nights at Freddy's gang that he has drawn.
Find it here;


When the series is finished (soon) I intend to post it to Tumblr
Between then and now, we're going to do a long-form polish pass to get it a little more presentable, attach title card art to each chapter, etc
so for anyone who hasn't dug into the story yet, I advise holding off for just a little longer and it'll all go live soon in the best form yet



I wish that I could believe you but given what happens pretty much every time you make a commitment to a project, e.g. the donation drive, I'm gonna keep the pessimistic mindset.


>My intention is to start closing out other ongoing projects
that's what you said three years ago too


As you like anon

>that's what you said three years ago too
I said I'd work on them, not start closing them out

NanQuest wrapped up two years ago, does that not count


File: 1496407862934.png (34.98 KB, 565x290, what the bleat.png)

I mean I just came over here to post about this stuff just so you guys wouldn't feel out of the loop and show some transparency because people wanted to know
You don't need to be aggressive/passive-aggressive about it, literally all I was trying to do was let you know what I was working on

If you don't believe me or whatever that's fine, you've got your reasons, but then why even ask/care in the first place if you're just gonna pull a "talk to the hand" and shit on any answer I try to give

I'm on the verge of closing out a big project I barely ever even mention (this is not a "maybe", or a thing ot be optimistic about, it's objectively happening), and then my intention is to work on closing others
That's my intention, and you're right, it may not happen like that, but all I can tell you is what my aim is right now

so that's my plan
you can believe it'll happen or not, I'm just saying it because I thought you wanted to know


File: 1496441789783.png (3.54 MB, 2644x4200, abig1.png)

Sounds like a good plan. Honestly, having worked on this thing for a week, I have an idea of where your coming from. I was planning to maybe do more like this, but that's definetly off the table now since it's so much work for so little payoff. I'll think of something even simpler to do for next Friday.

Still, coming back to it every day was interesting. Sure ever since Day 4 it's obvious I got distracted, but it's just interesting to see my tangents take form around very specific things. I mean I liked the idea of Beach Episode and went with it, I liked the idea of Occasional Room 03 Parties and went with it, I disliked a gif with a dark implication and spent a while just working myself through it. It's interesting just seeing WHAT distracted me from my current focus of the day and how I did - or didn't - deal with it.

And yeah, I do use the 3-strike system for most things, sorry. I just really want Monstro Village to FEEL like a safe, happy place instead of just a thin layer of paint over lots of darker implications. Honestly, this is how I see it: If Monstro Village can stand against whatever dark/edgy stuff is in PB's past and beat it, it's literally perfect. But it needs to be done right. I hope it's done right. I'll try my best to guide it towards that goal, but my best might not be good enough for some people.


>tl;dr draw more caimon family
will do


Ah relax dude, just do your shit at your phase, it's not like anyone can stop you


Take your time, don't worry.


File: 1496468630148.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.22 KB, 650x650, imgrc0067453406.jpg)

You are a fine, young fish.
Just let your seltzer fizz.
Don't let no one bust your begonias.
Stay sexy.


File: 1496524057003.png (80.1 KB, 423x493, pbeach.png)

hooray, I knew the TLDRs would work

I won't have to guess at what their interactions are gonna be like anymore

Here, have the one image that I think turned out pretty well in that week. I think I'm gonna focus on JUST Veronica for this week. Gotta get better at the TLDR game and Veronica has little stuff about her anyway (I don't even know what shes doign at college)

But my current thought direction is: Wouldn't it be cool if Veronica was the Nightclub party college girl, considering her body glows in the dark? It'd be a nice contrast between the dance floor patterns and her body glowing green, so I'll try and do it justice. I'll try and do it justice to post next friday.


File: 1496526197975.gif (23.99 KB, 210x244, dangerous lusty.gif)

five minuet of work later


File: 1496560267708.png (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 1280x1436, thebafhcompleto.png)


File: 1496573400446.png (52.84 KB, 495x408, oh hell.png)

what the fuck am i looking at


Embrace it.


I think that's a one handed typewriter. And the context… you can figure that one out.


You are in the doorway of an extremely filthy restroom.
You are informing your unseen acquaintances that you will be working on your Five Nights at Freddy's stories.
You are about to do something entirely unwholesome.


File: 1496696086953.png (160.93 KB, 558x360, DONTEVENANSWERTHAT.PNG)

>this entire conversation

Is it bad I immedeatly thought of this


File: 1496722163449.png (43.04 KB, 638x456, hehe.png)

fweet fweet

Roommates is officially concluded
it's available now for those who've been reading and will be posted publicly on my tumblr in the coming days once I get a last polish pass finished (plus a few missing title cards)

weaver never finishes his projects


File: 1496733992480.jpeg (778.07 KB, 2891x2674, f7472be8257f3f9ed73265eca….jpeg)

Way to go, man.



how about that website weaver



hey wait roommates isn't even your project you're not writing it


I am co-writing it.
I spent the vast majority of my free time for the past five weeks straight working on concluding it.

So yes, it is absolutely my project


Come on, give him a break…


File: 1497040850682-0.png (1.28 MB, 2280x1927, Veronicathing.png)

File: 1497040850682-1.png (164.51 KB, 778x918, classact.png)

Well I tried with the darkness idea. Default canvas size is a good idea but I definetly need to re-think how the thing is structured.

Still, on the plus side I definetly like the idea of being out at night with Veronica. Tried not to make her SB's FemSnips as I was going along too. I have a feeling I've seen Weaver draw something of Veronica being a student but the only thing on his tumblr is the toast-in-mouth picture.

Did some work on making the school more, well, school-like. Hey, just having a single classroom doesn't mean they have a single teacher. I'm sure something could be figured out if Weaver doesn't like it or has his own things on the subject I havn't seen.


I really dig some of this – especially the glowy portions with veronica in the first picture
You're right: it does make for some fantastic atmosphere


Glad I got the glow portions to your liking at least

I've always wanted to see more application of Veronica's ability to glow. I mean, imagine a sunset where as it gets darker, Veronica slowly lights up. Or if she can adjust her glow, so she can be like Puck, except where he is like a flashlight she is like a street lamp post.

In other news, this week I decided to take a hint and draw more of PB in the Southern Belle dress. I can't really turn my nose up at a man of taste who has asked me nicely.


I've been away for a while and I don't want to be specific, but I just want to say that I love so much of what's going on in these images.


File: 1497649279014-0.png (1.45 MB, 2280x2024, wildwesternwilderness.png)

File: 1497649279014-1.png (110.62 KB, 539x272, Westernsunset.png)

Thank you. I try my best to focus on specific things even though I do get distracted.

For example, I thought PB being in a western showgirl tier outfit would be cute. But, I also tried to make sure not to forget PB is an action girl and when things go south, she'll ACTION instead of going full Penelope Pitstop HALP.wav mode (although it'd be funny for her to do it AT LEAST once)

Other ideas that arn't on here is that it's possible Leo and PB could have met in the desert, and we could have a For a Few Dollars More situation considering what PB's past is like. Also, I'm fine with Anon having £300+ smart goggles, complain if you want but I honestly think having a Sat-nav and goggle-cam livestream would be good for the story. Anyone who can't into the Desert - like Gillou or Gumberry - could still react to what's going on. Caimon or someone in the Desert could track them down thanks to the stream showing their location. PB-Anon makeouts are shown live when Anon takes his hat off. Well, you get the idea.


[insert weaver's night in the woods comics here]


File: 1498001342639.png (Spoiler Image, 115.79 KB, 800x694, tumblr_oladix80za1r5h2ogo4….png)

It's hot here and I wish it wasn't.


File: 1498079760298-0.png (1.05 MB, 2167x1465, stonecreatures.png)

File: 1498079760299-1.png (1.04 MB, 1280x1436, tumblr_omonwgDcL81ru66eqo1….png)

Looking at my current weekly doodles, It's definetly much more of a mess than my previous ones. It was suposed to be about Wosyet, but you can tell I've almost immedeatly got carried away with the implications that come with Wosyet rather than just focusing on her

So to cut a very, very long and confusing story short, if you find anything odd with the ideas I have for Wosyet, I'm basing her on the more creative stone creatures such as pics related. I just really like the idea of Wosyet's creators getting ideas from the various rock-like creatures that exsist, and then trying to figure out how it works and make something similar



You didn't notice until now?
He recolours, references to the point of tracing or outright traces a lot of his work since if he has to draw on his own he can't even be trusted to put the thumbs on the right side of the hand.


Yep, I know the source of those images. His Monster designs are quite nice and I'd recommend giving Scalie Schoolie a read.

Considering Weaver sometimes doesn't draw fingers at all and just goes full blobhands, you might want to not talk too much shit about that last one.

I'll say it again: The entire point of all this is to put my ideas into one, easily hidable thing. Weaver can decide what he wants to do or not do himself after looking at it, like he did with Caimon's Family, or the Veronica light doodles. Talk shit about me all you like, I've gotten results, I've got nothing to lose, and I've been noticed by Senpai. I really should thank you - without you, I'd never have been able to talk to Pineapple and we'd never GET those results. So, uh, stay salty I guess?


Nice qualifier. Without it it might have looked as if you're trying to equate a stylistic simplification of a hand to a demonstrable failure in drawing one.
And being such an intransigent loon that the admin had to be called isn't a point in your favour.
But then again you've done nothing if not read whatever you felt like into things regardless of how far removed it from what has actually been said so nothing of what I've just said will matter.

But credit where it's due. The approach where you quarantine your ideas in a few pictures and post just a brick of text that is mostly devoid of insanity rather than a wall of text containing nothing but it is much more palatable.


File: 1498233555154.png (228.56 KB, 540x810, tumblr_oc2q87cJLR1u3slwko1….png)

Dude, stop.
The guy/gal is weird, but they've done nothing wrong.
Giving them shit is unnecessary.


It's a little hard to not be a bit antagonistic to someone who has spent the last four years weirding people out in a thread that isn't his using a setting that isn't his in the face of being repeatedly told to stop by the other people trying to enjoy the threads.
But again, the recent developments have made things take a turn for the better so here's hoping it sticks.


File: 1498256639559.png (1.15 MB, 2280x2024, wosyetwoes.png)

Alrighty, it's friday. As I've said before, I got carried away with the implications of Wosyet, since I consider ideas like "are some of Wosyet's clothes 'alive' like she is?" to be the entry-level implications of what her creators could achieve. I guess the thing Weaver can take away from this is: Draw more Wosyet, I want to see all the things she was designed to do, and the things which she chose for herself to do. I also want to see if she was just as Tsundere in the Ancient past as she is now.

Hey, Just because Anons can't use magic themselves, doesn't mean they can't just talk to a monster that CAN use the magic or CAN explain the narrative that comes with using magic. I'd expect the Ancient Anonymous to at least have arranged marriages with Desert Monster tribes as the most basic thing Weaver could do to justify how Golems came to be as an idea.

