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File: 1352043086991.gif (249.42 KB, 500x364, tom smash.gif)

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The old one keeps saying "Your Post Looks Automated", and I guess I'm not the only one seeing it. So until then, this is the new thread.

Old thread: >>4


File: 1352043826181.gif (96.29 KB, 550x400, rubysuckspopsicle.gif)

Might as well kick off by posting this

it's animated


Someone said secret porn?


File: 1352044140130.png (16.4 KB, 392x341, onanude.png)

so much you wouldn't believe
but even in a place where it's more on topic, like here, I don't really plan on making most of it public

it's kind of extreme or weird or ugly and my style's not that suited for sexy in the first place
It's just
it's sort of weird


File: 1352044296627.gif (119.92 KB, 450x450, look.gif)

you will now post the porn


File: 1352044849163.png (20.71 KB, 555x197, 1337680540998.png)

I like PB's cyclops companion.


File: 1352045139778.png (12.88 KB, 439x184, cute.png)

It's okay I'm sure Leo is open-minded



I saw that gif set earlier as well, when I saw this one I decided to put "don't stop me now" on, that was pretty entertaining. Also the third one in that set, all I could think of was Tom doing an Aku impression.


Fine! I'll just make my own porn and not share it with you!


So, GG, out of all the drawhores and quests and drawfaggotry you've done, what character/quest/subject/whatever has been the most fun for you?


File: 1352093028319.png (10.23 KB, 800x600, dive4.png)

DiveQuest is easily the quest I enjoy most, it's lighthearted enough and sometimes farcical and I can have a lot of fun with it. Muschio is possibly the most fun character in it too so I lucked out, if it's anyone it should be the protagonist.
I had fun drawhoring back in the day, but it's sort of a dead medium now simply due to environment, which is a shame, but there's no love lost to most of my old drawhore characters who were mostly throwaway/experimental to begin with.


What's the worst/weirdest/stupidest reaction you've ever gotten to one of your quests? I mean most reactions I see people seem to really enjoy them but knowing how people work I'm sure you must have gotten some pretty mental reactions too.


the worst reaction was when I was running rubyquest and the last several threads of it were absolutely flooded out by people spamming porn, unrelated pictures, and some picture that was just text telling me to leave and stop posting


Yeah, it's Rubyquest's fault that /tg/ got flooded with furries. Never mind the daily Sergal and monstergirl threads that had been going on for months beforehand, it's all Weaver's fault.


Any progress on the website yet?


Is Muschio left handed?


>came for porn
>there is none

wtf GG




sure there's porn


uncensored ice pack genderswap
seriously cmon


GG, you're adorable when you're so obvious about wanting some attention


You know this is like
a GG thread right
I mean I don't know what you expected


oh my


you all this.. porn?




What were you expecting, penetration?



Now this, I like this.




Is Pablo just gonna sit there and watch or what



Aw yea gurl.


Chocklit forest girl


Hey, just wanted to say because to your streams I've now gotten into Magnetic Fields, Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly so thank's for that. I was just wondering if you had any other music recommendations.

(sorry if this falls out of the scope of the thread)


I mean judging from my playlist alone, I'd also add
Johnny Cash
Dinosaur Jr

and maybe Aphex Twin and Butthole Surfers if you're open to it


File: 1353269694480.jpg (112.99 KB, 701x800, Charming.jpg)

Are we still allowed to request art here? if so I want more of this Sprite!


how much more were you hoping for



Well then.



Awesome, thanks Weaver


File: 1353355462412.gif (9.61 KB, 800x600, sometimes-when-im-bored-i-….gif)

So I was going through your tumblr when I found this drawing from 10 months ago.

When you have a new character to make do you often go back through your old works to select a design, or did you just have this planned for that long?


I liked the character design so I'd planned on using it at some point, but as you can see I made a few minor changes to make the design fit the story.
I didn't have this story part planned out this far ahead. At least not all of it.


from the secret stash


Izzat some /ss/


actually no that's her college professor, she's just a very large lady

this is /ss/



Ah, I didn't realize that was Kim. Carry on then.


What? That's not Kim.
That's a lizard girl and her college professor who is a male goat


I don't even know who Kim is
But you should draw more very large ladies


do you mean like hefty or curvy
or just large all over


I absolutely love the deep colors on that.
Thanks for being cool about it, Dub.



Although I was talking about all over there


Gillou is best pony


Gillou isn't a pony.

her OC is p cute though I guess.


GG will you do more porn some day?
Cause man you draw amazing monster girls.



So did the person who commissioned this series from you forbid you from posting it in its entirety or do you just not want to?


>So did the person who commissioned this series from you forbid you from posting it in its entirety or do you just not want to?
a little of both
it's got some tf/rapey content in there and it would feel kinda weird making it public, even if I asked them if it was okay to post

>GG will you do more porn some day?
i draw a lot of porn


Yeah I noticed after I posted that. I'm pretty stupid.


Why don't you have a tablet?


GG, I know you said Gillou gets thinner in the Summer, but what about the Winter? Does she turn into like…an Ice Bog Elemental?


File: 1353377035707.png (58.43 KB, 646x555, fluctuate.png)

it always seemed like a luxury item and I'm more used to mouse drawing anyway

>GG, I know you said Gillou gets thinner in the Summer, but what about the Winter? Does she turn into like…an Ice Bog Elemental?
no she just bulks up a little


Well, they're kinda cheap, maybe you could do another kickstarter thing to get one?
it might just make things easier for you.


Are you at all familiar with Corruption of Champions? Because PB and her associated fluff sounds straight out of that.


Glitter Glue are you burned out on ponos

Because you haven't updated Ice Pack in a good long while.


Gillou is a big, curvy girl with sharp teeth, an affinity for water, and mild environmental influences on her physiology.
As I understand it, Corruption of Champions is about genderbending monster rape, hermaphrodites, twelve foot dicks, gaping orifices, and piercings.


PB, not Gillou.

Unless that's all Gillou is. 'Associated fluff'.


Yeah I was about to say, what little "transformation" goes on in the PB mythos is minor compared to what happens in CoC

Unless there's PB stuff we haven't seen.


Oh, I misread
Still, CoC seems heavy on TF and body modification and PB's got even less of that than Gillou


>Unless there's PB stuff we haven't seen.
well definitely there is but
like that picture, most of it is Puck fucking around


Ever do any inflation?


Diggable. Plenty of rape though, from what I can tell.


I require more 63 ice pack servicing her customers.


If you focus on solely the fetishes, then yeah.

As for the world itself, it's basically a demonic-tainted land where all sorts of crazy corruption shit goes down that alters humans and fantasy monsters into different things depending on what they eat or what potions they imbibe. It's a very sexual world, and Goblins are pretty damn prevalent.

It just seems like PB would fit right in. There's demonic strongholds and such to raid for wealth and other things, and just about all the enemy mobs in the text game want to rape you. Just kinda fits.


I don't think I have any Ice Pack porn at all, genderswapped or not
>Ever do any inflation?
I've done girls getting fatter or bigger, but never like "inflation" inflation

Fair enough, I guess that is kind of the embodiment of "medieval fantasy but the monsters are all horny"


Y-you should try it… the inflation I mean.


Did you ever consider continuing on the story of RubyQuest through Daisy, or was that scene always going to be the ending for it, to explain that "it never ends and will never end?"


Hm. Not my cup of tea, but it might be interesting to see how he handles it.




The only true sequel to Ruby Quest is Surprise Sex Quest.



You should run a quest like that, I'm sure there'd be some funny shit [s] as well as monster porn.


What kind of quest
a raped by monsters quest?



Didn't you do that once but then everybody walked on eggshells to prevent the protagonist from getting raped



Well, not purely that. Just an adventure style quest when possible erotic solutions to puzzles/dialogue.


Man, he's already got two quests he barely updates, don't crush my dreams of either getting finished…



*with erotic solutions, rather.


"Princess Bitch and the Pratfalls of Dungeoneering"




Well I mean
DiveQuest has sex


People never want to actually sex in sex quests
I still miss Jalm's succubus quest



It's just a suggestion, doesn't hurt to toss out some ideas.


>Man, he's already got two quests he barely updates
DiveQuest and NanQuest get at least one update for every weekday
And though there have been a few exceptions I've been pretty damn consistent on that

>People never want to actually sex in sex quests
100% true


What's your thoughts on people doing spinoffs from your stuff? Like that dude on tgchan who had that RubyQuest spin-off with the clone.


Do you like fanart of your characters? What if it's porn?


>tfw I spent most of Cell Biology scribbing Rubyquest characters in the margins of my notes


File: 1353379014106.jpg (571.44 KB, 720x960, tumblr_mcdl8jmzpm1r8yslmo1….jpg)

fan stuff is always flattering
porn included


That's adorable
And quite sexy


Why is Finesse a flop-eared rabbit.



Weavergoblins tend to have long ears.


Did Tom and Ruby ever have any adorably rabbit-cat babies or was Ruby sterile or some shit


Long eared goblins and fat-snouted kobolds

use your imagination


Twigobbo is best gobbo


Cutebolds are still my favorite thing you've ever done
Probably always will be

I'm just a huge sucker for simple adorableness


Needs more Kobolds.


how's this


Hey Weaver I just wanted to say that if you still have a good deal of money on your paypal account, you should probably withdraw it, because it's become A Thing for trolls to report porn artists who solicit paypal donations and getting their accounts closed, losing any money still in the account.


He used ChipIn, not Paypal, I believe.


chipin just monitors paypal donation amounts, it's a counter and nothing more
but don't worry, I haven't gotten any donations in a good while and when I did I never left it for long



Anon is right, put that shit in the bank or it will be all for naught.


Hey since this thread's going so fast now why don't you just make a chat or something?


>Talking to Weaver directly
No thanks, anon. I'd like to keep my spaghetti right where it is.



This thread updates automatically anyway, no need to make a chat.

I guess if you wanted to get in touch with Weaver over a time-sensitive matter you could send him a message on IRC.


if you guys want, I'm always on irc.rizon.net due to quest-related stuff
you guys can hit me up on #tgweaver if you want
starting now I'll leave that open at all times

have some naked Ashedel


Oh man I wish I knew how to work an irc
why not just use skype or something


You have my respect and applause, sir.


It's easy. Just grab a free irc client like mIRC and connect. Not exactly a steep learning curve.


I clicked connect and I got a whole bunch of beeping and i dont know what to do



The most hassle-free way to do connect to Rizon is this


Choose a name, type in the channel #tgweaver (the # is required), don't mess with the other options, and you're set.



(but seriously, stream more please)


So what's the deal with Koboldly, are you ever going to update it?


Testing this to see if its what your post looks automated.


Testing. Does this post look automated, you sub-sub?


also testing


well shoot now it works


Yay, time for smut!

Also GG has anyone had the balls to talk to you yet on #tgweaver?


yes but it doesn't beep
so if you want to get a message to me absolutely, just PM/query/message me directly on IRC, it'll blink no matter what I'm doing
you know
in case it's urgent about breadstick dicks or something
messaging on tumblr is a good bet also



Hmm, I prefer the way the light green skin looks, but the darker skin colour does make the orange pop out more…



Sex in quest form sounds awkward as hell, I mean I guess you could just write out a sex scene, but that kind of defeats the point of the quest format, but getting people to chime in with suggestions sounds terrible

"Jam it in"
"Tickle the balls"
"Use your sword hilt"
"Why don't we sit down and just ask the clitoris what it wants?"