Also real talk, Ancient Lost Cities are the best kind of Romance. It's like being a Knight in armour and fighting a Dragon. The fact I can do both in this setting - for a given definintion of "find" and "fight" - means Weaver has a good Romance story already in mind. I can't wait to see it.


This is the most weird and uncomfortable threads I've seen in years. It's like the entire time that Hussie had his comic written, drawn and animated for him in the span of one incredibly autistic, bite-sized page.


File: 1498430388602.png (3.44 MB, 1520x1200, goldencity.png)

The story follows a green question-mark Anonymous, who hopped over Dimensions and lives in a town full of friendly monsters, and your complaining about weirdness?

Did you miss the memo on how PB goes on adventures as a normal thing? Or about how Gillou basically is a living water filter? or that the person running your appartment is a Giant WITH A HEIGHT DISODER? Or that the police force in town is a robot rabbit?

But of cource, the Romantic adventures you could have because PB is there to drag your ass out onto them - like pic related - is MUCH too weird for this story, despite the fact your LIVING WITH A GOLEM who could TELL HER THE LEGEND ABOUT THE CITY at anytime Weaver wanted. No, That's boring, who'd ever want to read something like that when we have the radical new horizons of: Anon plays Video Games. Anon goes to the store. Anon goes to work, does the work, goes home tired and doesn't bang PB. BESTSELLERS 10/10 WOULD READ AGAIN


File: 1498440074326.png (307.67 KB, 810x683, 1491331645808.png)

All you guys are doing is being antagonistic.
That's it. No content, no discussion, no anything. Just tearing down on someone else who has different opinions and ideas.
Do something beside berate and belittle. It could only e good for the thread.

I definitely see where you're coming from.
I love high adventure, but I also really enjoy slice-of-life stories.
The setting has room for both, though.
One day Anon is home having lunch with his roommates and discussing TV, then the next they're out on some fantastic adventure.
It works.


You've been shouting "YOU'RE THE REASON WEAVER DOESN'T TALK TO US!" at him for that long? I was hoping you'd stop after Weaver actually explained what he was doing and how he felt, but that apparently didn't help matters any of the several times it happened.


You're thinking of someone else. I may have lurked here for years but I haven't really said anything before this thread because it wasn't until now that there was a sustained discussion regarding the madman that I could add my voice to.
And I was hoping he'd change his pitch after Weaver told him he got shit wrong. Then I hoped he would stop reading things that aren't there into it. Then I hoped he would listen to the other people telling him to either stop or tone it down. Then I hoped he would listen to pineapple and create his own thread so that he would be free to do his thing somewhere the people who wanted to could keep tabs on his work while the main thread remained unmolested, making things work out for everyone involved. Now I hope pineapple shows up again.

And before you even think about saying that I can just leave; no, I can't. This is the only thread of its kind which is exactly why I give a shit to begin with.


File: 1498458113276.png (61.01 KB, 186x329, 1494179735237.png)

Ho about instead of griping you actually either start a conversation or post some content?


File: 1498594105350.jpg (19.32 KB, 584x201, 1497637606684.jpg)

He's been behaving himself in the last months, so stop bullying him just because.
I personally gave him shit before and I see he's reformed.
Don't you believe in reformed villains?


File: 1498785722290.png (49.74 KB, 500x500, bored veronica does shadow….png)


File: 1498860602830.png (1.21 MB, 2280x2024, seashenanigins.png)

tfw monitor difficulties. Focused on something simple but actually important - It's weird that, despite being a port town, nobody has thought about what the port actually looks like, who came in via the sea/port, where you can go from the port via ship and etc.

>The setting has room for both, though. One day Anon is home having lunch with his roommates and discussing TV, then the next they're out on some fantastic adventure.

Hooray, Someone is actually talking sense. This is much more in-line with what I want. a good example of this exact thing is PB. She's pretty much stuck exactly on the balance line you talked about. She can't really adventure full-time, and she can't really cope with normal civilization either. She's too freedom-oriented to be on either one side or the other, y'know?


Are you proud of yourself?

Dude, you may have some weird ideas, but your art is nice and you actually want to have a discussion. I'll back those any day.


Took me a second to figure out what was going on in this.
Then I laughed.
Good work.


File: 1499120915990.jpg (354.33 KB, 2000x1125, Crondis.jpg)

I think I've found Caimon's ancestor.


File: 1499120980834-0.png (161.85 KB, 945x555, crondis-character-menu.png)

File: 1499120980834-1.png (582.77 KB, 637x681, Crondis.png)

File: 1499120980834-2.jpg (30.66 KB, 400x400, _hMD5gec_400x400.jpg)

File: 1499120980834-3.png (584.96 KB, 1280x979, tumblr_os6bnnkk5H1tw81fxo1….png)


File: 1499286788147.png (208.22 KB, 580x442, guncrocodile.PNG)

There are other kinds of gators out there other than Sobek/Bananadiles.

However, I don't discount the possibility that Egyptian crocodiles like that do exsist and may share a relation with Caimon gators. It'd make for a funny running gag if in the background of gatorville you see one gator that is literally just a human with a crocodile head among all the other varities of gators.

It'd make way for pic related joke. I can totally see Anon getting a crocodile camo hat and everybody almost immedeatly mistaking him for one of those crochead humans.


File: 1499288138918.jpg (127.85 KB, 750x630, tumblr_oqxriiSwMU1vr81dio1….jpg)

>a human with a crocodile head
Bro, her whole body is big and scaly.
She's pretty darn gator-y.


File: 1499372808059.png (1.03 MB, 2280x1786, caievidence.png)

Ah, I think I know where thsi misunderstanding is going: you think I'm commenting about the pictures.

Sorry, I'm talking about the probability of Caimon's ancestors being Egyptian Crocs. I'm saying the chances of that specific thing is very low. But I'm not trying to be Captain Killjoy - it's just a VERY LOW chance. I've entertained weirder chances, like the possibility Caimon might know or be related to the french mouse family via how Kobolds work. Notice there's a crocodile-looking Kobold alongside a mouse Kobold? Ever considered if they might be related, and who they might knwo or be related too?

I'm also being cautious not to water down the southern thing Caimon has going. I don't mind Egyptian crocodiles living or having lived around the area, or Caimon being related to them somehow, mostly because it allows for the human with a crocodile head gag to be played. But it shouldn't take away from the FREEDOM GATORS thing or various other implications like some of the voodoo stuff. Different Mythologies mixing could turn out badly if not done right, y'know?


Caimon on egyptian clothing would be very lewd tho


File: 1499391610081.png (47.89 KB, 500x405, tumblr_inline_or9fboEGGa1u….png)



File: 1499462043312.png (827.36 KB, 2280x1687, wosywosywosy.png)

Good news is my monitor is fixed. Bad news is, the monitor I was using in the intererim was pretty bad for art and nothing really productive was doen this week. I still tried to make up for the lack of Wosyet I did last time, hopefully it helps other people draw her too.

Well, I can't argue with that. It's sort of why I put emphasis on the "you can go on holdiay". There's no reason Caimon and her family CAN'T holiday in Egypt land, right?

I'm being very carefull to make sure the things Caimon currently has - which hasn't really been fleshed out much - isn't put aside for WE WUZ KANGZ. The only real choice for Egyptian gators to appear - amongst all the american gators in Southern hickland - is either "they came from abroad" or "they came in via Misfit Camp's Dimension fuckery". Both work, since the first option you could get photos of Caimon's vaction or have background egyptian gators who came over, and the second could let Anon and Caimon have something in common. But not TOO much in common, since at least all 3 generations of Caimon's family is certainly native despite whatever weird physics they might have inherited.


File: 1499547378679.png (97.93 KB, 292x432, wosymon.png)

also since we were talking about it, have this


Sounds like a digimon.


It does.

Just another reason why Caimon being egyptian is full meme tier. She'd actually be better off in Aztec-inspired gear. Not only do they have pyramids too, she'd actually have something to talk to Wosyet about. She'd probably have a name like Caimyphezicmiotal - which is pronounced sort of like a really, really drunk person at a bar trying to talk - but them's the breaks.


>I draw things, I suppose!
This nigga


Also sad news, the current drawn thing this week is going to be yet another text-heavy thing. It's about Balance we talked about earlier again.

It turns out, Balancing PB's past so that it has just the right ammount of previous Weaver Material to stick to CONTINUITY (even when Weaver doesn't post/talk about it or IT GETS DELETED FUCKING e621 HOW AM I SUPOSED TO REFERENCE DELETED THINGS) and yet just the right ammount of things that will help PB stick around in Monstro Village and explain things she does is hard. I'm trying to make it so PB has AT LEAST one thing in common with the other girls, Gillou being my starting point for PB friendships (spoilers: guess who has also felt crushingly alone). And also make sure she doesn't accidently tresspass into someone else's thing i.e Veronica/Paula/Elinda are college girls so give PB a good reason not to go to college and a reason for the school not to accept the known troublemaker.


Check or try Rule 34.
It might help with keeping things for reference.


Ironically, Rule 34 doesn't have as much of Weaver's stuff as e621 used to.

Still, I am struck by a thought: Weaver could always use his patreon to hold onto his lewd stuff now. I know he said he would do it, and since he's being faffed around now might be as good a time as any.

I'm also still stuck trying to balance PB. It'd be easy to go around her issues, it'd be easy for her issues to eclipse the fun story too, but honestly the story would be better off if they were paced and timed correctly. There's no shame in admitting PB was someone's little girl once, just a lot of sadness at the mountain of implications left behind, and lots of things to do to set things right.

Princess Bitch isn't just a clever name.


File: 1500068666888.png (1.55 MB, 2280x2289, princess.png)

I wasn't kidding when I said this thing was text heavy. It's annoying when it gets all gunked up like this.

The mindset I have for this is when Weaver compared PB to Rainbow Dash, than drew a thing slamming a door in RD's face. It really stuck with me and I'm trying to keep that effect, in that although PB had all these "normal" things like everyone else, she was the only one who had a door slammed in her face.

Also as much as I dislike my OCs they are usefull for putting this idea across. Like, PB's parents actually trying to subvert whatever bad karma PB has. Or goblin kids being little shits isn't something exclusive to PB. Or how PB survived in the wild. How PB met Leo and Puck and eventually wound up in Monstro Village.

You get the idea, it's long and tedious. Also this is the first gore picture I've ever drawn. I dislike killing characters that could come back later, but I don't really want Monstro village to focus on if PB has shanked a dude or something. It's a tough area to cover since it's not my thing, but Weaver might be able to handle it better.


Isn't Gillou W A Y taller than PB?


Yep, she's about twice her height. But Weaver drew a nice picture and I wanted to re-draw it. It's part of why I'm adamant about PB character development, really - Sure PB is a grump, but somehow she is the LESS worse option compared to how Gillou lived previously.