The sex itself would probably be a cutscene. The lead up and the situation is what matters anyway.


PB would be cuter if she was nicer


Hm, honkin' tits help too.



But mang, she is already cute


So if your website turns out to be a success (and I hope it does) would you ever think about attending a con? You could have your own banner and everything.


So hey, GG, this is sorta awkward to ask but yesterday (I think) on MLPG you said you had some DP in your stash

GG, pls
pls indulge my weird fetish as you have with the weird fetishes of others and I will be forever grateful


just a quick doodle for a friend
it's consensual this time


Whoops I posted this in the other GG thread but I guess this is the correct one? Sorry, I'll delete the other one.

Hey, I read NanQuest and DiveQuest the other day after not being caught up on your quests for a long time, and I'm a huge fan of your work. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on other works in the "quest" format. Namely, big ones like Homestuck and Prequel. Have you read any portion of them, and what were your thoughts? HS doesn't really accept reader suggestions anymore, but it did for a good while and the author has done other adventures in the same vein. This isn't really a HAY WEAVER DO U LIKE HOMESTUK question, I'm more interested in what you think about their use of the format, anything they do that you think is different from your own style, what are your own inspirations, etc.

If you want to expound on this or whatever feel free to answer on tumblr, I just felt more comfortable asking you here.



As an addendum to that, if you don't really consider their format similar to your own at all, feel free to answer why or why not. I didn't really mean to railroad you into a specific answer.


Especially in terms of format, MSPaint Adventures (when it was still called that) was a big inspiration for rubyquest, most especially the simple prison break (less so problem sleuth which I thought was way better though) and I even referenced it in RubyQuest about being sleuthy

when homestuck came out I was hopeful but without getting into some big debate or rant I just didn't enjoy it which is a shame

Prequel is fantastically done and its author Kazerad is super neat (and we've both done fanart for each other but never really spoken) but I'm afraid I don't keep up with it actively


Tell us your fetishes glitter glue



Oh cool, that's pretty much about what I was expecting. Neat.

I really loved DiveQuest especially so far, part of the reason I asked that question was because certain aspects of it, namely the "faux-game" elements like the scrapped mana system and the "Boss Battle" panels reminded me of elements of Problem Sleuth and more early Homestuck.

I don't want to gush at you too much so thanks for your answer, and I'll be keeping up on your quests!


File: 1354068545102.png (40.6 KB, 445x541, gator.png)

The only one I'm willing to admit is one that's obvious already:

Weird girls.

Aliens, monsters, anthros
Applies to unusual proportions too
The idea that someone could look at a bleach-blonde supermodel in a bikini and just lose it is such an alien concept to me


Confirmed for furries and shemales



Oh look, you're me. I find the typical model body/facial type so visually boring it doesn't even register on my radar.


>Confirmed for furries
I just said anthro
>Confirmed for shemales
Not quite how that works
I mean there's a limit because it's still within basic human female anatomy, like you can't go throwing on extra parts or oozing proboscises or whatever


So you're not one for dicks?
What about things like ponies though
coke pony?


GG, what do you need of me?


I don't find ponies even remotely for sexually
Quadrupedal just doesn't do it for me, there's no real point of reference and it just seems kinda silly


What about anthro horses?


Sent a friend invite.


File: 1354071976331.png (59.25 KB, 629x772, tumblr_mau39uQxOI1r5h2ogo5….png)


>you can't go throwing on extra parts

But you can go taking away parts, amirite


I like this anon

What about those headless girls like duagahahdans or whatever theyre called.




Yeah what rapey said



Who's the guy


You, anon




Guy's probably Leo




then like

it's probably not 100% consensual then


Maybe it is



What does she see in that cyclops anyway


Aw hell I accidentally deleted the other GG thread… FUCK


Pls. Let me post pls. I'll give you a Gillou.





Pineapple don't feel bad, I deleted it not you
I tried repeatedly to post in it but couldn't even after hard refreshing and cache-clearing, always got that "post looks automated" error
this thread seems to be fine

you capture her perfectly



Oh, I thought I took out that whole thread when I deleted the test post I made in it.

And for the record I have always loved your stuff.

That looks great LK!


I like those goblin tits you posted on MLPG last night.


File: 1354765197846.png (214.87 KB, 615x758, tumblr_m5kzogBHes1r157pqo1….png)

I want to see Gillou fleshed out more. What she does on a daily basis, her job (if any), hobbies, skills, abilities, etc. Considering she is some sort of elemental, is she young and naive? How tall is she? Can she leave her area, or is she bound?



A couple of these have been answered before. Like, this picture can probably give you an idea of her height.

iirc, she's a swamp guardian. She protects the nymphs that live in the swamp.


Carnifex drew PB.


File: 1355720051929.png (390.48 KB, 1698x1118, 1355605574391.png)


File: 1355720610785.png (447.09 KB, 1400x1050, 1355633018500.png)


GG, Applejack Season is pretty, uh, sensual. Have you ever drawn anything else like it?


I'm still taking questions here, I notice activity seems to come in waves in this thread

Regarding Gillou:
I don't have much lore in my head for her, since she's just some monstergirl cutie I doodled up for a friend at some point.
She lives in a swamp, she's big and friendly and energetic, and though she doesn't think much of herself she doesn't usually get too down on it. That's about the whole of what's definitive.
What is she, a monster, an elemental, a local sub-deity? What's her relation to the swamp - inhabitant or guardian? Does she have any friends? Will she ever get laid?
These questions are all still up in the air.

in terms of what exactly? pornographic comics?


Are you going to use Gillou in anything, or just as a sketch thing? No Gillou quest or doing something in Divequest with her?


File: 1356340073819.png (65.28 KB, 479x561, ARE YOU READY FOR THE SUMM….png)

I don't plan on putting her in Dive Quest or any other quest, she's just a doodle character, at least for the time being.


>in terms of what exactly? pornographic comics?

Well, yeah, I guess.


nsfw gilda



GG I think we both know what she needs

About three times as much bush


How about four times as much?


File: 1357357499486.png (60.96 KB, 644x590, kanga.png)

so that pooh bear game is a thing


File: 1357357712039.png (55.11 KB, 553x587, kangatoo.png)


File: 1357357735311.png (55.09 KB, 748x592, kanga3.png)



I like this. Any chance you'd make some even more risqué stuff of her?


Threep drew this!



This seems so wrong.



But it feels so right.


File: 1359087363713.png (34.61 KB, 747x472, mothman.png)




oh it looks like I can finally post
this "your post looks automated" bug is so prevalent it's gotten me to give up on posting a number of times and I'm sure I'm not the only one

I feel like it ought to just be taken out entirely since it's causing so much grief


File: 1359285882579.png (62.49 KB, 1165x890, rabbitpals.png)

original cartoon do not steal



Yeah, I know that system's in place so we don't have to use capchas, but with all the problems it causes I'd prefer capchas.

Also, Threep drew this a while ago but "your post looks automated" made me unable to post it, so.


File: 1359295311753.png (97.02 KB, 668x706, bunnypony.png)

Moving Bunny discussion here

even with ponies in it it's not MLPG enough


File: 1359295631177.gif (12.95 KB, 700x700, likesundaymorning.gif)


You like rabbits, don't you GG.


File: 1359295798799.png (51.83 KB, 1696x782, bunnylineup.png)

Rabbits are expressive and easy to draw
yes I certainly do


Any plans for that "Everything GG" website?


it's just a pb sandwich
you can supply the jelly yourself


New, as-yet-unnamed monstergirl


File: 1359529258075.png (20.82 KB, 376x391, monstergirl sit.png)




File: 1359529896489.png (30.51 KB, 480x383, monstergirl elfguy.png)

she's not an animal, she just speaks a weird language no one understands


She's not a vegan either

she loves meat


She's certainly got the teeth for it


feral girls are best girls


I'm sure she can be careful if she wants to be.


It sounds like sometimes she doesn't want to


No, I doubt she'd want to be gentle very often.




I like her.

Does she exist in the same universe as PB/Gillou/etc?


We'll say yes. That doesn't mean she'll necessarily run into them, though.


Excellent Monster Girl.


Princess Bitch must have lost her clothes somewhere on her adventure




File: 1359828293192.png (110.01 KB, 909x707, gillou pool.png)

inner tubing


gillou's night wear



Gillou doesn't own any pants at all, does she?






File: 1360368246136.png (77.93 KB, 781x546, 1360303231003.png)

Let's see if this works now

So, GG, is there any story behind these guys?


File: 1360368420765.png (45.32 KB, 638x270, gatorgal doodles.png)

There's not much to 'em. It's a Southern Gator Gal and her two horny/mischievous brothers.

I don't have a lot for them.



I like this.



Is she the middle child?


I've considered whether they should be older or younger; both have their advantages if I'm already writing incest
Middle child might be a good middle ground




she's the middle ground

between her two brothers, then?


oh she's between them all right


Well, the gators are a hit on MLPG. People are already engaging in erotic roleplay and they don't even have names yet! They at least waited until Gillou had a name.


yes that's a bit strange


Should I not have done that?

Sorry. ;_;


you can do whatever you like
I just don't know what to make of people picking up the gatorgal so quickly


I'm just glad I didn't make it all weird for you or something.

At least not in the sense that erotic roleplay of your characters creeps you out.

As for impetus, it was likely someone with a scaly/dangersex fetish willing to go along with my responses.


I genuinely don't care at all about people finding inspiration or whatever from these things
Everyone's got their own good thing you know

whatever floats your boat


Aw, I was kinda hoping it would give you a little inkling of a smile knowing that your drawings are enough to inspire people to do stuff like that.

I figure the least I can do is put a smile on your face after all you've done for the Internets.


what I mean is it doesn't offend me or anything like that


Please to let me post boobs.


Simply fantastic
Gnathodelli came out spectacular in particular, but they're all great

I'm very flattered, thank you LK


No problem, and thanks! I've a penchant for weird things made cute.


which one's gnathodelli?


File: 1360642050002.png (46.65 KB, 578x637, dellipose.png)

This one's Gnathodelli


gg can you draw moar of her having her way with people like gillou?
feral girls (esp. feral monster girls) are really the best girls.


But Delli only likes boys
they have the meat


what would happen if she took a real liking to dompag? which one of them would end up broken in exhaustion?


Is Gnathodelli blind?


Yes, she's blind, but she can still 'see' through blahblahblah who cares she just can okay

endless earthquakes



>Yes, she's blind, but she can still 'see' through blahblahblah who cares she just can okay



GG pls stash


I don't even know why you guys want it so badly

is it just because you can't have it
you want what you're not allowed


Secret stash huh?



I actually want it because I've been able to get off to your shit like nothing else

even the censored stuff


Doesn't help his monster girls are the best, and there's only one other artist I know that draws similar ones.


I want it because I think your art is simply adorable. I've tried to amass as much as I can find and the thought of getting a zip of all your works straight from you gets me all a flutter


I still don't get that
I've heard it before but
I mean even the sfw stuff
I just don't understand

what other artist



I don't get it either, GG.

You're a bonermancer, though.


You gotta share something for that information, gg.


Well help me understand the appeal, and maybe I can pursue it and do more in that vein
If I know what I'm doing right I can try to emulate it

Are there any in particular that come to mind

of what vein?


What's the 'worst' ya got?



Your bellies and hips are a lot of it. I know that's cliche as hell, but you do it so nicely. I think because it's so easy to imagine stuff based off of your art.

You also turned me onto monster girls.

oh and bushes are my biggest fetish, so there's that.


Well I'm not sharing that, that's the whole point


It was worth a try


File: 1361189933106.gif (177.46 KB, 640x480, chasex2.gif)

start smaller


Any monstergirl concepts we haven't seen?


File: 1361190180305.png (61.3 KB, 539x539, pigwife2.png)

I doubt it, I think I've shown off most of them.


File: 1361190274599.jpg (36.11 KB, 720x480, lie detector.jpg)



not that anon, but uncensored crackle beach would be real swell


All right, but just one





Whatever you probably already know the artist I was talking about. Yolk
i said similar not carbon copy


all I was really asking about was for an example or two of stuff of mine that particularly hit the mark



How much farther does this tale go?


i give up anyways


you can't "give up" on your half of a deal after the other person's delivered

I guess I've learned my lesson



B-but I said I wasn't that anon!

If you want, we can work out a deal though!


no anon
just let him alone



but I love GG too much to let him alone


All I was asking for was feedback and the guy's like "nope nevermind"


Oh, whoops, my bad. I got a case of stupid.
I like >>900

pretty much the usual stuff you post



What a dork.

You did see my feedback though, right?


File: 1361192056857.gif (6.28 KB, 600x600, frilled freckled lizard gi….gif)

Well I guess I should tell you now if you're hoping for monstergirls you'll be disappointed
They're a relatively new thing and I don't have much of them that I haven't already made public anyway
Gillou in particular I think is completely public if you know what I mean



I'm was hoping for qt3.14 furs, hips, bush, bellies, rape, and other depraved fetishes

the lack of monster girls is only a minor setback


Yeah i can live with this too



oh, and freckletits


oh fair enough then

just sayin'


i like this too



can we get a screencap of the folder

just a peek?


sorry anon, even the names would be a giveaway



One day I'll crack this chestnut, Weaver. One day.

until then, though, these boob gifs are fuckin' wonderful


GG, I like your work because it is expressive. The minimal detail leaves things for the imagination to fill the gaps. Too much detail can ruin what the drawing is. As far as your sexy things, it feels like there is a personality there… that's what does it for me…


Personality is an important thing. It's why I never saw the appeal of just bland pinups. There's got to be something established there - a personality, a scenario, something. I guess that's why rule 34 is as popular as it is, it's better to see something that already has a backstory

I guess that's also why, for better or worse, so much of my secret stash is about quest characters



I wanted to say this but I thought it would sound pretentious and insulting.

But yeah, GG's art is so fucking great for imagining. Best faps ever, no joke.


well I guess I must be doing something right then
"imagining" art is an interesting frontier
any pics in particular come to mind?



The few details he gives makes them stand out more instead of being washed out by a bombardment of lines/color.



Uh, most things from you. A major thing would be this. >>424

It's just so easy to imagine what everything I'd want to do to her would be like, you know? Like I'm fapping to the idea rather than the piece, maybe. Can't really explain it better.


File: 1361193895646.gif (5.11 KB, 800x600, paperdoll.gif)

that reminds me
weighty tits are best

I don't know if popular artists are changing or if different artists are getting popular but it's nice to see fewer perfectly round beachballs on chests these days



Fucking right they're the best.


fuck yes


File: 1361194032930.png (35.87 KB, 503x479, 1358561225808.png)


For example, this has the naughty bits blacked out, but that isn't what matters. What I like is that it "sparks" what could happen in the scene, since there is a personality. It's not some airbrushed bitch lying on how much she's loving the sex.

Appealing porn is hard to find.


that's understandable



I like it 'cause the hottest things in that image aren't under the censor bars.

GG has a way of making that happen.



not to say it isn't nice to see


and the bonus version


Weaver, I gotta ask, why do you do this? Is it some sort of release for you to draw sexy/nude things? How do you feel about others getting a feeling on those drawings?



see GG, it's the little things like this that really make me love you

no homo


im full homo for gg


I learned early on I can't get off to my own work, so I don't bother with that sort of stuff
Mostly I draw for others

Don't turn that into an argument for releasing the stash, I'm telling you right now it won't work



>it won't work

but who do you draw the stash for, GG?


Yeah GG, who?


GG I got to ask, how serious were you when you went bonkers for Crackle when she first appeared? I know there was probably some exaggeration, but do you really like her that much? Can't blame you if you do



Crackle making fun of Garble and getting him off while doing so was so goddamn hot


Woah i missed this what



That's what I mean, there's emotion in it.


File: 1361195126316.png (208.96 KB, 953x859, hardtoget2.png)

It was pretty much all an act
Most of the things I could say I liked about her would be fanon or things that I drew into her

but it was a funny character design and I still think one of their greatest one-off gags

I am quite fond of how all that came out
panel 1 sums it up basically
just that awkwardness


File: 1361195162612.png (146.78 KB, 795x600, hardtoget.png)

oh in that case here's part 1


I need the rest


File: 1361195470201.png (80.58 KB, 642x401, hardtoget3.png)



File: 1361195482878.png (182 KB, 1091x592, hardtoget4.png)

and 4



>not giving him the last one

come on, GG


File: 1361195556109.png (154.25 KB, 870x771, hardtoget5sfw.png)

but it comes in two varieties



Weaver, how do you feel about giving people boners? Can't tell if these people are joking or not, but I'm sure some person out there has masturbated using your art. I won't lie, I've never rubbed one out with it, but I find it appealing for some strange reason.



Everything about this pose is hot.

Everything about this concept is burning hot.

do you have any other stuff like it?


I guess it doesn't phase me at all
I probably wouldn't be drawing smut if I was worried about it

Nothing jumps to mind, I don't really have a lot of femdom stuff



That's a shame


do you have a >msn [s][/s]or anything, GG?



well that was a bust


haha of course I do



I thought your primary means of communication was IRC?



what is this, 2008?


What there's only one I'm allowed to get


File: 1361196534878.gif (22.72 KB, 653x759, 127501772921.gif)

I appreciate what you do, GG. You're so good at designing characters and making simple art so expressive and lively. I swear, if you really set your mind to drawing you could become one of the most popufur artists ever.




>Staying a friendly, down-to-earth dude that draws what he wants

pick one

being popufur is awful


File: 1361196741646.png (51.39 KB, 747x595, 1361191697079.png)

Would you be okay with someone doing a story/quest with one of your characters?


Well I mean I always love fanart and the like but a full quest or something like that you'd probably be better off with your own cast



I mean a short one, not full blown multi-thread ones like you do.


So GG, besides being the biggest cocktease and sweat, what are other fetishes you enjoy?


I guess I don't know precisely what you intend, but it suffices to say that whatever happens I'm not about to go internet lawyer on you
I've seen some pretty far-gone fan interpretations and even those are flattering in their own strange way

fetishes I enjoy, myself?
setups and the unusual


>setups and the unusual

care to explain? I'm not fully sure what you mean.


As far as the unusual goes, I mean anything off the ordinary
Generic pink-haired anime chicks are a dime a dozen but curvy monstergirls are harder to find, especially ones that aren't just generic pink-haired anime chicks whose lower halves have been replaced by a random animal
It also involves body types, the supermodel look is one I draw rarely because there's something more interesting in physique that doesn't often shine
It's like
the less one would suspect a given character or body type to be in smut the more likely I am to draw it

Tying into both that and setups: It's a theory I had once back when I started drawhoring, that evolved out of my work
The idea is that visuals can compensate for story and vice versa
In a porno with hot actors and actresses, you don't need a setup, people just wanna see titties and shit so they have a horny poolboy or a pizza delivery guy or some shit and they're like "oh hey let's have sex" and then they have sex

Written porn on the other hand gets into all sorts of contrived and unusual setups because they have to compensate for having no visuals at all - they have to get you with unique and sometimes weird ideas to capture your imagination

It's a principle I strive for in my own work and its first real test was Chain-Chomp-Chan


I really wanna see more monstergirl designs from you.



I think I get ya. It's like, something you don't see that often makes it more special, more emotional? That there's a person there?



Oh, wow. No wonder you're so good at that kinda thing.

I can sorta relate.


I suppose I'm more interested in the girl next door type than the playboy centerfold



I'd love to see more floppy monster tits.

i've been doubting my firm stand as an ass man recently


Floppy? I dunno that sort of implies a flatness



But heavy and weighty are so overused


File: 1361198358286.gif (6.52 KB, 485x477, 1203554354605.gif)


Chomp-chan was one of my favorites. Shame she never took off quite as well as some of your other characters.



But she was popular, wasn't she?



Yeah but not as much as like EFG or Boxdog or Rubyquest


Well, she certainly had her moment in the spotlight anyway


well I'm gonna go to bed, thanks for the small Q&A session, GG

accept my friend request you baka


I don't see it
I think there may be some mistake



Cancer is the last one I'd expect to see in such a situation.



On msn, right?


yes but I'm afraid it's quite finnicky about these things, this wouldn't be the first time something just didn't pass through

I guess it's up to your imagination how she got there then



well that's a shame


>not using superior skype



I heard MSN is merging with Skype in a couple months anyway.


It's a shame, because you can't draw in Skype.

All I want is a simple, no-frills messaging system that also lets you doodle
MSN is the only thing that pulls that off, and not very well
Why has no one stepped up here



Any progress on that idea to make a website with your stuff?



i would like a weaverbooru


File: 1361261024775.png (29.78 KB, 800x600, test.png)





You see there's gonna be another one of those episodes?


File: 1361263575504.png (30.61 KB, 800x600, test2.png)

Nope. I don't keep up with AT very much, which I guess is good because it looks like their fandom has just as much doomsaying as MLP



>that ass

oh man

And I don't pay attention to the generals or anything, I just watch it sometimes.








I don't think an adventurer would have time to shave

if ya know what I'm sayin



those tanlines


well let's not get carried away


File: 1361281364735.png (100.14 KB, 796x595, 1339993815084.png)

Weaver, you seem like a cool guy to hang around with, but I honestly have no idea what the hell you like to converse about. All I know is the work you do and what you say in here/MLPG…



Jesus christ


There's not many more difficult ways to make friends with someone then to say "hey, let's be friends" and then like
have nothing to talk about.

Usually it just sort of happens you know


Figures you'd focus on the one humanoid character that's not thin as a rail :V


GG likes full-figured women.


I like the way you hide low-contrast things in your pictures like in >>705.


You drawn any other Adventure Time fanart?


Not really, nothing I can think of


File: 1361336297427.gif (20.11 KB, 809x789, 1345252327908.gif)

I was going through some old folders and this made me crack up.

Did you make this?


Brave Little Toaster is an awesome movie


File: 1361337495936.png (21.88 KB, 612x487, 1231411924465.png)

Knitter are you ever going to update Boxdog again.

Its been 3 cold months and i'm just wondering if its going to go anywhere.