Fortuantly I have Puck, who is confirmed able to shrink others, so I could probably think of something. He can shorten people by 1ft because that's how tall he is, for example.


File: 1500671774780.png (1.59 MB, 2280x2091, gilloumesh.png)

Since we were talking about Gillou I made a thing around her this week. Your probably wondering why I focused on her mouth in the last section, and the truth is I really would like to explore Gillou's function as a guardian more. Like, on paper Gillou sounds exactly like the sort of thing an adventurer would NOT want to deal with - in that Gillou actually might be as much of a magical protector as Wosyet is, so is pratcially implaceable - but it is BECAUSE Gillou has all these things that her social worries have gotten so bad. She's an innocent soul, but she knows she can uproot trees with her huge hamhands by accident and she has a weird body she doesn't even understand. She doesn't really understand why people keep their distance from her despite beign so nice to others, and nobody tells her the truth because it'd make her issues even worse. Does that make sense?

Also I really like how the lake/grail picture turned out. I was thinking about using the misfit camp dimensional stuff in a interesting way, such as: if the woods have places only certain magical creatures could go, who would take you where and how would you go along with them? for example, Puck could take you to where all the forest fairies are if you stuck him in a lamp, the pink Unicorn with Femanon could take you to like a glade or forest clearing if you could hitch a ride, etc. So where would Gillou take you, and what would be there?

It doesn't matter if the grail exsists or not. It's sort of like the storybook art concept Weaver is doing on his tumblr - what matters is that it COULD exsist, and that you could find it under certain exact conditions. So Adventurers can come for the Nymphs (Leo and Puck), and stay for the Grail Legend (PB). It also gives a reason to track down the dragon-lady in story too, since she also has a grail. Keeping the narrative doors open!


File: 1500682946605.png (138.94 KB, 364x432, 1491668974943.png)

I will say one thing: giant monster mouths on giant monster ladies are a big "Y E S" with me.
I love sharp teeth, BBWs, monsters, and size difference, so Gillou hits a lot of my buttons.
That was more like 2 or 3 things, but whatever.


Well glad you like it. I'm trying my best to come up with ways to make Gillou fun for everyone. And also a lot of carefull safety considerations. From my point of view, Caimon is essential to desensitise or dismiss any issues that might acur on the big mouth front. I mean, she's your friendly giant aligator roommate, if you can get used to that you can get used to a friendly giant swamp nymph right?

I also have to be carefull to not go full fetish. I know that Gillou and Caimon both have weird bodies, but I also have to accept that at some point the similarites end. Caimon's is a result of whatever crocodiles might have come over via misfit camp however long ago, Gillou is essentially extremely magical and I'm almost certain will be linked to the Voodoo mystique since it also has ties to the "magical forest" idea. I'm almost certain the sacraficing others and general violence part of this picture was imported/introduced by whoever built the ruins filled with dark magic, it just makes the story simpler if I assume they'd fuck up a magical forest bad enough it NEEDS someone like Gillou to be born to fix itself. Cause and effect and all that. It'd also explain why the castle town has a wall facing THE FOREST, instead of the desert, which always puzzled me.


blah, I'm getting ahead of myself. The basic gist is, Anon gets to live a normal/adventure romance life. Yes, the dark parts will still be there, but a story without any actuall villain by the end would be boring. It's why I'm so obsessed with having Anon meet the dragon lady - because I'm certain she might be connected to ANOTHER, different legend that Anon could go on a quest for later. That way, even IF anyone from the dark ages period returns, at least we have two artifacts to deal with them.

I think what I'm going to do is, I'll take the idea of voodoo/general paganism that comes up in Anon's story and have Femanon explore it in more detail, because it might not be neccessary for ANON HIMSELF to have those details. She's somewhere around Misfit camp, right? She probably deals with lots of weird shit thanks to how unstable it is around there magically. I wouldn't be suprised if the paganism is actually one of the really old ways to open the dimension rift in Misfit camp, considering. It'd give her a role in the overall story, at least - having her hang around JUST to show off different dimensions and their non-native monsters sounds too specific, like it's tailor made for a "one day, Femanon ends up in Anon's home dimension" story that will lead her to Anon, y'know?


File: 1501276649672.png (1.2 MB, 2280x1979, movethegearup.png)

sorry for the text wall. I'm just happy I don't have to do everything with Anon anymore. Caimon, her family, even the region she grew up in - all of it feeling friendly is right, but I have also to address the 3 people who are related to voodoo and none of them are crocodiles. Femanon's perspective helps cut down on so much stuff.

I've been focusing on just giving PB some actual gear for adventures. Weaver says she is dangerous, and I understand that PB is basically a rogue. She has practically a guarenteed way to kill you if Puck shrinks you to 1 ft tall. But I can't focus on her being basically an assassin because Monstro Village isn't about that, it's about helping her go from Bitch to Best Girl.

It's why I've had a wall of text on the voodoo sacrafices. I wouldn't be suprised at all if it turned out PB is a sacrifice to some dark lord/god waiting to happen. It'd explain the assassin angle - those sort of rituals can be fucked up by the tiniest little thing going wrong and PB stabbing the priest, or even the magic entity itself, with something like Rule Breaker would fuck it up permanently.




I was going to do a TNT joke before I realised that the countdown gag and reaction wouldn't be suited for a example picture

Also thinking about it now, it's very likly I'll have Paonne be a "tool" simply because I can believe Paonne can take a lot of perv-tier selfies and other photos and get away with it. Paonne can take all sorts of photos - like of information or evidence - in front of literally everyone and nobody would be any wiser. The perfect Undercover Camerabird, if you can stand the fuckton of selfie faces and weird posing in front of what you want to actually look at.


File: 1501621730292.png (99.95 KB, 682x541, shrinkandgrowthshenanigins.png)

also I had this lying around ever since I came up with Puck being able to use his own height to shrink/grow people.

I'm very glad I put some restrictions on it because seriously, while the ability to turn you into a manlet is funny for a "this is the worst punishment Puck could think of" joke, it could be pretty intimidating on the bigger girls and 7 ft Anon is intimidating himself - He's basically as tall as Gnath.


File: 1501882106327.png (1.38 MB, 2280x1895, femanonimous.png)

Decided to put some emphasis on the places Femanon will be able to explore that Anon possibly can't. I don't want to encourage Anon to use - or explore - dimensional fuckery more than he already has done.

Also while I'm not 100% certain on what Misfit camp looks like, I AM certain the area probably originally functioned like the Season doors from the Nightmare Before Christmas. My idea for Femanon is pretty simple: by figuring out "safe" traveling/trading routes to these places, you get nice background details. For example, the winter place being responsible for Monstro Village ever seeing snow in it's tropical climate.

I'm quite happy implying that having Misfit Camp actually function will change the big-picture parts of the area and eventually come in handy for the small-picture parts involving Anon.


File: 1502487994639.png (1.45 MB, 2280x1991, Knightynight.png)

I realised I forgot to set the tone for Anon's Knightly adventures when I mentioned them. To put it bluntly, I see them as 2nd person narrative - as in Weaver, who knows how to actually write quests, gets to do some self-depricating humour because they arn't actually "quest" quests, but more of a "Weaver gets to go full Tales of Monkey Island and poke fun at everything in a mock-quest style" sort of quest. Think the "quest" that involved only slamming the door in Rainbow dash's face, but more story-progressing.

And just in case he gets bored of that, I also made sure there are (overarching story) quests that might actually be dangerous, because Weaver's definition of fun seems to involve terror or eternal torment of some kind so maybe that's why he's been so bored of the series untill recently: Monstro Village was TOO NICE of a setting and didn't allow him to go full FnaF or Elderitch abominations.

Oh yeah, I realise you might yell at me for involving Alcadox, but please remember I'm trying to balance the "poke fun" with "occasional tragedy". I was thinking of "Alcadox gives Anon a reason to go to /tg/" because hey, they have a reputation for being dragon fuckers so guess where she was when she was younger. But for the tragedy angle, I wanted her to give you the start of a sort of resident evil puzzle, where you have to play a song to open the treasure room. http://picosong.com/vrAh/ is the sort of song I had in mind. It just really kicks you while your down when you know whos castle it is your currently in and that he's DEAD. AGAIN.


File: 1503156381185.png (908.65 KB, 2280x2024, knight101.png)

This started as a continuation of the knight theme and ended up as supporting character development. Honestly, I needed someone with actual knight experience and this guy just fucking off after a while seemed like a waste of a perfectly good support character


File: 1503697222933.png (1.25 MB, 2280x2024, ourheroeveryone.png)

I realise nobody cares, but I finally figured out why Anon was such a loose cannon in most stories trying to describe his own thoughts and feelings: it's because the rules of his home dimension APPLY FIRST, and the Narrative rules of Monster apply SECOND.

So Anon, First and foremost, will apply any projection based knowledge he has for a magical thing he encounters - for example, a Ghost is like an Astral Projection. When there ISN'T a projection he can fall back on, THEN and ONLY THEN is he following the Narrative rules. So basically, Anon having a hard time proving his identity WOULD be dangerous - since the Fool-proof healthcare is almost certainly based on prove-your-identity magic - but since Projection is FIRST, it's Anon's first line of defense - Everyone in town is on the scheme and - so long as Anon has a legit entry into that system like a handprint or toothmarks (Think how Gnathodelli gets ID) Projection takes care of the rest.

And if you think that's complicated, you should think about how Anon's home dimension works. I have, and oh boy, Femanon is sure in for a treat if the whole dimension-trade/travel thing works out, especially since Weaver could go whole hog with using projection for ANYTHING - absolutly anything - he wanted.


Sorry for not responding for a while.
You sure do put a lot of thought into all this.


File: 1504302312291.png (1.46 MB, 2280x2024, TRADITIONALGAMES.png)

I do try my best to make sure the rules are simple, but can become complicated the moment something happens.

So, let's say Monstro has a 1-2-3 person system for ease of understanding. Anon - our protagonist - would be suprisingly fast on the uptake about magic for a human, because of his first-person experiences (in his own dimension, which is 3-1-2-3). Monstro's hospital needs identification - like hair or nails - so that there is insurance against fatalities on a magical level (and it also creates a medical practice that explains the overpopulation issue). Melchior can technically lend someone demonic power as a 3rd party (he's a greater demon with legal loopholes he can abuse), which is why the mayor still has him listed as a threat.

I honestly could go on and on, but that would bore most people here so have my weekly thing. I realised that in order to make sure Monstro Village stayed in a reasonable technology level, I had to make a place that was unreasonably advanced to compare it too. This ended up in me making /tg/ into Texas, where everything is bigger, ESPECIALLY the Pauldrons.