File: 1361337850121.png (4.75 KB, 500x500, boxfag.png)

This week
I've moved, settled, and gotten things more or less set up
So everything's going to be starting back up again




I know you've been pestered about it a lot, but I appreciate it.

Does "everything" include Koboldly?


Yes but perhaps not as immediately



Oh gosh.

And here I was about to release The Stash to placate the masses.



ur a cheeky cunt m8


>implying I have the stash
>implying I would release any if I did



that's why I said you were a cheeky cunt, deaf


now now let's not fight


oh so MSN messenger is finally going down

it's being replaced in full by skype even though it doesn't have vital features like handwriting

does anyone know of a messenger client you can just draw in, that seems like, fundamental
besides tegaki I mean



Spike sure has gotten big.


Just on the off-chance that you find yourself with a chunk of spare time at any point I'd really love to see another Divequest wallpaper from you. I've been using the cast group shot one for over a year now.


File: 1361459266613.png (75.06 KB, 485x690, goggles applehips.png)

Someone asked for these.


File: 1361459284138.png (48.05 KB, 559x484, goggles braeburn.png)



Forgot to spoiler that last one and it won't let me delete it.




File: 1361459379024.png (71.75 KB, 562x619, goggles ponies.png)



File: 1361459403369.png (32.43 KB, 419x448, goggles twist.png)


File: 1361459425222.png (36.59 KB, 437x602, goggles boxdog.png)

after a request for Boxdog porn.


File: 1361459438662.png (77.75 KB, 779x709, goggles CCC.png)


File: 1361459450085.png (54.87 KB, 473x450, goggles gillou.png)


File: 1361459461712.png (46.93 KB, 417x605, goggles ona.png)


File: 1361459474335.png (53.11 KB, 655x442, goggles PB.png)


File: 1361459494379.png (65.37 KB, 954x484, goggles bed.png)


And I think that's all of em.


Nobody uses the IRC channel anymore ;_;



A lot of us (and Weaver) are on #rubyquest on rizon all the time.


File: 1361740528865.png (150.14 KB, 614x667, 1361411070235.png)

Hey GG, I inked and colored that Danganya/Alacore SB did.
I didn't really know how to do her color scheme so I kinda just did it after Zecora's.


It's lovely! And actually it gives me an idea: Danganya has the same basic gray/black color scheme that IP and Zecora do, but the exact specifics can change, since she sort of forgets how she had it, so it's never quite the same.


File: 1361757920690.png (90.56 KB, 755x644, whynotboth.png)

Group photo!



This is cute. Why did PB get left out?


File: 1361768689454.png (17.35 KB, 500x500, the_stache.png)

And the D.

GG, I'd love to see some more of the pigwife sometime.


File: 1361810464407.jpg (188.55 KB, 640x360, main.jpg)

So, game idea:
Fantasy-themed ripoff of Ore No Ryomi/ONR2/Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Major gameplay consists of a few archetypal tasks performed very quickly using hotkeys, with minor variations among them. In the image you can see an example: Customers can order burgers, which you assemble then serve using hotkeys for each ingredient. Customers order different kinds of burgers, but all burgers use the same list of hotkeys.

The idea is quick and simple commands that you sort of learn, and which then get thrown at you in increasingly fast-paced situations.

The thing is I'm not sure how to implement this, thematically. My first instinct was to have a sort of DUNGEON MANAGER game, where you are the steward of some evil Dungeon-Keeper-esque Lord and do chores around the dungeon: smelt metal, forge tools and weapons, torture prisoners, serve food in the mess hall, that sort of thing. But I figured it might not be compelling. Another option was that you'd actually be controlling the more active forces like the army but it might be a lot harder to do gameplay for and thus a lot more involved. That became the idea of like an adventuring party running into their own various misadventures, and each event has to be handled in a different subset of ways.

I'm still refining the ideas here but the idea is that the end game, like CSD! and ONR would have minimal animation needs and a very simplistic base to build on, and thus be a pretty quick little project.



Sounds pretty fun



So is this where you're going with that monstergirl-themed game you were talking about in MLPG?


Don't look now but I think she's into you


I did not need to see this.


…cock goes where?



…WELL then.


GG if you were to get pornographic fanart of one of your characters

who would you want it to be of
this isn't a hypothetical question


god you can't make me choose

I guess whoever you like the most
or whoever you think would be most fitting for whatever idea you have in mind


if you make me choose i'll just waffle about and not draw anything

i need an idea pls give me one or two or three or however many you have for me to choose from


Well what's your range then
what's the interest
I mean should I stick with mostly quest stuff or monstergirls or what


monster girls monster guys
quest stuff

i pretty much dig all your characters so whatever you want really


Am I the only one turned on right now?


File: 1361878621952.png (386.23 KB, 800x800, stuff.png)

well how about I just toss you a load of ideas and you take/alter/build off of whatever you like

Princess Bitch getting something rough on a standard dungeon raid
Gillou getting something tender with a gentleman caller
Gnathodelli doing basically anything, she's fucking crazy, look at her

Nan/whoever letting off some steam in the hotel
Secret minion fun in DiveQuest while Muschio's away (or not away)
Genderswapped DiveQuest adventures
Marit getting cozy in her new home does anyone even know Marit
Something gentle with Boxdog maybe

Femsnails being a dork
Hell if you wanted to do something with Ice Pack, I'm sure he's used to it

the world is your oyster


which one's Gnathodelli i forget, and also who's Marit
wonderful ideas
i'll probably end up doing 2 or 3 of them tbh


She's this one >>1153


File: 1361879293575.gif (10.79 KB, 800x700, 11.gif)

Gnathodelli is the blind wildwoman here: >>898

Marit was a soldier in her own quest that went on for one chapter (three separate threads) on /tg/, rather than tgchan, in which she stumbles away from a battlefield and encounters a monster-filled dungeon.



>Nan/whoever letting off some steam in the hotel

I like this idea

Assuming Henry's not dead, the hotel's got 3 non(?)-crazy/monstrous men and 2 non(?)-crazy/monstrous women now.

I wonder
they're going to work that out


File: 1361891752955.gif (9.36 KB, 800x700, maritxkanoxa.gif)

Marit is so cute and awesome.

Everyone should go read it right now.


Oh no, what is Marit doing to that poor kobold


i should really be doing my homework right now


one more i guess


That's way more fun than homework.


Thanks you know who.
These are pretty amazing. Everything looks so soft.

Soft is best.
The colors and expressions go a long way here. I'm quite flattered. Fuck homework, draw porn everyday.



These are really fucking nice.


GG what do you do for living ? college ? sorry if it's a personal question but I can't keep track of different timezones


File: 1361990439926.png (78.33 KB, 531x642, 1361979986621.png)


File: 1362053291611.png (94.23 KB, 575x702, ride.png)


[s]i couldn't bring myself to draw her actually having sex

i'll have to try again i guess



I don't know if you did it on purpose, but Shindig's wording makes it seem like he means his wife is also his sister.



At least she looks happy.


What about Rape Quest fanart?


Why would that go in the Weaver thread?


take a wild guess



Why do you think Dompag looks exactly like Rape Quest's ogre?


4chan's 2dead so I'll just stay here


nevermind 4chan's back forget this place


GG, what do you enjoy drawing the most?


I just wasn't sure it was common knowledge, to be honest.



The vagina seems a bit too high.


File: 1362230020043.png (13.84 KB, 1024x720, test.png)

what am i doing


Pretending to make a game so we'll be maximum excited, allowing you to crush our hopes harder than ever before.


File: 1362247323039.png (41.04 KB, 1021x710, test.png)

comin' along


Making a dragon version of Cock, Serve, Delicious?


Just fantasy-themed
but yes it does borrow heavily from ONR2/CSD!
gonna see where it goes I guess


Cool, whats the business being run? A store for adventurers or something similar?


…Actually yea, pretty similar.


How does she poop with no butthole?

Yes, this is an important and legitimate question. Don't you dare judge me.



nsfw art of anthro ice pack when


File: 1362327069387.png (284.94 KB, 1357x862, the packs.png)

pls anon
I don't need any more of these confusing feelings for anthro characters


File: 1362345980158.png (46.82 KB, 1021x671, aaaa.png)

uh oh


File: 1362346314966.png (41.94 KB, 1021x671, aaaa.png)

no just kidding




I hope Gnathodelli is a licensed medical professional.


Was there ever going to be more of that or was it a one chapter dealie only? I quite liked that one.


Weaver, I read your Dungeon Denizens quest. For the most part, I liked it, from the character interactions to not knowing what monsters were next. The only real thing that got to me was how trusting they were. Maybe too trusting. I could understand that they've lived a life of not being accepted and so are accepting of others (to a fault it seems) but it strained my willing suspension of disbelief a tad bit. Something along the lines of the monsters having a discussion or arguing on what to do with Marit would have reinforced it and have given you about another chapter's worth of material to work with, but I just assumed they did so while she was recovering. What are your thoughts on this?


Yes, presumably they had a discussion as to what to do with her while she was asleep.

It's also possible they sensed perhaps in a magical capacity that she was, deep down, a sort of kindred spirit.



I'm sure Gnathodelli knows what really ails us… and she knows what kinds of healing to use.

sexual healing



File: 1362460291268.png (72.01 KB, 733x553, 1362458144191.png)

Pick one.


They are both very cute.


File: 1362713997558.jpg (161.14 KB, 486x560, hm what could it be.jpg)

Okay, I post a scrambled picture
If you can figure out what it is, I'll unscramble it

FIRST however I have to find a good one to scramble
Because I just found out they don't all have the same uh
difficulty to them


File: 1362714342057.jpg (247.05 KB, 800x600, maze1.jpg)

all right let's do something easymode

what are we looking at



So this isn't in play then?

Cause yeah, it's pretty obvious it's a fat, busty Boxdog.





Orc dicksucking. You've posted that before. :V


oh so I have


File: 1362714566217.png (643.88 KB, 486x554, Untitled.png)


GG I may have a lot of fetishes but I ain't fappin to Papa Smurf



File: 1362714665510.jpg (102.42 KB, 421x527, maze2.jpg)

a good guess but no

here, to replace the orc one which I already showed
You'll have to be specific, since it's obvious what this BASICALLY is


File: 1362714961619.png (241.72 KB, 421x527, u tryin to cheat me.png)


GG, I'm not fapping to Sleepy either

he's even less fappable than Papa Smurf


wrong sleepy is the most fappable



I didn't know you were into narcolepsy


Well posting is fucked up for someone but they correctly guessed this one



who's 'they'?

also unf



hips and tits Nan?


the guesser in question contacted me on IRC since they couldn't get past the "your post looks automated" error on here

That's correct!
Well done anon
enjoy your sweaty Nan



well that answers my problem of what to fap to tonight

Thanks a ton, GG


So, why so protective over that gangbang picture?


hey GG, you said that teasing anons was your only real fetish, so do you ever actually fap to the thought of anons being sexually frustrated because of you?


>"your post looks automated"
Try using the normal post box instead of Quick Reply.


I think this lizard chick and Gnathodelli are my favorite monstergirls, sexually

Does this one have a name?


File: 1362716145142.png (261.91 KB, 421x527, that girl.png)


I'll give that a shot then

In case this gets through, here's the picture I submitted to GG


Really? I had no idea people liked her mostly because I haven't really done much of her and I figured between Gnathodelli, PB, and Gillou, 'Delli was sort of the trailing vote.

Very interesting

Her name's Ronnie/Veronica and she is a college student

It's more amusement than sexual gratification

I'd post it, but due to circumstances it's not really my call to share it, like the quest stuff I mentioned once



so what do you fap to?

you DO masturbate, right?



Well cool

I like how you give all your random porn characters a personality and a sort of "story."


Predatory looking alien chicks are one of my favorite things

She's great

Ronnie just looks really smooth, and she's a nice color. Would lie in front of the fire with while studying


>I like how you give all your random porn characters a personality and a sort of "story."
That's the whole point, to me

I got into it before, but the idea is that the more story and setup something has, the more involved it can get viewers, and of course, it can compensate for poor visuals

Besides, pinups and the like just don't do it for me
It's gotta be something more involved



Alien chicks/monster girls being taken advantage of by spess muhreens/adventurers is one of my favorites.

shame nobody draws it


I know you probably meant pseudocombat rape but
"Taking advantage of them" makes me picture a much different situation

"c'mon baby, your hivemates will never know"



Well, keep on doing what you're doing

You're, like, the only artist I know of who really does stuff like that, and I really appreciate it.



I meant more like a lack of knowledge of human anatomy or customs meaning free blowjobs, but rape is fine too. Being pressured into sex is something new, but that sounds pretty neat.


>you will never take a cute worker drone out to a space bar


So, GG, who was your first porn-character-with-personality type thing?


File: 1362719067052.png (6.41 KB, 503x498, quick.png)

that's good too

>So, GG, who was your first porn-character-with-personality type thing?
this one



I miss Chomp-chan.

I only got to participate in like 2 or 3 threads

Lord knows how many Weaver things are lost forever to everyone except Weaver thanks to the spotty archiving of 2007-era 4chan


File: 1362719981264.png (13.44 KB, 503x498, oh christ.PNG)

anyone who says my art hasn't improved never saw early CCC






>perky tits

I'm so glad you've evolved, weaver


some girls still have perky tits



Personally I'm glad CCC developed into the more curvy type.



well good thing there's plastic surgery.

breast-weightening here we come


File: 1362721926169.png (10.05 KB, 341x195, pb glare.png)

Someday I oughta sort all my gals by breast size/shape or something
Compared to Gillou and the like, PB's pretty perky



I want to OD on freckled tits, GG

don't do them lightly if you get around to that


But PB's not that busty!



hardly an excuse




you can always make a request


File: 1362725458913.png (55.06 KB, 386x667, 1360076852273.png)


oh. well alrighty then.

can you get this goblin a new robe thing? hers broke.


File: 1362725642515.png (42.84 KB, 399x674, babsrobe.png)

here you go, anon



No, GG, that's a night shirt

she's not going to bed, gosh


No, it's just a long robe.



well who wears a long robe to bed?

she'd be more comfortable in something more breathing, you know


She's not wearing it to bed what are you talking about
You asked for a new robe and I gave her one



well now she's going to bed, it's 2:00 AM

and look, she's all sweaty. how could anybody sleep in that condition?


man I don't understand your request at all



what, do you sleep in a robe too?


File: 1362729450099.png (45.73 KB, 393x509, pbadventurer1.png)

Anyway here's PB



she got new digs



I'm sure it's fine





Part of me doubt she cares.


Of course she doesn't care
Leo picked out her outfit, she doesn't see anything wrong with it


Any way that you could turn that scrap of cloth she is wearing into a cape?



I like PB and Leo.

Have you drawn any Leo you haven't shown us yet?




where does one get a pair of pink panties in a medieval fantasy setting anyway


And full nude if anyone wanted it


Which nickname does PB hate more, Freckletits or Firecrotch?


She'd probably kick you in the nuts for either one.


Hey GG, can you add a bush to >>550?


What if PB met Finesse




swer 2 god m80


A trio of goblin gals



is that a new girl?



Twigoblin, PB, and Finesse.



Yeah, I've never seen Finesse before


She's a major character in DiveQuest




Guess I should get to reading that, then.


File: 1362880975734.png (31.28 KB, 551x523, 823559-DTGG1ZT.png)

Finesse is a very different Goblin than PB


she's not as hot as PB


I like her more
But mostly because I'd rather spend time around her than PB.


File: 1362881444977.png (37.24 KB, 549x467, 1334036990039.png)


That's a given.

PB is really unpleasant to be around. Finesse is an adorable little nerd.


Found an old sketch page to realize that Princess Bitch was actually created from the same line of thought as Twigoblin. For the space of exactly one doodle, she was an intrepid knight-errant. One sketch later, she was the PB we know now.



that's pretty neat


Chivalrous monsters traveling around trying to do good is a great trope/cliche/whatever.


well to be fair
she was going to run into horny monsters either way



Ha, I like how quick the transformation was.



and being naked that often can't help much




Just meaning that whether she were noble and just or bitchy and proud, she exists in the same problematic world



I bet she'd have a cooler party if she were noble



So what all has PB encountered, anyway?

For all the pictures of her you've released publicly, I don't think we've seen anything like a full story, or was she not really meant for actual stories and just these little vignettes where she gets raped?


Mostly it's just bits and pieces. She's never been in a full comic or anything like that, if that's what you mean. It's just open season on her and any monster that wants a piece, pretty much.

She was made for the porn so that's about all there is of her



Those guys don't respect her very much, do they?



is there any more stuff with Leo taking advantage of her besides the spooning pic and making her rip her top off mid-sentence?

because that's really, really hot


Leo and Puck are a fetish team. Leo handles alterations to the mind, Puck handles alterations to the body.

I'll see if I can find anything


>you will never be part of a fetish team


So do they go with her in her adventures?

Do they join in when things start getting rapey?


Do you think you could draw PB getting raped by a REAL adventurer, GG?


Yes, they go with her to dungeons and whatnot
No, they're not really very helpful

but a real adventurer wouldn't do that



Even real adventurers get horny, GG



Not all adventurers are good guys. Just look at the horrible things a player in a typical WRPG is capable of doing.


Then if not by scruples, what makes PB not a "real" adventurer?



I don't think that guy meant to imply she wasn't a real adventurer, I think that guy meant getting raped by an adventurer instead of by monsters on her own adventures.



I meant real as in making lodsamone from it, being famous throughout the land in such.


Wait what about this >>407



I dunno GG, hexagons aren't too hot



You should totally draw a flirty hexagon.


I don't have a whole lot with Leo but I do have this



Oh wow, I've got this without the last part. Hot.

Makes me wonder how much of your stuff I've saved that you've got last parts to.


How did Leo watch that without getting a boner? Is he gay or something?



Oh, and does it come any bigger?


Sorry about the size, but it's all I've got I'm afraid

Have this instead



well that is just wonderful

you should really share more stuff, if it's like this



Boxdog porn really has progressed since the early days.


yeah no kidding



Is Boxdog really this… plump?


Oh, no way
But it's nice to see her that way because it means she's doing well for herself
and not starving


So what'd she do to get Scrim to spring for the deluxe kibble then?


What, you don't think he could have just had a change of heart and started treating her nicely?



Well, I can imagine him fattening her up for fetishy reasons.


What if Ona met Gillou

They're both sorta aquatic types


Okay well what if Scrim had a change of body


He'd probably flip shit for a few minutes, then try to take advantage of people with sex


It'd get awkward


as promised
freckly girlscrim


Well that just looks embarrassing



Why are freckles so great?


and for whoever it was that likes bush


File: 1362901489866.jpg (6.65 KB, 200x200, 12969745168042.jpg)


o-oh gosh GG



here's that link to the story i was telling about in MLPG, the AiE story inspired by your changeling.
kinda grimderp, and I don't think i'll be writing her like you write her, since i'm no good at writing something so innocent.
anyway, lemme know what you think if you read it! I love the way you tell stories in your quests.


File: 1362924633361.png (12.79 KB, 800x600, 1343005651149.png)

Personally, I prefer femmuschio over femscrim.


Uh oh


Hah, cutie mark bush.



that looks more like a tattoo than hair

but oh gosh do I want to grab her hips



That's a mighty fine looking Twilight Sparkle.

You draw hips and tits well.


Does it undermine my more serious artistic endeavors (like quests) that I draw so much porn of my own characters

Does it matter



if you think it does

if you think it does



Nah, it doesn't undermine your more serious art,, not in my book anyway.


came to the quests for porn.

stayed with the quests for the stories.

now it pisses me off if the suggestions you get bog down situations trying awkwardly to get someone to seduce someone else.


I think the porn makes a fine addition to the quests.

Then again, I'm a huge pervert.


well good because I'm not about to stop



>foot stuff

well this is new



Ruby's gained some weight in all the right places since she left the Metal Glen


File: 1362960109722.png (24.46 KB, 476x309, lizardlips.png)

While going through my stash, I found a monstergirl I had never posted publicly
I never developed her much or even did more than a few doodles, but perhaps I should have



So, what's her shtick?


File: 1362960362168.png (53.24 KB, 516x897, lightup.png)

Never really developed any kind of personality
but she's a bioluminescent lizard gal



Oh man, that's a sexy tail



I like her.


File: 1362960581674.png (71.31 KB, 777x753, lizardy.png)

I think this is everything I have of her


She never wears pants, does she?



>pear shaped

>smaller tits


I like her a lot


well not that I've ever drawn her in

>smaller tits
I mean, she's still fairly stacked
just she's got an ass that dwarfs her other proportions



That's fine too. It's nice to see tits that don't match up with a huge butt sometimes.


Were you planning on developing her any now that you've posted her?


well, I wasn't really planning on it
but who knows


File: 1362963586067.png (58.37 KB, 420x537, 1346368686103.png)

Well, keep on keepin on you bonermancer.


wow she's cute, it's a shame there isn't more of her
if only we could somehow get more drawn of her

…so is she just white with green glowies, or what exactly
i need a basic color scheme here, someone pls assist me also does she like to have sex i sure hope so



>also does she like to have sex i sure hope so

my fucking sides


I've no idea of her color scheme. But I would assume there's a lot of contrast, so her normal skin tone would be a rather dull or pale color, while her highlights are much more striking
As for personality, I haven't really considered.


something muted like a pale teal maybe? or something close to a "natural" flesh tone? or should i wing it

also i asked if she likes sex because i'm in the mood to draw porn and im asking if its cool to draw porn of this character


of course, knock yourself out

Color scheme's up to you, she doesn't have any "canon" colors really so it's your pick, just wing it
You don't have to stick to a human skin tone, of course, if that's what you're asking.


couldn't decide what version i liked better




That's a damn fine lizard.


Damn it!


You don't like buttsex?


Wow, these are pretty incredible
I like the minty color scheme you decided on, and the continued motif of shirt-but-no-pants. Fitting enough for such a bottom-heavy girl. Her expression suggests a lot.

You're the same guy who did the earlier ones too right?

I didn't realize you browsed my thread too
Everybody's here
It's a party



Where's the snacks, GG?

you can't party without snacks



Say, GG

You draw /ss/ on occasion, don't you?


File: 1363060965769.png (68.55 KB, 483x467, applejack season title.png)

You could say that I do


If it's on the same board, it's kind of hard to miss.