Oh, and I'm continung to explore the idea of Alcadox leaving everything to an heir because it's the simplest way for her to actually lose everything all at once - to literally just retire and hand over the family dungeon raid to her son, along with a huge pile of dragon gold and loyal retainers.


File: 1504319327559.png (3.09 KB, 200x200, aguaface.png)

Hey folks
I thought I might share this here, but my hand's recently been forced on a topic I've deliberated on in the past, so I decided hell with it and now there's a discord for my collected works, split into sub-chats/channels for stuff including Monstro Village

If you'd like to be a part of it and talk about monstergirls feel free to come on by
the rules are don't be a dick and because i'm a powertripping loon i rule with an iron fist so be prepared for that

also we're gonna be laying out some more setting for Monstro Village so stay tuned


>also we're gonna be laying out some more setting for Monstro Village so stay tuned

Hoorah. I guess I'll make this week's doodles the last of the "what place would I like to go and see" doodles untill I get a good grasp on the places you want to see and go to.


If you have any decency at all then please don't do to the discord what you did to this thread.


At least in the discord you can block someone.


File: 1504905152936.png (1.36 MB, 2280x2024, drydrydry.png)

I must say, where has this Discord been all this time? It's literally all I could have asked for. It's a grand time, and I hope some of Weaver's stuff there makes it onto his Tumblr for easier access.

Anyway, since the local climate is off-limits untill such time, I decided to romp about in the Desert again. Decided to focus on areas that I'd at least like to pass through on an adventure for whatever lost civ made Wosyet. It makes for a interesting background theme: how a now lost civilization changed the desert and monsters, and what finding it again might bring (for better or worse)


File: 1505509639690.png (858.06 KB, 1567x1025, gogogoblin.png)

downsides of the discord: it distracts me way too easily and all my doodles from the various conversations there cannot be easily explained.

Still, it has it's upsides. I am now completely certain that what I chose to do with Alcadox is justified by the huge ammount of dragon lewd that is posted on the discord.


File: 1506115618884.png (1.23 MB, 2280x1991, dracool.png)

Actually all the dragon posting on discord has given me a interesting idea: if your talking about turning into dragons, it makes sense the opposite could happen right?

It opens a interesting line of thought, considering draconic half-humans and if, you know, they'd actually be eggs or be born normally, if you can describe being born as a powerfull force of nature normal.

It allows me to work on Dracula some more, even if it is an example of just how fucked you could be if you underestermate what a really powerfull magical dragon could actually do, for example be really fucking hard to kill with the possibility they might re-incarnate for another go-around 500 years later because SOMEONE had to go and fuck a dragon or a dragon-ish monster and the egg hatches into something straight from Hellsing


File: 1506718798923-0.png (68.63 KB, 884x1025, ronniedragon.png)

File: 1506718798923-1.png (Spoiler Image, 101.85 KB, 1120x805, ronniedragon2.png)

File: 1506718798923-2.png (174.06 KB, 800x875, very few blondes.png)

File: 1506718798923-3.jpg (41.19 KB, 579x579, yvonne.jpg)

File: 1506718798923-4.png (128.65 KB, 593x642, Dewbon_likes_Maud.png)

Actually, I suppose this week I should do a public service, and actually share things that might have been posted sooner or later. It'd definetly help with the Veronica dragon thing, for a start.

I don't take credit for any ofthe images, nor the pastebins of little stories somebody made and I thought should be shared.


That's some good shit.


File: 1507324824171.png (379.05 KB, 1527x895, dracastela.png)

also it turns out focusing purely on backgrounds and places to run around in is a great way to put yourself in a rut

I like the idea of run down castle ruins, it reminds me a lot of the opening of Devil May Cry 1, where the island is completely empty and it's just you, and I like the idea of "ressurecting" the dungeon. It's a place that has been dead for a very long time, so fixing the required things to solve the puzzles in this place should feel wrong, like your pretty sure all the monsters will start coming back sort of wrong

A good example of this I can remember is
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71LSiNB9Tp4 , where the level starts out in the daytime but in order to advance it you have to manually change the shown time on the clock, and then night falls…


File: 1507929021615.png (441.14 KB, 1967x927, ancienttraps.png)

still in a rut. Had an interesting discussion with Weaver about Kirby Super Star's Great Cave Offensive on discord. To put a summary on that, Anon having a somewhat similar experience is what I'm trying for with the desert story, with a little La-mulana tier "touch this thing and you get hit by a 500 pound statue" death traps thrown in. I'll try focusing on that and seeing where it gets me, I guess.


I have no idea how long it's been since I left this thread and site in an attempt to escape the Ape Escape flavored autism was Weaver scared off for good since my absence?


A Weaver and Weaver accessories discord was created and it has a monstro room so he now has even less reason to be here.
Funnily enough the ape escape trog is very inactive over there so going from these threads to that place was liberating beyond words. Ask Weaver over tumblr for a link and maybe you'll get to know what it's like to be free again as well.


Give it a rest.


>Give it a rest
>Hasn't been mentioned in ages
Excuse me for stepping on your bizarre ass crossover fanfic.


>you literally just raged about it for the umpteenth time
>"hasn't been mentioned in ages"


File: 1508537638952.png (374.42 KB, 1767x1103, anonantics.png)

It's funny that you say I'm inactive in discord. I mean, I mention we had a small conversation about one of my works there and everything. I'm waiting for Weaver to at least post some of the things about Monstro like he said he would. For example, I know he has a (very WIP) map of Monstro that I wish to have, so I'm assuming he'll EVENTUALLY get around to posting about that and his Witchwood ideas on Tumblr. It'll be much easier if everyone is reading from the same page.

Here's this weeks rut: I am currently in the process of dividing up all the contradictary projections that Anonymous has been forced to carry onto other people. Anon has no reason to know how Witchwood works, Femanon wouldn't know Anon is living in town, and everything else is from when I realised that I could follow the theme of how a Anonymous person might be involved somwhere in the various things I'm trying to establish, and that THEY could explain it, and that maybe they could have different interactions with the monsters as well


File: 1509137915096-0.png (72.81 KB, 752x552, meara_flaunting_smoothly.png)

File: 1509137915096-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.78 KB, 496x751, dewbonsuitors3.png.jpg)

File: 1509137915096-2.png (Spoiler Image, 98.21 KB, 429x607, dame.png)

File: 1509137915096-3.png (123.47 KB, 608x702, parents.png)

also Weaver actually drew Elinda's parents so it's time for another round of public service. Again, I'm assuming most of this stuff will be uploaded to tumblr later.


File: 1509493777010.png (189.22 KB, 608x702, Elindaparents.png)

boop, colours


File: 1509746559901-0.png (93.54 KB, 513x513, monstro_village2.png)

File: 1509746559901-1.png (231.08 KB, 1014x821, unknown.png)

File: 1509746559901-2.png (Spoiler Image, 118.55 KB, 754x872, unknown2.png)

File: 1509746559901-3.png (146.95 KB, 1000x932, unknown4.png)

File: 1509746559901-4.png (241.28 KB, 1789x725, unknown6.png)

Weaver's wip monstro map was posted on discord and an artist appeared so here is his stuff also


I left for a while.
What did I miss?


Good stuff.
Start prayin', boy.
I love that map.
I love that Gumberry more.


File: 1510351245782-0.png (74.64 KB, 575x885, caimon_eg.png)

File: 1510351245782-1.png (111.32 KB, 643x865, gumberry_lingerie.png)

File: 1510351245782-2.png (100.43 KB, 730x680, first_mate.png)

File: 1510351245782-3.png (73.75 KB, 745x430, octopus_girl.png)

My art block continues, so have more Discord stuff that will assumingly make it onto the Tumblr later


Much good.


File: 1510955894332-0.png (191.14 KB, 800x977, paonne_mirror.png)

File: 1510955894332-1.png (Spoiler Image, 89.87 KB, 639x868, 2222.png)

I really have to get it together because Discord doodles won't come in forever

Rule 63 sillyness from Weaver


>content stuck in mlpg post limbo
hold on gonna see if a no image post will fix




File: 1511560928768-0.png (120.7 KB, 608x651, uunknown.png)

File: 1511560928768-1.png (63.47 KB, 489x872, ss (2017-11-17 at 04.46.46….png)

File: 1511560928768-2.png (117.64 KB, 800x670, fashion_show.png)

File: 1511560928768-3.png (349.81 KB, 800x724, dragonpeeping.png)

more discord stuff


File: 1512165290027-0.png (98.86 KB, 729x449, melchiors_visitor.png)

File: 1512165290027-1.png (122.77 KB, 533x377, makeovers.png)

File: 1512165290027-2.png (351.74 KB, 1000x1000, veronicanervous.png)

File: 1512165290027-3.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.4 KB, 334x684, 2TRZ757YYP7ZKDLYX.jpg)

you know the drill, the important thing in this update is we get a glimpse of how Melchior runs things


That Veronica, tho


File: 1512770164261-0.png (37.25 KB, 394x421, good_girl.png)

File: 1512770164261-1.png (106.45 KB, 758x420, parting_gift.png)

File: 1512770164261-2.png (66.8 KB, 461x516, mizz_cirra.png)

more Melchior stuff. he's not exactly very good at the whole positive gestures thing so please be understanding


File: 1513374981914-0.png (Spoiler Image, 91.19 KB, 769x479, meara_fall.png)

File: 1513374981915-1.png (Spoiler Image, 102.29 KB, 796x441, imminent.png)

File: 1513374981915-2.png (Spoiler Image, 92.84 KB, 815x864, pbogre.png)

File: 1513374981915-3.png (Spoiler Image, 57.45 KB, 505x433, pb_golem.png)



File: 1513979810917-0.png (Spoiler Image, 53.07 KB, 762x509, caimon_fingering.png)

File: 1513979810917-1.png (Spoiler Image, 708.82 KB, 600x800, gilloux2.png)

more lewds


File: 1514586629737-0.png (86.65 KB, 643x585, paonne_sandra.png)

File: 1514586629737-1.png (148.68 KB, 618x755, sandra_dragon.png)

File: 1514586629737-2.png (51.27 KB, 484x531, uuunknown.png)

also this knight character has received alot of attention


File: 1515189642001-0.png (104.1 KB, 790x503, demure-daring_chart.png)

File: 1515189642001-1.png (20.71 KB, 555x197, sorich.png)

File: 1515189642001-2.png (75.1 KB, 431x654, liz2d.png)


>Gnath less daring than Veronica


File: 1515797483148.png (744.34 KB, 964x1139, aexample.png)

I think there's a lot of context to the chart that isn't written down. For example, Veronica is so daring because of "post nudes online" and other very reckless behaviour and feelings she has. The expections for Gnath might be modified because of the semi-feral thing she has going on. Other arguments can be made for the other girls, because you could say it is daring for a giant like Dewbon to risk herself in possible Adventurer murderhobo lands like she does and so on and so forth.