By the way, GG, I've been working on some character designs with the MLPDND crew and thought your input might be useful, given your ever-widening roster of monster characters. Savvy?


Well, I don't know how well my type of monsters would really gel with MLP style encounters.


We're actually working on an original setting and need help with player character designs. We need stuff that's appealing, yet distinct—something that's right up your alley, I think.

You can find more info here:


Er, meant to link


hey GG, are there any other places you post? i was looking for stuff like applejack season. i freakin love your art and i want to make sure im not missing anything.


File: 1363067661184.png (46.95 KB, 552x411, human bathtime.png)

And most of my pony stuff goes on Deribooru, it's probably your best bet


I cant get enough of your porn gg



welcome to the club


File: 1363079593793.png (62.54 KB, 867x580, pinkie loves giant gummy w….png)

I can't say I ever expected it, what with my art style (and general subject matter)
but I can't say I'm displeased


Evidently no one is safe



wait who's this


It's a character who appears very briefly in NanQuest.



I like these girls who wear shirts with no pants.


I found this in my files. It looks like one of your characters GG.


Yep, that's wild woman Gnathodelli, as drawn by BoredDrawfag


How do I say Gnathodelli


The G is silent, like in Gnu. It rhymes with "Path O'Smelly".

This is why she just goes by Delli.


I thought it was because she's a veritable delicatessen of sex.


first person to pick a girl and a setup gets a crappy sketch of it go



Princess Bitch

Puck causing her pubic hair to undergo exponential growth


dammit someone beat me to it
i was going to ask for veronica getting into wacky college adventures at a frat party
aka lots of public group sex


A veritable shag carpet




now I'll stop bothering you about pubes all the time


is pb canadian


are canadians known for their shaggy pubes


File: 1363164477131.jpg (139.64 KB, 480x360, canada.jpg)



also I lied


im very sorry for drawing this and for being a lil too drunk to finish it



>getting drunk and drawing gay porn

stuff like this is the very reason I'm learning to draw, that sounds like the life


What other physical transformations has Puck done to her?


i really hope all my fanart doesnt come across as weird/creepy
your characters are just way more interesting than any of mine


Quite the opposite, I'm very flattered!

I love these a lot. Ronnie here seems to be having a great time in college. Hope her parents know her tuition dollars are hard at work here.



All this stuff is rad as hell and I'm glad you've drawn it.




File: 1363474730936.png (80.43 KB, 400x400, 16-danganya.png)

Will you let me post it now? Let's see.


that's radicool
I was gonna say thanks but I didn't know if you were around

so thanks
She's really cute and I think I might have to incorporate this behavior somehow


File: 1363474879128.png (328.75 KB, 1708x831, bugzapper halflids.png)

>tfw GG leaves for the sub just as the image limit is reached.

Hey GG

I drew your shitty OC, poorly I might add. But, fuck the police, I had fun drawing her. She is a qt3.14


GG, do you still not have a tablet?

What if I bought one for you?


thanks bro, this is cute too
I don't think Ice Pack is cruel enough to buy a bug zapper, even if such a thing were to work on her though

nope still don't have one
normally I'd welcome the gift but I've got a lot on my plate right now and I don't want to ask for such things
I'm trying to finally get in for some more dentistry for instance because pain's starting to keep me awake at night, and I finally have the funds, time, and opportunity to get a little work done


You've found work in your new city?


No, but I'm getting some money back from various sources like my old security deposit


Which monstergirl do you like drawing the most?


They're all a lot of fun
I've specifically designed them to be easy for me to draw too
That's the key to my character designs
being able to do them more than once

Gillou's figure is hard for me to get consistent sometimes, but PB is pretty simple I guess
They're both a lot of fun


i normally find fat women gross but I've grown to like them thanks to you

in that matter, is there an attribute you enjoy the most to preach on others ?


File: 1363587623154.png (65.83 KB, 640x403, hooray_for_anon_he_gets_th….png)

This right here was hilarious. Why is she getting anon to sleep on the couch?


File: 1363587968452.png (120.08 KB, 608x722, hooray for you.png)

because the bed is comfier and she figures she can get away with taking it for herself


File: 1363661744109.png (59.63 KB, 506x435, what_a_lucky_anon_he_gets_….png)

This one also tickled me. Thanks.


How? Does she orgasm green goo while also being an explosive squirter?


I imagine changelings just excrete it involuntarily. Or she's just being a dick.


Or both. There were likely better places for that.


File: 1363754635680.jpg (744.73 KB, 1280x1714, tumblr_mjqlqaQVGl1r3mu95o1….jpg)

So, what exactly is your involvement in this Ona porn comic No-Ink is making, Weaver?


can I buy access to your secret stash yet GG

I won't share it I swear


File: 1364059423167.png (125.85 KB, 634x881, gnatho.png)

stream results


File: 1364059660235.png (138.65 KB, 634x880, gnatho tongue.png)



"Tom pushing Ruby on a Swing"



>mouth ring




File: 1364061930199.png (56.79 KB, 746x538, eclair.png)



Gillou and Ona, two water gals.


Princess Bitch with no clothes


Princess Bitch with no clothes and some tanlines





They seem pretty uh




sexybolds are 3cute


Yeah, I'm making a Ona doujin. At first I was just planning on making a doujin cover as a joke, but later I decided to do the whole thing. It's going to be called, "OnaHole".


Other pic relating to the doujin.



What you've got so far looks nice and I'm looking forward to the finished product.




File: 1364092173251.png (90.01 KB, 698x761, watercuties more sfw.png)

oh and here's a marginally safer version of this >>1659


Muschio in girly panties


File: 1364100457042.png (160.58 KB, 776x1084, illistere.png)

Introducing new monster girl: Illistere

Broad hips and enormous thighs
She's a dancer/performer/showgirl


File: 1364100477255.png (38.59 KB, 731x358, illie tongue.png)

and of course because it's me she's gotta have a weird mouth/tongue



So, just what kind of showgirl is she?

Clothed, nude, or are you leaving it ambiguous?


Well she starts off clothed anyway, that's her work attire



Will in that case, I hope we'll be seeing more of her.

If you know what I mean



can we get this one nude?


>Broad hips and enormous thighs
That's all I need to hear. Also crazy tongues are fun, too.


Damn, those are sexy thighs
and teeth


GG, I just wanted to say that I really love your creatures. I have always loved your ability to make just about anything appealing.
I would like to draw you some fanart, lewd or otherwise, do you have anything in particular you'd like to see?


Follow your heart
Whatever speaks to you


I'll do something for you one of these days.


File: 1364304103095.png (139.51 KB, 540x469, analogies.png)

it's perfect



What are you going to do with this information?



Can I do fanart of it, GG?


oh my god yes


File: 1364723439943.png (178.04 KB, 821x781, lazy saturday morning.png)

what a terrible place to live


Is anon invited to the monstergirl sleepovers too?


File: 1364728804482.png (133.2 KB, 729x648, gator.png)

Here's more of the gator gal, who I've dubbed Caimon. It's just a nickname. Her full name is the confusing and long-winded "Sister Marecage", and other shortened nicknames for her include Marecage, Sister Mare/Mary, or just "Sister". So call her whatever you like.

Maybe they're roommates
they probably eat all his groceries


What's she hiding under those glasses?





That's not how you spell bonerific.


What kind of zany misadventures do these rascals get up to? Also, they need more sitting space.


Princess Bitch wouldn't stop giving you shit about everything
Gillou takes 3 hour-long showers
Gnathodelli has no concept of personal space
Caimon will only ever do things her way
And they probably all help themselves to your groceries

She's not blind, as someone suggested. She's either got sensitive eyes or no fashion sense, wearing those things inside.



>PB giving you shit all the time

That's alright

>Gnathodelli in your grill all the time

Whatever, she's a nice gal.

>Caimon doing things her way

Power to her

>3 hour long showers



>Princess Bitch being a bitch
This would suck

>Gillou takes 3 hour-long showers

As long as she was payin' that extra water utility

>Gnathodelli has no concept of personal space

Having her lounging all over me doesn't seem too bad.

>Caimon will only ever do things her way

Not a problem


This is the worst thing by far.


Which one would be the least mad at you masturbating with their panties?

y'know, just in case any perverts were wondering


File: 1364753550764.png (67.34 KB, 689x480, lickamac.png)

I'm sure they'd all have upsides too

Pros: Fascinated with what you do and always down to watch movies, play games, go places, etc. if you are. Will protect you and the house better than a guard dog. Great entertainer for your friends. More fun than a barrel of monkeys.
Cons: Unpredictable, physically intrusive, sometimes too rough, hard to understand, drives off cliffs.

Gillou: (For the most part, with a few exceptions) a very considerate roommate, makes the whole room smell nice, incredibly easy to get along with. Respectful of privacy. Occasionally grows natural algaes that can create psychoactive, narcotic, or mildly hallucinogenic effects.
Cons: Always taking showers/baths, dips into other people's food, takes up the entire couch, inept with technology and constantly asking you for help with even the most simple tasks. Sometimes noisy in uncomfortable ways.

Pros: The embodiment of southern hospitality. Looks out for you, especially against PB. Fantastic chef, always making huge family-sized suppers for everyone. Never loses her temper.
Cons: Stubborn as a mule. Sticks to her own values like glue, even it if means barging in on you in the bathroom to get her toothbrush because it's "no big deal". Often has family stop by to visit, sometimes without warning. Snores like a truck downshifting on the highway.

Princess Bitch:
Pros: Not likely.
Cons: 24/7 bitch. No respect for you, your stuff, or your space. Will mock you and other roommates constantly. Often late or short with rent. Due to some kind of contractual obligation, she cannot be evicted for any reason, and knows it.

I think they'd all be pretty mad.


File: 1364753885369.jpg (36.45 KB, 590x419, nigel thornberry gets a bo….jpg)

>noisy in uncomfortable ways



Well that doesn't sound like a terrible place to live at all.

Even PB isn't so bad


>Gillou: takes up the entire couch
I'm sure I could squeeze myself in there somewhere~



Do you think they'd want to play Axis and Allies?


Gnathodelli would pick it up and kick your ass soundly by the third game.
Caimon would play with you and the others after dinner, while letting the huge meal digest, but would never play all that seriously and would be more interested in the conversation to which the game becomes a backdrop.
Gillou would give it a shot, but she'd be grandma-level incompetent.
PB would call you a fucking nerd.



well that sounds like a bust

what's the point unless people are roleplaying as the world leaders of the time

how about an amusement park?


Man, I am starting to like Gnathodelli more and more.

What bout if one of these gal share a bed with you one night?



I'd like to share a bed with PB


At first appearance, I would be scare of her appearance. But the way GG talks about her, she seem like a great roommate to have.



She would make you sleep on the couch


Blah I meant Gnathodelli.



Hell no, we'd be fighting at that point


Having four roommates who are in actuality fantasy creatures sounds like the best setup for a roleplaying game ever.


GG draw Princess Bitch and Caimon arguing over dirty dishes while Gillou tries to watch FiM


GG, I humbly request art of Ash and commander Cori.



How hard is it to run a Operation?


I thought for sure I typed Q U E S T


Maybe go through /q/ or talk around /qt/ since it's meta Operation talk.


I originally suggested GG because out of all the people here who've hosted Operations, I think he actually has the most established pedigree. That and /qt/ is mostly occupied with MLPDND stuff…

To be fair, though, there ARE many people here interested in classic-style Operations. So it'd still be a good idea to get a "General Operationing" thread open on /qt/.

To get back on topic, uh… Hey, GG, Monster Girl Flatmate VN when?


PBs route would be a trap. It would build up like she's Tsundere, then it turns out she just hates you.



At least the rest likes you.


Couldn't you just rape her?



>cleanse PB

most loyal route


>Willfully exposing oneself to meltagun rot
Ew, gross


Even a simple VN is surprisingly complicated to make, and I've already put more on my plate than I seem to be able to keep up with.

As for Operations, TGChan has a pretty good primer for new authors here:
My main advice is simple enough:
*Have a plan, but don't plan too much. Having no direction will leave a Operation to fizzle out. Having too much direction will cause railroading. What I do is think up scenarios, encounters, or set pieces I want the players to run into, but leave how they play out up to the them and their reactions.
*Be prepared to do a lot of work. You will have to draw a whole lot of images, so pick characters and use a style that will be easy for you to work with.
*Take suggestions through a filter. By having a protagonist with their own personality you can find agency there that also lets you sort out suggestions. You don't have to take the first or most popular one – generally I find the most interesting sentiment is the most loyal option.
It's a lot to get used to especially if you've never Operationed before. There aren't many parallels in terms of medium.
Oh, and be ready for the fact people might not latch onto it right away, you'll need time to build an audience.


wow it even parses urls huh

try here then http://tinyurl.com/c7qm5sj


also BCS do you have skype or whatever hit me up a message on FA or some other bulcannon fodderit site already because I still have no way of contacting you


Apparently it parses C O C K to meltagun. However, It's true in either case.


Gillou and an hastily drawn human.



This looks a lot like the guy in the Ona doujin. Lucky bastard.


That guy gets all the monstergirls.


What sort of personality conflicts would emerge among the girls.


I still think Gillou would have a weird drinking problem

like, she'd probably buy a 2litre bottled water to chug down like they are those small alimunium soft drink cans (probably making a sound reminicent to water going down a drain while shes drinking, since you brought up the fact she sometimes produces uncomfortable noises)


PB vs Everyone


Do any of them have gentleman callers?


Gillou and PB are basically friendless, 'Delli doesn't know anyone, and the only folk visiting Caimon are her relatives.


PB would likely join in for sex if she catches them in the act and one of them then asked her to.



Woah woah woah, who said anything about sex?

at any rate, I don't think any of them would be interested in in sex that includes other women. Delli and Caimon might like it with multiple men, but not so much other women.


WHOA NOW. WHOA… WHOA… Who said anything about "not sex"?


Dan Vs. PB


File: 1364955128937.png (24 KB, 336x292, caimon.png)

What's under Caimon's sunglasses?

Just eyes


So, how… discreet is Caimon when her brothers are in town?


File: 1364957296884.png (88.79 KB, 787x598, caimon.png)

Breakfast time!

there's beignets 'bout ready to fry up too



oh my god HNNNG


I usually haven't the faintest idea what she's talking about, but reading her dialog makes me smile
She seems friendly


Bedhead(Showerhead?) Caimon is adorable.


Caimon isn't in an incestuous relationship with her brothers. They just like her far more than they should.
Nothing, you know, serious.






the implications

the middle child


File: 1364962672764.jpg (93.86 KB, 570x379, beignet.jpg)

fuck yeah

I never said nothing happened


File: 1365011352817.jpg (31.22 KB, 600x337, cyrilstirfriday.jpg)

Of the four, who would be the best cook for Stir-Friday?
At first I'd say Caimon, but I'd figure that she is only good at southern dishes. Delli probably doesn't know her way around a kitchen and PB is a bitch. Making Gillou the best cook Stir-Fridays.


There's a lot of fried food in Nyawlins
A stir fry isn't quite the same thing but I bet she'd pick up pretty fast

But yeah, Gillou's not a bad cook either
She's just used to cooking for one


File: 1365020503477.png (31.23 KB, 299x283, mais, yes.png)

It's the humidity that gets you, really


File: 1365023053069.png (148.85 KB, 700x910, MAIS.png)

To answer your questions, no, GG

I hate your crocodile chick with a passion and I will personally hunt you down if you draw more of her.





good advice
does anyone have any Caimon ideas they wanna see


File: 1365047752606.jpg (128 KB, 640x480, Cornhole.jpg)

Something dealing with miscommunication on what "playing cornhole" means.


File: 1365052137976.jpg (16.27 KB, 385x411, Secret Stash.jpg)



mais non



Cmon man

Just one piece of /ss/ is all I'm asking

For old times' sake?


have you shown anyone the stash ?

also, I'd like to see caimon with her relatives


Oh god why is this dialog so hot? Like, she's having fun and loving the experience of it. Also, what does Gillou sound like?


I drew some more stuff.


And some glowy stuff!


Aw, Gillou's cute.


Whoah, colors


I'm oddly flattered. I don't know, I think using common dialogue in a sexy tone can be very appealing. It leaves more to the imagination. Her dialogue is also encouraging and guys like that.


It feels genuine, like she isn't being something other than herself. Nothing is sexier than being yourself… at least I think so.


Pretty much. Just figured what she would likely say.



I like the idea of this bunny girl getting her boyfriends flagrantly stolen from her by other monstergirls


I'm gonna need the full thing.


Made a little flash animation of Luna singing


This is just too cute, GG. How did you get someone to voice that?


Wow, she is cuter without those glasses.


That is goddamn adorable.


Adorable, but somehow sad.


This made me smile .
I had a hard time when my mom died, leaving me alone just a few days ago . I was really depressed but this cheered me up a lot

thank you


i am bdraw the tgknitter for happy enjoyment


File: 1365237337718.png (11.67 KB, 800x600, drill searge.png)

drill seargant gnathodeli


mules are ugly


Nah, it's just an unflattering pose.


Hope you don't mind people like me coloring your stuff!


Needs more neon


File: 1365472020883.png (22.38 KB, 403x396, sunglasses.png)



She even wears her sunglasses at night?



My cleavage is augmented


So, Weaver, I see you like monster girls. Me and you are on the same wavelength. I have a story setting running through my head that allows for a lot of sexy adventures that you might be able to use. I'm not using it for anything, as in drawings or stories, so you can take it. Because it's an escapism fantasy, and long, I'm not going to tell you unless you actually want to hear it… also I don't want to shove it in your face without letting you know it's pretty much a framing device excuse for sex, porn, and fetishes of monster girls. I'm also self-conscious about telling it. Reply to this post with a new drawing, so I know it's you since you don't use a trip, if you want it.



Ha, That fivehead on Ona, poor girl. Other than that it's pretty cool stuff.




just how far are those areolae going to spread?

she should probably get that checked out before they're visible under her armpits and around her neck.


They're not that extreme

Huge areolas don't really appeal to me in real life but art abstracts a lot of things


I love huge aureola. Makes them tits look more sensitive and fun to play with.


What color is Gnathodelli?


File: 1365592819359.png (102.55 KB, 1675x1672, New Canvas 213.png)

Blah, I'll just post uncolored for now.
I didn't plan for her nipples to be covered, it just happened.
And I'm not sure what kind of genitals she has.
Also I don't know about her feet at all.


>does anyone have any Caimon ideas they wanna see
Caimon sleeping in a nude.


hey GG

is there any chance you'd do one of these for I'm Sticking with You?


do you like "big" girls in real life, or does art abstract that too?


I would like to see Caimon in a gi, performing some form of martial arts.


>not yoga shorts


File: 1365772800569.png (111.3 KB, 806x583, how to.png)

Cajun cuisine has specific rules


File: 1366000609138.png (401.84 KB, 900x900, caimon yoga.png)

using your tail to balance is cheating, caimon


You guys were talking about monstergirls right
come on talk about them here


Gillou is nice monster girl.
I bet she hugs hard but doesn't realize it because of her size.


File: 1366376603554.jpg (332.66 KB, 1024x768, gnath otp.jpg)

I couldn't help but think of this when I saw her GG.


Don't be silly anon she never gets to hug anyone.


T-that's not good. I'd hug her if I could, she's probably real soft


I wonder if she's a cover hog.

Or if she spreads out when she's sleeping.


I'm drawing caimon at the moment
maybe gillou next


What's Caimon doing? Is it something saucy ?


Ona counts as a monstergirl, right?


Yes it is

absolutely she is
she's monstery and she's a girl
I mean Finesse is technically a monstergirl too
and Tislomer


What type of monster is Ona suppose to be? I haven't read Divequest or whichever one she's from. sorry


Ooga booga where the monster girls at?



She's a Kepling

We haven't heard much about her species as a whole, though


File: 1366377680577.gif (6.63 KB, 600x600, doctorona.gif)

She's a kepling. It's an amphibious thing, like an axolotl.


LK-sama which monstergirl is your favoirte?


Gillou is always gonna be my favorite, but I really like Caimon as well. I like all of them, but those two the most.


File: 1366379294763.png (90.54 KB, 678x651, spice.png)

I got distracted partway through


is cute good job




Dammit GG I love you


surprise-o-meter: 0 [\–-] 9001

made me smile. I could totally see the two of them cooking together.


Hnng, that's adorable. They probably have a lot to talk about.


File: 1366380851382.png (108.66 KB, 857x556, make the veiller.png)

oh look what has happened

edited for small details


File: 1366381205157.png (326.95 KB, 800x600, Gillumon.png)

And then something horrible happened


what has science done
what have we all done


Double the swamp girl, double the fun.



Why are they wearing bikinis indo-




>Why are they wearing bikinis indoors
Because it's a very hot night
They're dressing down to beat the heat



Why bikinis then, why not their underwear, gosh


Whoa now, they can't just go around the house in their underwear with you about. That's just lewd.



I bet PB would do that, then. She's a pretty big slob.


Looks like Gillou is under the impression that it's still lewd.


She can't help but get worked up at the possibility of hugging.


oh no then this happened



I can definitely think of worse things happening.



Man, how did Caimon rope Gillou into that?


It was easy, she just told her you'd say yes.


in a drawing mood
any requests?


Caimon driving a big rig


All of your C-named characters sharing tea.


Rosie licking a sword



Monstergirl apartment crew doing a Divequest LARP


Well at least she didn't lie to her.


File: 1366419545354.png (137.93 KB, 899x685, BIG RIGS OVER THE ROAD RAC….png)

of all my options this is the one I chose





All this talk of Gillou hugging makes me want to see it. Could Anon give her a hug? Please?


I'm almost tempted to get rid of my glitching Tomb Raider background for this. Almost.


File: 1366464525488.jpg (238.33 KB, 1088x1133, judgethefuckoutofme.jpg)


The middle face with the buck teef is the best.


Yeah, those are some nice expressions.


File: 1366513728058.png (258.42 KB, 1000x1000, onaskirt.png)

Postin' some more Ona love.


What are you trying to look at / Where are you trying to look


Whoops, I was so tired I missed it.



It's quite convenient how her whole wardrobe is open-bottomed. Get the right angle and you can see anything.


All the expressions are great! The second to bottom eyebrow raise is my favorite.