Also, I can use it to sort of grasp their internal thoughts for dialogue, which is nice to have. Example pic related: Tried to emphasise how PB's Dungeon crawling experience would make her cautious - even if she is daring enough to break the law, she'd prefer to not get caught in a bad situation and that requires actually being smart, not yolo/leroy jenkins tier daring that Veronica probably has. I'll work on my text.


File: 1516400090543-0.gif (161.58 KB, 800x800, f39826b2-024b-4ed5-babb-28….gif)

File: 1516400090543-1.png (28.94 KB, 525x531, uunknown3.png)

File: 1516400090543-2.png (Spoiler Image, 68.96 KB, 781x658, dewbonontop.png)

I realise nobody wants to argue about what Anon is/isn't, but honestly it's much more consistent to write about what each girls thinks and feels vs what Anon actually does (which I'll do also, but possibly only after consideration). PB is easy to write because she'll attempt to avoid responsibility whenever possible, but the other girls can fall into the pattern too - Wosyet is defined by her responsibilities, Caimon is technically the responisble sibling taking a vacation, college responsibilities and how they deal with them for the college trio, etc.

Also the site Weaver wanted to make is online, hurray. will still post things on Discord I havn't seen though.


File: 1516441305936.gif (108.47 KB, 205x260, 10300305.gif)



File: 1517004169102-0.png (77.93 KB, 781x546, 0YGxW7ruUeDkG_4lHJpr8A.128….png)

File: 1517004169102-1.png (Spoiler Image, 21.98 KB, 506x349, ZE4RhNWvJ-f8pTz_kMbHtQ.128….png)

I know right? It makes me wonder what else Weaver just has lying around. I'm so glad his site is up and running


>I'm so glad his site is up and running


File: 1517425209851.png (Spoiler Image, 133.51 KB, 429x607, caimilf.png)

boop, colours


File: 1517608976097.png (88.35 KB, 772x517, HOWQUICKLYTHETIDETURNS.png)

Really got to get my art game back in gear


File: 1518214113236.png (2.87 MB, 2280x2024, wintawanderlond.png)

I realise nobody cares, but I discused/doodled about a winter-themed dimension over on discord. Since I've been in a slump, this is a rough collection of the various december-feburary doodles.

The short version is, I don't think that Anon actually wants to go through the whole different dimension deal again, but that something will force the issue. It'd honestly be a pretty good Sherrif story stuff - just having PB be proven to be in two places at once would be great way to kick everything off, Because only Anon could REALLY explain what's going on due to his experience with dimensional stuff. Also no, I don't think this would happen on Anon's first ever winter, He'll actually have a few "normal" christmas hijynx before shit hits the fan.


File: 1518645770839.png (217.43 KB, 540x461, asleephammock.png)

valentines day thing


File: 1518820330936-0.png (72.2 KB, 370x821, qfJQz2ATzLvZz-rPdzhohA.128….png)

File: 1518820330936-1.png (33.72 KB, 800x654, cUFsExIuRJDetWnWVGJ1Nw.128….png)

Also Weaver uploaded more Monstro monstergirl stuff onto the website go look at it


File: 1519429678737.png (766.28 KB, 1295x1719, wintergoblin.png)

also I created some more doodles based of what I did here >>16971

I like the concept that I could effectivly explore two different outcomes at the same time. PB is a good posterchild, considering she is caught between the past porn/adventure fluff and cute girls doing cute things in Monstro Village. It'd also be interesting to explore how PB changed since living with Anon, even if she'd never admit it.


File: 1520028408455.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 2121x769, pbredraws.png)

somone on Discord wanted to see some doodles done in this style, so here you go.

The only reason I can get this style done fast is because most these doodles are sort of hanging around in my folders, so easy to redraw - It takes quite a bit of time to do this sort of thing from scratch. Also pushed out my content comfort zone a little, don't expect that to happen often though. I'll try and come up with a happy scale between doodle - drawing - stuff like this


File: 1520634198054.png (413.81 KB, 964x587, anonissues.png)

This spawned from a interesting discussion on discord. It's been noted Anon's not particulary good at interacting with anything outside the Tower Girls, might as well give a shot as to why.


File: 1521237827399-0.png (Spoiler Image, 110.16 KB, 766x773, gilloutagged.png)

File: 1521237827399-1.png (Spoiler Image, 110.79 KB, 793x699, ronnie_stripped.png)

File: 1521237827399-2.png (217.01 KB, 800x779, yuushi_oreilles.png)

more weaver doodles


Bless Weaver. He somehow manages to keep these threads alive without even showing up.


Can you repost an invitation link? This one has expired.


File: 1521842553476.png (Spoiler Image, 196.34 KB, 880x450, lkgillou.png)

redrew some of LK's old Gillou doodles because why not


Looks good.


File: 1522378040739.png (Spoiler Image, 19.1 KB, 512x640, tegakidewbonanon_c42zubFX8….png)


File: 1522443984079.png (256.24 KB, 593x642, Sunistyle.png)

boop, colours.


File: 1522687368942.gif (927.14 KB, 301x300, 1515870758942.gif)



File: 1523048879866.png (122.38 KB, 461x530, caibrushes.png)

more colours


File: 1523422988887.png (Spoiler Image, 23.92 KB, 500x245, Oekaki.png)


File: 1523653161205-0.png (Spoiler Image, 180.69 KB, 800x442, cuboards.png)

File: 1523653161205-1.png (Spoiler Image, 148.77 KB, 767x683, 1455964241342.png)

File: 1523653161205-2.png (Spoiler Image, 47.85 KB, 357x352, unko1.png)

File: 1523653161206-3.png (Spoiler Image, 39.11 KB, 289x306, unko2.png)

File: 1523653161206-4.png (Spoiler Image, 64.08 KB, 509x509, unko3.png)

I coloured some weaver kobolds, and it got some responces


File: 1524257960226-0.png (35.25 KB, 303x312, agua_nymph.png)

File: 1524257960227-1.png (78.24 KB, 653x501, aguadance.png)

some weaverdoodles


File: 1524863086593-0.png (Spoiler Image, 63.3 KB, 639x558, uunknown4.png)

File: 1524863086593-1.png (Spoiler Image, 45.36 KB, 532x396, nymph_gnath.png)

some gnath stuff


File: 1525468057444-0.png (84.27 KB, 811x852, gillousmack.png)

File: 1525468057444-1.png (Spoiler Image, 238.28 KB, 1000x573, secretbuttfun.png)

there was a gillou phase


File: 1526677572773.png (669.87 KB, 2059x697, mooms.png)

mothers day came and went, just some dumb doodles from me


also Weaver posted a nsfw Gillou thing so I'll post that here right now




File: 1527282501762-0.png (260.05 KB, 792x706, helias_flower.png)

File: 1527282501762-1.png (415.71 KB, 749x955, grift_dewbon.png)

File: 1527282501762-2.png (192.9 KB, 800x863, unknowny.png)

more weaver discord doodles


File: 1527741835204-0.png (Spoiler Image, 16.63 KB, 512x640, MearazOwMpaUYgoy_p7vihAV8f….png)

File: 1527741835204-1.png (Spoiler Image, 16.04 KB, 512x512, mearaGttkI99-CzkFL57f18Kn9….png)

An useless bump.


File: 1528496348740.png (Spoiler Image, 364.19 KB, 800x560, alscadox.png)

lewd dragon


File: 1529097634173.png (17.57 KB, 800x800, tumblr_msleaj94et1sarj0uo1….png)

found something saved from four/five years ago by chance on my backup hard-drive, So I'll post it here just in case.


Aw yee i love me some lewdbolds


File: 1531515924053.png (Spoiler Image, 449.73 KB, 899x1300, gillbutte.png)

coloured another one of suni's doodles


File: 1537563592306-0.png (9.72 KB, 240x302, pbathin.PNG)

File: 1537563592306-1.png (13.78 KB, 334x316, dewoutbathe.PNG)

i keep forgeting to post discord stuff here


Bathing beauties.


File: 1538774536949.png (371.24 KB, 1477x849, Anonsbios.png)

Also, here's a slight miracle for everyone: I finally coloured something that ISN'T Monstro related

Well, okay, it's not impossible that Femanon has Anon's toys now, there's only like a 10 year age difference between them after all, and considering the bio even says Anon is reconsidering his life choices there's almost certainly enough stuff lying around to make an argument…

BUT the important thing is, it's MOSTLY not-monstro related, which is progress. And that there wasn't yet another stupid arguement, that's good too.


femanon a cute


File: 1540937027097-0.png (55.57 KB, 475x1052, spookypicture.PNG)

File: 1540937027097-1.png (21.77 KB, 824x815, veronispook.png)

File: 1540937027097-2.png (65.67 KB, 993x811, aztecassortment.png)

Alright, here's some spoopy haloween pictures for everyone, that I havn't actually posted to discord so have fun. Also, I was playing with what sort of theme Wosyet actually is, and along the way I realised it's totally possible to have a bunch of aztec/mayan stuff around considering the whole MAGICAL JUNGLE thing Monstro has. Hey, Egypt isn't the only place know for having crocodile-related myths, plus Caimans (You know, the species Caimon is sorta based on) actually live in the area.


File: 1541546610043-0.jpg (2.66 MB, 3258x2161, Speeding_Ticket.jpg)

File: 1541546610043-1.jpg (1.56 MB, 1766x2432, HEY_LISTEN.jpg)

File: 1541546610043-2.jpg (3.12 MB, 3613x2429, Landing.jpg)

more stuff from discord, not mine this time


File: 1542751525707-0.png (42.15 KB, 959x539, caiageheights.PNG)

File: 1542751525707-1.png (52.27 KB, 1841x633, crocfamilyheights.png)

also talking about Caimans reminded me I did a thing. I know most people don't care about heights and such, especially when it comes from me, but it's better than nothing.


File: 1544220309657-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 2279x1599, discorddumppb.png)

File: 1544220309657-1.png (Spoiler Image, 81.78 KB, 737x453, goblintallness.PNG)

File: 1544220309657-2.png (Spoiler Image, 25 KB, 441x212, pbtransformation.png)

Also, Tumblr is purging most NSFW content on the 17th. This is your LAST CHANCE to save anything yo uwant to save before it goes bye-bye, because Weaver's tumblr will basically be dead after the 17th.

Here's more stuff from discord. We had a discussion about Goblins. First image is just a accumliation of PB stuff I've drawn, second is height autism, but the third is legit weaver stuff, here's what he said when posting it:
>So basically Princess Bitch exists because of Twilight Sparkle - at the time for whatever reason I was drawing Divequest style goblins of the MLP cast, Twilight-Gobbo made for a very interesting sort of 'adventurer' type look so I kept drawing her and tweaking and eventually branched off into a separate character, who became PB
and here's basically the three sketches (drawn sequentially, on the same canvas at that) that detail PB's creation from goblinified pony to bumbling adventuress


File: 1544916026229-0.png (29.02 KB, 724x417, zinacircus.PNG)

File: 1544916026229-1.png (53.04 KB, 842x720, snekandmouse.PNG)

This is just a quick update, but Weaver's posted his final thing on Tumblr and it's about these mouse girls. Here's some doodles involving them, old and new, and the discord version of this story Weaver posted, paraphrased:
>well the group pic is like, years old by now. My process was this: I was returning to Monstro Village stuff and I ran into these girls again, I started thinking about a way to make them more ditinct, which resulted in some sort of human pyramid. Which got me thinking about acrobats, and I considered circus performers, and then I spent two hours reading up on that stuff. After writign down what I wanted each of the six sisters to sorta-be, I relaised Monstro Village was too small for an active circus and the O'Reille's were basically on the fringes of town, so I decided to make them "retired" status, and contrasted them against their circus posters for effect. No, I don't think they are ACTUALLY magical, it's the vanilla-kind of circus magic instead of supernatural-kind.


File: 1548799527485.png (169.22 KB, 1777x509, griftcollection.png)

A collection of Grift stuff old and new, because discord was talking about him sometime this month and I forgot to post about it. This is probably more than has actually been drawn for him in years, sadly - the whole goblin thing was brought up again and - to cut this short - it says a lot that Grift has money troubles and PB doesn't. Possibly just that Dewbon doesn't take any shit when it comes to rent money, and PB is more open about collecting money from places where it "won't be missed", but it STILL says a lot.


File: 1552252290300.png (116.55 KB, 800x700, 3_bSmsIS40st-plWr_2dhA.102….png)

Weaver put a bunch of Gillou stuff on secret sometime last month. Also, there was a discusion on what it would be like to shower with Gillou, considering she absorbs water, likly to the point you'd likly both be stuck.


File: 1554066409852.png (132.97 KB, 800x700, verunningca.png)

some colours of a recent secret update



File: 1556524721571.png (Spoiler Image, 228.21 KB, 650x650, runanddontlookback.png)

Sorry about that.


File: 1556572008992.png (781.17 KB, 964x1139, PBnarratesreallyfast.png)

decided to re-do this old thing here >>16952 during the cource of last month or so


File: 1558213715739-0.png (236.44 KB, 800x728, aguapickuplines.png)

File: 1558213715740-1.png (168.68 KB, 686x667, leoleave.png)

There's been a Monstro pacage delivery on secret today, so boop, colours. Also some trivia from the bossman:
>Gillou Origins: I was talking with a friend about how a genderswapped Princess Bitch would be some wimpy dude who constantly gets confronted by thirsty female monsters, and drew up Gillou as a big shark-toothed generic monster for that purpose. She eventually became her own character. Fun facts: you can see the genderswapped PB in some of the super-old sketches, one of which is in this current batch.


File: 1559251497100-0.gif (396.8 KB, 188x441, idle(finished).gif)

File: 1559251497100-1.gif (129.18 KB, 222x294, suddenmoves.gif)

It's almost the end of the month. Here's some animations that are 100% made manually in SAI.


File: 1561927998084.png (Spoiler Image, 207.48 KB, 549x777, gillourainedon.png)

boop, colours


File: 1563059766534.png (224.39 KB, 800x600, grift_canvas.png)

Weaver finally has some Grift stuff up on secret, including comics and pic related. It's honestly about time really, since most of the monsterboys are horribly underutilised (mostly because nobody wants a "LOOK THIS UGLY GUY IS FUCKING YOUR WAIFU AND BASICALLY: YOUR FUCKING STUPID" picture) but for the record I still question why Wosyet took THREE PANELS to catch up to a pratically stationary Grift on the grounds that it's a terrible design decision to create an unstoppable stone golem, and then design her to move more slowly than potential criminals.

I mean, how would she actually protect the girls when she moves so slow? Why would the criminals even be scared of her if - even given that she could potentially pursue you forever - she moves so slowly you could loose her so easily that the 24/7 pursuit feature and the ability to bust through walls like KoolAid Man doesn't actually mean anything? Every implication about it just makes me question how competent Wosyet WOULD ACTUALLY BE as a protector, where as before I was pretty confident that Wosyet was on-paper just as competent as the Sherrif is at crime-busting, but in-reality is just VERY, VERY, VERY old fashioned about it, and nobody is stupid enough to hang around for 3 seconds after Wosyet enters Law-enforcement mode.

TLDR: the last panel of the comic should have been Grift being decked by Wosyet because he WAS STANDING COMPLETELY STILL instead of running the instant Wosyet became pissed off at him. You could even say that it's the punchline.


File: 1566853407568-0.png (104.77 KB, 646x508, mearappartment.png)

File: 1566853407568-1.png (Spoiler Image, 358.53 KB, 754x600, Leousesintimidate.png)

File: 1566853407568-2.png (Spoiler Image, 109.73 KB, 521x600, elinude.png)

finally a big monstro update on secret, so some colours

Honestly, I wasn't a fan of the new gritty Leo reboot - mostly because I'm a stickler for the more normal older design - untill I thought about it since the guy can, you know, subconciously plant things into your head, so why couldn't he just make himself LOOK more intimidating than he actually is? Or more handsome, or etc you get the idea it's literal mind games


Don't know anything about Leo, but I will say that I'm sorry if it's getting the gritty reboot treatment. Ug, it just seems that everything rebooted is either grity or 100% lol random fun happy. Just wish for some subtly.

Oh and nice art!


File: 1579996281895-0.png (236.34 KB, 1120x805, veronidraonrepainted.png)

File: 1579996281895-1.png (92.94 KB, 591x600, iniminishorts.png)

boop, more colours. fun facts: I'm just waiting for secret to update so I can colour stuff that catches my fancy, so don't worry if there's large spans of innactivity colouring-wise.

First picture opinion: I don't exactly like the draconic look for Veronica. I'd accept it if it turns out the magic system in Monstro allows a certain ammount of body enhancment magic (i.e: Veronica can be more draconic thanks to enchancing her lizardness), but otherwise I just coloured this for the lewds and the play-on-words to describe this state: Vorenica. (it's just switching two words in her actual name around, it's great)

Second picture is off the mouse that actually sorta took off because of randomly having her as friends with the nerdy snake, so I wanted to give her the same coloured eyes so they have something in common visually. Otherwise: booty.


File: 1581208364907.png (Spoiler Image, 249.96 KB, 790x800, adewlut.png)

Lo and behold, Weaver dumped a lot of monster stuff on secret. Most of which I've already coloured, lol. Still, there IS some silver lining: He's finally produced a picture of Leo's new look as a full body, so I can edit that picture into something I can talk about later.

For now, have the adult Dewbon picture, done while experimenting with a brush.


File: 1581291455359-0.png (214.14 KB, 565x748, leonewdesign.png)

File: 1581291455359-1.png (66.89 KB, 293x303, dewbonkidhidef.PNG)

Alright, Got around to doing the edit of Leo. Yes I put a loincloth on him, I don't really feel like colouring dick because, as I've constantly mentioned before, the "this guy is fucking your monster waifu and basically, your stupid" routine isn't something I want and I have absolutly no reason to encourage it.

Also the Dewbon as a kid pictures I noseyed at on secret really bothered me, mostly because I picture her as being a little above anon's height at that age, so she REALLY shouldn't be that naked untill she gets older for a variety of reasons. Fortuanetly, Weaver has a info thingy for Dewbon so I made her an outfit that would, you know, get ACTUALLY USED in a wastland/plain - i.e a little shawl to cover her shoulders and upper body, those baggypants that everyone in Aladin seems to wear, just little bits that give her an aesthetic that have been referenced in other works.


File: 1584314620537-0.gif (41.97 KB, 254x245, Flipout.gif)

File: 1584314620537-1.gif (74.73 KB, 233x341, PBonherwaytopage10.gif)

File: 1584314620537-2.gif (303.87 KB, 304x295, Pbstretchesfinito.gif)

File: 1584314620537-3.gif (1.43 MB, 466x371, PBlipflapfinito.gif)

Posting more animations I made in SAI and posted on twitter, now that I've actually accumilated a bunch of them, previous bunch >>17160

Also, I had a small realisation that applying some scotland meme shitposting to PB actually sorta works for her, as it migates some of the need to explain WHY she's rude, crude and has an attitude in one easy to understand sentance:
She's scottish. This IS her being polite - what did you expect, a written invitation?

Also it makes Anon's two roommates both have equally ridiculous accents, with Caimon being french-american. That's somehting I can get behind.



this thread is so ded


well, people do rarely come to the site unless 4chan is down or they're questing.



I know. If I wasn't banned for posting the MLP logo on /co/ I wouldn't even be here again lol

ded show


File: 1585862245341.png (774.44 KB, 1697x1579, PBfullbio.png)

Most of the thread regulars are on Weaver's Discord nowadays.

Here's something I cooked up for April Fools that I'll post on here, while I'm here - Thing's I'll take away from it are:
1. I really like the idea of PB's birthday being on April Fools.
2. I really want PB's issues to be more than "she's just a bitch", "she's just a goblin" and "she's just scottish" meme responces
3. I really like the ability I gave her, honestly have outdone myself there and I'll definetly work more on it later



Weaver has a Discord? that's news to me.

I love goblins. Also, I got timed out with a couple day ban so shitpost away on MLPG - I can't reply xD


File: 1586295891233.png (2.63 MB, 2280x2137, discorddumppb2.png)

Yeah, I can't link you to it though since I'm not exactly very discord savy, and I'm also banned from it for pretty much telling Weaver what to do. Honestly, if it wasn't for SciFi Rice, this would be much worse than it actually is.
>shitpost away on MLPG
Roger that, I havn't posted my discord doodles for ages - so I guess i'll just throw a bunch of them together onto one thing.


File: 1589065873855.png (Spoiler Image, 128.72 KB, 357x533, curtainsforpb.png)

There was a cute pb in one of the pictures that I had to colour in during the current update.

Look at her, finally begining to metamorphasis into the waifu I always knew she could be. Make sure to thank local Anonymous madman for being her roommate and rubbing off on her.


File: 1589668415788.png (89.35 KB, 393x509, pbcape.png)

And, almost on cue, Weaver posts a PB-centric update to secret. Granted, I've ALREADY coloured 90% of it over the cource of the years, but I'm not complaining



This is quite cute, thank you for putting it together. I know it's not just for me, but I appreciate it as if you did it just for me.


File: 1590289247672.png (143.32 KB, 573x600, weddinggob.png)

Again, Weaver's secret update contains a picture that is pratically tailored just for me, I love it.

Hey, it's no problem. It's nice to know at least one person is seeing my stuff. I've been told I'm quite the taboo subject in the weaver discord, so all I know is my drawings probably arn't reposted there, ironically enough.



I'm sorry, I know what it's like to get kicked out of "secret clubs" for things you can't fully control. In my case, it's imsomnia -> unchecked mania

Your weddig picture is very cute! Where does Weaver post his art now?

I always loved RubyQuest


Not him, but between twitter, his archival site (linked on his twitter), and whatever fandom thread he might be in at that moment, you'll probably be able to hunt him down somewhere.


File: 1590960180543.png (1.57 MB, 2280x1103, discorddumppb3.png)


You might sometimes get a false 404 for the site - since I sometimes do - but that ONLY applies to the front page, everything else still works so just click the gallery button to load images. Not everything is on there yet of cource, but it's the best we got.

Menawhile here's some more PB doodle pictures, included puck's ability to swap species and actually got around to doodling more of what PB's ability would be like at it's highest levels - in that she could literally one-shot everything just by touching (with wraps of cource), and solve and/or cause problems in seconds. Yes, I've considered lewder aplications of this ability, havn't go around to drawign any of it though


File: 1591175793507.jpg (135.37 KB, 1123x961, OoOooOoO.jpg)

What's his Twitter? I sincerely do not know.


It turns up on google, but to avoid redundancy it's here:



File: 1594067098635.png (420.95 KB, 1600x800, surrogates_named.png)

Weaver posted this on discord, with a further explaination on who each of them are. I'll paste it all here, but disclaimer warning - I'm thouroughly against replacing Anon, so this is PURELY WEAVER'S DESCRIPTIONS FROM HERE ON OUT:

so this crew is an interesting one because they're all in some way related to me phasing out "Anon" as a character a few years back not because of any reason of principle, just because (metaphorically, not literally) faceless characters got really boring for me and were unenjoyable to write any further, so this is a cast that sort of represents various uses/roles/interpretations of an "Anon" character one might have or has had historically
as such these are, more or less, all characters who are filling the gap for "Anon", in Monstro Village (and perhaps beyond) they all represent various roles of "Anon" when making a narrative structure.

The Helper is optimistic, outgoing, desires to 'fix' everything, is very much a proto-Mike-Schmidt from Roommates type. The sort of person who dreams of going to x canon universe and bringing all his meta/genre knowledge to resolve everything perfectly. The guy who writes countless posts about all the considerate things he'd do for Agua to help her move around more freely, or how much he'd pamper Gillou with all the love she so clearly deserves.

The Villain is the sinister, scheming, overt pervert. He's the guy who follows for the porn, who posts lascivious "here's what I'd do to her" comments, and might occasionally post 'god i wish that were me'. He'd be the one scheming up how Agua's immobility makes her an easy target and Gillou's physical desperation would let you run wild on her. He's also the one who'll get his head kicked in occasionally and you won't feel so bad because schemers are so often cowards.

The Apprentice is the thirsty but also sadsack nerd. He's not self-hating and he may get bursts of defiant self confidence but he's probably easy to shake down and is the kind of poster you'd see longing for comfiness, acceptance – possibly revenge. He's the one who'd definitely post 'god I wish that were me'. Kinda pathetic but flawed as we all are. Desperately wants to fall asleep between Dewbon's waterbed sized tits.

Grift represents Anon's role more than his personality. In my mind if anyone is the "protagonist" of Monstro Village, it's probably Grift. He's well-meaning, well-connected, extroverted (partially to avoid dwelling on himself/his own issues), and knows/likes everyone in town. There's definitely anons that'd apply to, too, but he's also there to give us a lens into the place. Not the brightest bulb but a real kind heart for all his flaws.



The Caps are flat, sarcastic, dead-faced, and self-made critics. They work heavy meta-maintenance in the setting, fixing plotholes and potholes alike. They're sarcastic to the point of irritation, and represent the aspect that Anon best navigated as a character with an inscrutable question mark face. They sow mischief, but instead of the Villain's gleeful wickedness they're more just jerks by exercise. The kind of posters who'd insult a children's show character for being naive.

The Fawn is a split aspect of specifically Femanon, who traditionally played a smaller (or at least more specific) role. She represents the nerdy inexperienced shut-in type (who might also post "god I wish that were me") and would get along well with both Paula for her nervous naivetey and Elinda for her giddy online quirks. Emphasizes inexperience, relatability, girl-next-door stylings. Also might discover bi/pansexuality by day two. >TFW no big hunky Oni to sweep you off your feet and let you suck his dick

lastly, The Flamingo is basically the opposite extreme of the 'Femanon' archetype: confident, driven, and lecherous enough to match any guy in the lineup. The wanton sex maniac of the set, whose posts are more just a laundry list of all the monsterguys she'd bang and the tier list of what their dicks are probably like. Shameless enough to survive and thrive in a perverted setting, and more the type to make other girls discover their bi/pansexuality. Easy porn ally.


File: 1594417628130.png (560.44 KB, 1600x800, newguysintown.png)

coloured all the guys in, will give a breif sumary even though I know nobody cares:

Fine with The Helper and what he does.
Villain won't work out very well if he's an actual villain for the same reason having PB be an actually good criminal won't work - i.e they'd be in jail because of the NIGH INVINICBLE ROBOT COP and not to mention all the other stronger contenders who are out of their league - Which is why I referer to him as the Hinderance instead (because htat's pretty much all he'd actually Be, anyway)
Apprentice is okay, but only if the magic system is actually explored with him since I'm pretty much currently on HunterXhunter rules for Monstro now.
Grift really, really can't take Anon's place at Monsto towers, but I'm happy I thought of the idea of Grift having a pawnshop because Weaver's description helps with that.
The Caps are background characters at best.
Don't know what to make of The Fawn, honestly.
The Flamingo makes me really glad to support PB simply because Panone was supposed to be Anon's rival, so anybody giving me shit about Anon x PB can take a long hard look at the inevitable Panone x Flamingo pairing and tell me if you can spot the difference.


File: 1595539223498.png (889.71 KB, 1827x1607, anontoysofpower.PNG)

Alright, I know you guys don't care about my autism projects, but I finally finished this and am going to get the most controversial statment out of the way:

Anon from Monstro is the same Anon from Toybox Pals. The reasons why is because it gives Anon a good 30 YEARS of development and mentality to write around for Monstro, and it also explains why he's suspiciously abscent from Anne's life and Toybx Pals in general. It also gives him 30 years of living with and understanding how to make and maintain magical toys, which is what my drawing autism prompt was about.

Honestly, Anon personally being a magical toy maker allows for more than just these tweleve toys examples to exsist, but outside of gimmicks or toys for other people these are things I see Anon CONSTANTLY using for personal reasons over than just producing them for money or for other people.

I also threw pretty much everything I could think of, like toys that'd help move the plot of Monstro along (future vision), toys that'd actually be incredily usefull to have in the house (being able to conjure x ammount food or water under certain specific conditions is no joke for a magic ability, even if there is a daily limit), and even considered how Anon was meant to be projected on and threw in a toy for that (which also showcases how dangerous magic toys actually ARE, since he's essentially being haunted by a strange old man he doesn't know via Astral Projection and bad things always, always happen to him under certain conditions - like being too human - and Anon can't REALLY explain why, just the effects and what to avoid.)


File: 1595884121452-0.png (Spoiler Image, 347.56 KB, 789x731, Edn_0szVAAAOPDN.png)

File: 1595884121452-1.png (Spoiler Image, 174.13 KB, 969x800, gillou_toweled.png)

File: 1595884121452-2.png (Spoiler Image, 206.19 KB, 800x983, meara_fingered.png)

Also, Weaver has been doing Monster Girl lewds recently, so here they are. Gotta say, the best option here is definetly Gillou - not only would she be soft and huggable, but being out in the rain she will slowly increase in size due to her natural water-absorbing body, so it'll eventually become pretty plush under that towel, even if you might not complete fit under there over time due to certain… "natural features" of Gillou taking up slightly too much towel than they did earlier.


File: 1605141002184-0.png (270.04 KB, 1200x800, alttober1.png)

File: 1605141002184-1.png (218.6 KB, 1200x800, alttober2.png)

File: 1605141002184-2.png (352.63 KB, 1200x800, alttober3.png)

File: 1605141002184-3.png (368.44 KB, 1200x800, alttober4.png)

File: 1605141002184-4.png (335.76 KB, 1200x800, alttober5.png)

Weaver doodled alternate form for the monstergirls. I WAS going to wait untill he doodled them all, but I guess he's not oging to do that. Still, I'll try and incorporate as many as these into my ideas as I can since they are all nice designs and it'd be a shame if I couldn't come up with a workable gimick/explanation for at least a few of these


File: 1608593199984-0.png (Spoiler Image, 199.74 KB, 552x695, caiflash.png)

File: 1608593199984-1.png (Spoiler Image, 207.36 KB, 641x699, caispredd.png)

File: 1608593199984-2.png (120.81 KB, 555x365, weddinggator.png)

Weaver's been on a Caimon spree over on Secret so boop, colours


File: 1615825130486.png (183.14 KB, 383x627, EeC8PMNXgAUfQM8.png)

I just wanted to say I think Gillou is very cute and I wish I could hug her without it being too awkward.


File: 1618359463534-0.png (Spoiler Image, 209.05 KB, 766x773, gilloupranked.png)

File: 1618359463534-1.png (186.14 KB, 800x533, gilloudatan.png)

File: 1618359463534-2.png (265.5 KB, 752x702, pbvariousfaces.png)

File: 1618359463534-3.png (154.79 KB, 584x425, caisiblings.png)

acumilated enough colours to make another update here - honestly, I've been pretty good at posting these elsewhere when I colour em, but I like to at least have a good handfull of colours to post on here nowadays - just shows I've been busy despite my defacto exile.


File: 1618363583156-0.png (769.69 KB, 1191x822, pbvalentines.png)

Also I'm still doodling away, although doodles don't really make it to MLPG so I mgith as well give the link out - this doodle was done for April fools: https://twitter.com/UCNSFW/status/1377745227604185096

I just want to go into a bit of detail here and say that, despite how ridculously off-tone this comic doodle is, it's basically certain the Anon-PB relationship would play off eachother like this.

Yes, I envision Anon AND PB have a very solid Anonymous relationship, simply because PB is the closest thing Monstro has to an actual 4chan user, which is Anonymous's entire society and the culture he was born into.
It's not NICE, but it IS something that gives them a nice relationship arc, even if in my head I know Anon's personal issues would clash with PB's personal values - but, well, that's just sort of what a relationship IS, really. They basically work to bring eachother's best out, and it's hard bloody work sometimes, but by god is the result worth it: people probably wouldn't even recognise PB if she didn't have the uncurable habit of being a cheeky little shit, And Anon might actually not feel like he doesn't belong in any sort of reality, with a strong incling of staying in this reality that involves him and PB having an Understanding.


Random lurker. This is actually interesting to me as you are using green anon, something that is kind of rare now. There was some newfags recently on /qa/ who thought green anon was just a /mlp/ thing and I wonder what it is like for your use of green anon out in the wilderness like that.


File: 1621806193069.gif (903.31 KB, 640x360, pbmiddlefinger(360).gif)

Well, mostly I stick with green Anon becaue that's who Weaver started with - Continuity is important to me, and considering the number of argument's I've invertently started it sometimes feels like I am alone in that regard.

To be honest, I never agreed with his idea of trying to remove Anon from Monstro in favour of some other rando monster because, well, I know Weaver will never draw those "replacements" and there's only going to be so much of "look this monsterguy is fucking your waifu and basically your stupid" most people will be willing to sit through, and I start at 0 tolerance for cuck shit like that - Anon is one of us through and through, He might have a lot of problems such as "how am I supposed to write for someone who has his own subtle personality, but is also an audience insert?" but those problems ARE solvable, it's just a matter of figuring out who is best for exposing Anon's problems for them to either be sorta-fixed or to get worse (some of Anon's problems are REALLY deep and I doubt monsters have the right ANYTHING to deal with anonymous terminology), And Anon should only be gotten rid of if it's GOOD FOR THE STORY that he dies (which is likly, 30 years of living in IRL 4chan before moving away would give anybody enough mental issues to last a lifetime) and not because IT'S GOOD FOR THE AUTHOR that he dies (being really hard to write for just means he's going to spend a lot of time being seen through OTHER PEOPLE'S perspectives, but possibly only going to Anon's for punchlines or reveals)


File: 1624499826141-0.png (235.88 KB, 1425x849, Anonsbios.png)

File: 1624499826141-1.png (192.65 KB, 677x654, anonandpbfancyparty.PNG)

I wanna continue this little post, but here's my perspective:

To put it simply, Anon of Monstro Village is almost certainly the same one as Toybox Pals (pic related). You might say it's unlikly, but consider Anon's complete non-reaction to being around actual monsters - that sort of thinking would take, say, growing up around sentient toy animals for 20-30 years to achieve.
Also, Toybox Pals are not the sort of toys you can just sell to people you don't know: they'd just move back to be with him - ergo, Anne MUST be a family relative that Toybox Pals would accept to be with when they split up.
It then paints a rather sad picture because that means Femanon is Anne, and basically the big secret Anon is hiding is that he probably gave up his chance to actually BE a human being offically, so his little sister could be one instead, and Anne might never see her big brother ever again in her life because to be Anonymous, you can't leave any evidence behind.

Also, one reason I have him paired with PB ISN'T just for the hilarious mental image of Paonne - who's supposed to be Anon's mirrored rival in a way - gaining a relationship with somone like the Flamingo at the same time.
It ISN'T just because it's the relationship option that would cause the most trouble and therfore has the most potential to build a story on because PB herself is also an odd character out in Monstro's setting who needs addressing in her own way.
It's because that ultimately, while Anon only opens up about certain things to certain people, SHE'S the one that would fight tooth and nail to actually piece it all together to find out his real name for one reason or another. And of cource, Weaver could be fucking sadistic about it since he's already said his name is Anton on discord, so it's basically both a death flag AND a relationship goal for the both of them to be on a first name basis with eachother - after all, PB would then spend her time fighting tooth and nail to make sure he wouldn't die or disappear, because part of being Anonymous means not leaving any evidence behind. Honestly, Anon's survival really could go either way after a certain point in the story, I can't really predict how PB's actions would effect it from this point forwards.


File: 1637020637931-0.png (Spoiler Image, 232.14 KB, 645x615, anonpbsleepytimes.png)

File: 1637020637931-1.png (Spoiler Image, 201.21 KB, 645x615, anonpbsleepytimesdark.png)

File: 1637020637931-2.png (Spoiler Image, 160.4 KB, 527x448, goblinlineups.png)

boop, colours

I am here to say that I am deeply saddened that the PB and Anon sleeping picture doesn't have a cuminflation edit, since it'd be great if there was a secondary reason for PB to take up so much of that damn bed

That is all for now and is also a glimpse into why I never subscribed into Weaver wanting the setting to be porn-only since it would turn into /d/ lite almost imeadeatly on the exact second I grasped the concept


File: 1640375632437.png (Spoiler Image, 607.59 KB, 1000x800, goblinporno.png)

Boop, colours

Honestly I don't really like colouring dick, it's sorta gay and I'm dead against colouring NTR shit because "hey, see all these monstergirl waifus? I'm goign to make sure everybody ELSE is goign to fuck them" isn't really a winning formula

Mostly coloured so I can pinch the colours for later, also I'm absolutle 100% certain Leo's dick isn't that big on the groudns that I KNOW Puck can make titties bigger, and while it's pretty gay to make another man's dick 4 inches thicker I can't really say Puck would NEVER do soemthing like that


File: 1646682441790-0.png (Spoiler Image, 914.37 KB, 1763x2019, dewbonbeachbody.png)

File: 1646682441790-1.png (Spoiler Image, 230.66 KB, 600x693, caishower.png)

File: 1646682441790-2.png (155.86 KB, 572x562, stealthmissionfailed.png)

File: 1646682441790-3.png (141.34 KB, 476x553, smokingob.png)

Boop, more colours, which I forgot to post here mostly because I think Inkbunny, tumblr or Furaffinity gets more traffic for these - Might as well spread the colours out into the rest of the internet so people see them, I'm sure SOMEONE out there will enjoy them

Also, I'm pretty sure I'll eventually take over and dominate the google search for TGweaver sooner or later by doing this, since it'll be easier to find my colours than the acutal original sources considering how everyone else thought it'd be a fun idea to dissapear into discord - where nobody can find their shit - leaving me with THE REST OF THE INTERNET and WITHOUT ANYONE TO OVERSEE MY ACTIVITIES - But oh well, I'll try and make the best with what I have.


File: 1647494082269-0.png (34.14 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1660853802780-0.png (Spoiler Image, 171.3 KB, 545x735, dotkwacaimon.png)

File: 1660853802780-1.png (Spoiler Image, 232.2 KB, 607x562, caianontime.png)

File: 1660853802780-2.png (124.46 KB, 498x609, elindadotkwa.png)

File: 1660853802780-3.png (122.72 KB, 442x551, paulaperch.png)

File: 1660853802780-4.png (119.17 KB, 435x572, wosyetwoysit.png)

Been a while since I was here, I went on a dotkwa colouring spree a few months ago, since I found out his tumblr was saved on wayback


File: 1667443297261-0.png (Spoiler Image, 183.38 KB, 639x627, cainude.png)

File: 1667443297261-1.png (Spoiler Image, 159.12 KB, 847x524, dewlay.png)

File: 1667443297261-2.png (Spoiler Image, 356.83 KB, 1011x577, pbkinktober.png)

File: 1667443297261-3.png (Spoiler Image, 689.84 KB, 2035x596, veronicakinktober.png)

Boop, colours - most of it is lewd stuff from the kinktober spree Weaver did on twitter, a little birdy tells me he's still uninspired to doodle stuff, so I'll shoot out a free idea for him to play with:

Meara being one of the Witches of the town. Think about it: her dresses are always extravigant and have to have been custom made for her size by someone, and her more subded clothes are, upon inspection, actually pretty close in design to the goat witch we know about. Weaver gives her a web theme but also tells us she doesn't have web making organs, so maybe they are conjured? Weaver could pull a lot of nsfw tricks with conjuring webs on demand, I'm sure.
And then of cource it creates a logical reason for her to hide her age outside of being a lady (how long do witches live?), and gives her a solid reason to be in the appartment - it's an all girls appartment and a witch coven is always 3 Witches: The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, and Meara and the Goat Witch probably do their best to dodge being the Crone, while looking for a Maiden candidate in a porn setting (a difficult task) becuase lets be honest neither of them fall into "The Maiden" catigory at their time of life, especially with what Weaver is going for



For what it's worth, Weaver has a gallery site now



File: 1681156240852-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 1591x1749, twitterpb1.PNG)

File: 1681156240852-1.png (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 1528x1588, twitterpb2.PNG)

File: 1681156240852-2.png (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 1587x1616, twitterpb3.PNG)

File: 1681156240852-3.png (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 1596x1600, twitterpb4.PNG)

Here's a very special update from me - I was told Weaver had lost someone IRL, so I decided to relent a little on my issues with drawing lewd stuff - Yes, it's finally time, the moment where after years of telling me to draw porn, people are finally going to get exactly what the asked for, which is me drawing porn, and probably realise why I spent years telling them this was going to end in tears

I decided to focus on the idea Weaver came up with about PB's vagina being cursed - which while I can't find it on twitter/tumblr I have been assured actually exsists - and the idea is she can fit - ANY OBJECT - into it, although the focus was on dicks at the time

However, a curse that focuses JUST on fitting dick into you is weird to place on an adventurer, since it's VERY specific - I just can't really imagine someone catching PB stealing something from them and going "Hey, I'm going to put this curse on you that allows you to take as much dick as you like without having kids", and besides there is such a fetish as "object insertion" and, if Weaver is going to put their foot down on it being a fetish setting, then he might as well include as any fetishes as possible

This leaves a sort of logical hole though, in that PB has a truely distressing tendency to see people as objects, so that means sooner or later she'll try to fit someone in there, if not on purpose than by accident - you CAN insert someone's fist after all, so all it would take is PB deciding to see how far in you can actually go.

And then of cource there's the fact that Puck can shrink people, so it'd be VERY easy to go that route since you'd be small enough to NOT be noticed if she, say, inserted you entirely into herself for a few hours, and I seriously doubt whoever placed the curse on PB had the forsight to say "oh and by the way this curse allows anyone inserted into your insides to breathe and not starve to death or die of thirst", it sort of stops being a curse if there arn't any downsides

This is why I used my previous idea of Meara being a witch - there's nothing REALLY stopping anyone magical from adding their own subclauses to the curse AFTERWARDS, so it's okay for her to do so in order to survive after, say, PB realises she's small enough to shove into herself since Meara is about 12 inches tall, which is probably the same size and shape as some monster's dicks or, more likly, smaller than the dicks of literally everyone when PB herself has been shrunken down, because YES it is possible with the curse to fuck her when she's as shrunken, she WILL still fit, it's part of the parcel of being A CURSE

But I decided to doodle something far lewder than that on the grounds Weaver is never going to do it himself, and if I'm going to draw something lewd AND apply actual logical conclusions to ideas that have been left hanging for years, I might as well go all the way


File: 1681172511092.jpg (98.1 KB, 545x476, Shit dude 1 INT.jpg)

what kind of autist decides to draw porn of someone else's stuff in response to hearing that someone died

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