So you're drawing more of that horrible monster, then, Weaver?


I just might
I need a name for the big tubbo


novice drawfag reporting in, anatomy may be pretty fucked up, but have it anyways


How about Frederick?
Fred for short.
Actually rather well-read, despite his appearance. He won over Pinkie because he could make her laugh.


File: 1366599024813.png (260.23 KB, 1000x1000, onaskirt.png)

Super-premium-ultra-limited-collectors-corrected edition!


File: 1366607929823.png (297.78 KB, 1000x1000, onaflirt.png)

Rushed this pretty quickly.



She's just reaching for something he dropped



gg pls show us your secret porn


I really can't
for reasons already described


File: 1366792496903.png (76.79 KB, 605x667, food.png)

Caimon is a great cook
But you better bring a great appetite because she'll make enough for a dozen seats, regardless of who's actually going to be there to eat


I always feel bad when there's food left over, and I'm a tiny dude who doesn't eat a lot. At least the other monstergals there will, right?


Well I guess you'll just have to work on your appetite young man


>monstergal being motherly
GG, no, I can't deal with this. Don't combine the two. I am not a strong man, don't push me over the edge here.


I'd say Caimon is definitely the most motherly of the monstergals, though in a way it's more like
big sisterly

she's used to a busy household with lots to be done so she ends up taking the initiative on a lot of things


Any sort of caring/nurturing aspect. Gillou is my favorite, but now you're moving her to a close second. Might knock the swamp gal off her rank if Caimon gets a better definition than her (please expand Gillou) or the blue cutie gets a "cannon" thing that doesn't sit well with me. But hell, I would like her being fleshed out in a way that is opposite from my headcannon than nothing at all.



I cant help but think that so long as Gillou and Gnathodelli are at the table no food would ever go to waste…


Can we have some more Anon and monstergirl shenanigans?


of course you can
what'd you have in mind


We haven't seen much of Anon and Gnathodelli, so maybe some of that.



Anon trying to shower while deli fails to understand personal space.


Oh shit, I didn't think of anything when I said that. Now I feel like a jerk. Let's see…
Gillou being bashful.
Deli attempting sex/rape.
PB and Caimon arguing over something PB did to Anon.
Anon discovers yet another unpleasantry of living with a house full of monstergals.
Anon discovers something odd about one of them that is an embarrassment for them, but he either doesn't understand or sees no problem.
Caimon lost her shades.
One/several of them are naked and don't see a problem with it.
Anon realizes how weak he is compared to all of them.
The monstergals have a meeting about what to do with Anon, due to some reason like "We can't have a male living with us" or "But humans are so weird".
Gillou asking for a hug.
Deli being feral.
PB going out/coming back/talking about one of her "adventures".
Anon asking anatomy/basic questions about one of the girl's species out of curiosity or attempting to get to know her better.
Some sort of thing happens that's normal for roomies to disagree on and a fight ensues.
Gillou and Caimon talking about "big girl problems".
They ask Anon "human questions".
Something about their jobs and budget concerns.
Gillou asking for sex and failing miserably.
They try to seduce Anon.
Something normal for them freaks Anon out pretty badly.
One of the monstergal's friends/relatives comes to visit.
Anon has a conversation and is surprised at the seemingly hidden depths.
They fight over Anon's attention.

Also, are the other two monstergals there? The ones from >>1710 or is it just the four plus Anon, or maybe it's ambiguous, just being whatever is needed for the drawing? Is there a set setting? I would love a series of how Anon came to live there and adjusting to it, but maybe that would be too similar to Dungeons Denizens that you think you wouldn't like doing it?


>Gillou and Caimon talking about "big girl problems".
>They fight over Anon's attention.
>Gillou being bashful.



Um, if I may ask, I would like more like >>510 please. She is such a cutie.


So I was telling my roommate, "This stupid dickhole on the sub is asking for cutebolds when other monstergirls would be far superior". Turns out it was him. Pistols at noon.



>PB going out/coming back/talking about one of her "adventures".

I like this idea.


File: 1366948319922.png (311.55 KB, 1000x1000, swag.png)

Ona swag.


All right you asked for it

>wow it's fucking nothing.png

literally my first ever drawings of Caimon beside the one of her with her brothers



>wow it's fucking nothing

You're underestimating my love for both bush and casual nudity, GG.

PB and Caimon arguing over bushes while being casually nude when


also jesus christ it's taking forever to load this page, you should make a new thread


Autorefresh son



it's always broke as hell for me, and also you've gotta load the thread up sometime if you don't keep it open all the time


File: 1366951312173.png (33.2 KB, 347x416, big spoon.png)

Use http://mlpg.co/art/res/401+50.html as the url
the +50 only shows the last 50 posts no matter how big the thread is



Works fine on my laptop, but yeah, this thread won't load on my tablet at all

But this link showing just the last 50 posts works fine http://mlpg.co/art/res/401+50.html



thanks guys


Weaver, if you could make a living drawing monstergirls and such, would you do so?


yes I would


File: 1367012041967.jpg (2.44 MB, 1936x2592, onapeek.jpg)

More Ona goodness.


File: 1367032186798.png (6.01 MB, 1936x2592, onapeek.png)

Cleaned it up and gave it better wording.


File: 1367051198037.jpg (189.59 KB, 490x628, gillou_drinks_soap.jpg)

saw this, thought of you.

since gillou depends on water for mass, do the colligative properties of water inside her and outside of her affect her color? like, if all she could spend a day at the spa and soak in a tub of green tea for a while, would she turn green?


Where's that new Applejack Season?


I want to be Gillou's roommate
I want to watch cartoons with her
I want to wrestle her for the couch and end up resting on top of her, arms wrapped around as much as I can grasp and head propped up on her chest
stupid GG giving me waifeels for a stupid oc GOSH


File: 1367340685179.png (137.4 KB, 797x597, applejack season1.png)

I might as well post them all


File: 1367340707683.png (276.46 KB, 817x888, applejack season2.png)


File: 1367340741022.png (308.53 KB, 800x850, applejack season3.png)


File: 1367340788552.png (371.75 KB, 815x922, applejack season4.png)


File: 1367340820184.png (303.5 KB, 747x874, applejack season5.png)


File: 1367340846856.png (269.2 KB, 744x870, applejack season6.png)


File: 1367340873643.png (278.04 KB, 750x1025, applejack season7.png)



File: 1367340893904.png (311.27 KB, 800x953, applejack season8.png)

and finally, the latest installment


Oh man.

That's pretty sensual.


Sensual sex is good sex.


ohman, did it get warm in here? it feels like it just got warm in here.


File: 1367432858884.png (37.54 KB, 380x475, nerdgillou.png)

Oh I guess this wasn't posted yet


Why's she so excited?


She thinks she's gonna get the D for the first time.



With those braces and those glasses? I don,'t think so.


Dat iz de joke.


File: 1367446067265.png (18.63 KB, 480x342, 20130501113123.png)

young caimon








I thought of her as something of a debutante.


Did her hair color get lighter as she got older?


>I thought of her as something of a debutante.
she'd probably slap you for saying that
playfully though

>Did her hair color get lighter as she got older?


Why you never draw Wes or Pendel?


I do sometimes
But it's mostly in the stash


File: 1367540297496.jpg (868.24 KB, 1400x2047, Muffin top.JPG)

I wonder how hard it is for Gillou to find clothes in her size.


File: 1367540477253.jpg (594.23 KB, 1296x968, Napodelli.JPG)

Also Gnathodeli is way too fun to draw.


Could you just show some? Wes, if possible.


File: 1367541198476.gif (7.96 KB, 923x766, pendle.GIF)

I guess nobody likes these two
Thanks a bunch, they're very cute

>Could you just show some?


So draw some Muschio riding Prince Blueblood, to unbreak my heart.


Whoa that sounds gay


So just draw muschio doing something. I'm really bored today.


I fucking love this picture. Really big feral monster girls are pretty much the best thing.



But you said you draw gay sometimes


Of course Nobody likes them, he drew them!


Celebrating the return of the sub with some gator tits.


Don't leave me, I was scared.




so hey those Ruby pictures you posted earlier were awesome.


oh thanks anon
I'm glad you enjoyed them


File: 1368076209579.png (99.68 KB, 637x1066, UDWVTe3.png)


I never even knew I had this fetish, but there ya go.


File: 1368082393510.png (56.79 KB, 654x466, mais non.png)

here's another generic caimon doodle

What fetish is that exactly?


Caimon doing some normal stuff topless would be great


draw lewd applejack season things


Aw, She's like a big kitty!


"Normal topless stuff"? You mean just everyday things and she happens to be topless?

applejack season will be finished in due time
we just need to be patient, that's all




Maybe like, eating breakfast and making someone uncomfortable


Are we talking like "around the house" things or "out and about in public" things



I was thinking around the house, but out in public would be funnier

though out in public should be trying on bikinis in the middle of the store or something


All right, Caimon casual nudes comin up





how about some more of that rapey monster thing you did a while ago


naked lunch/breakfast



Thanks, GG.

you still doing requests?


sure why not



PB and Caimon getting anonguy's opinion on grooming standards


what kind of grooming standards are we talking about






I cant help but imagine this being VERY similar to the breakfast/lunch above >>2685), but with PB yelling at the still seated Caimon.
and Anonguy sweating profusely.


File: 1368099327119.png (82.08 KB, 776x658, hunch.png)

I have no idea with this one


File: 1368099470344.png (57.38 KB, 656x554, hunch2.png)

weird cyclops girl



what a qt

It looks like she's got a rocky or metal texture. Does she?


I'm imagining some sort of armadillo cyclops that goes all Samas Aran and rolls around.


File: 1368099848082.png (55.87 KB, 623x563, hunch3.png)

She doesn't roll. She just plods along at a very slow pace.
Her job sticks her behind a desk (as in the first picture) so she's really more of a fixture.


She's probably pretty chill

I think she looks like she could get a pretty good, if really short burst of speed
Probably by running on all fours for a bit


The only thing I can imagine is how her tits would flail about if she did that.



that's too funny to unf to


She once got a black eye from trying that.


She'd probably trip over them, yeah
Or at least on her hair
Or her tail


Sheesh you guys
they're huge and fat, they're not floppy pancakes
she wouldn't trip on them
but she'd be jiggling like a lava lamp


Draw it.


Are you talking about just her breasts or her whole body?



well, that's not too funny to unf to




Her tits mostly

Well good
Gillou's a gray area but this one would definitely crush you



Not if you're on top!


Wait, how big is she? Or perhaps just… dense? That thing on her back looks hard, like a shell.


>Wait, how big is she?
she's the biggest yet




is she sensitive about being so big?


I'm going to need her and Anon next to each other… for reference. Yea, reference.


I might have to do a size chart of all the monstergirls


I was going to guess like, 8 feet at most with the slump

How big are all the monstergirls, approximately?

I like Nobody's Gnath size in >>2626, but she looks smaller than that in all the stuff you drew, I think


I just realized most of the monstergals are pretty big. Only Princess Bitch is below average human size.


Bigger is more interesting most of the time, I think


But what about >>1859


Actually maybe Illistere is smaller than normal

Illistere, I dunno
I like her outfit and her design but I have no ideas for her and she's not as interesting as I hoped she'd be
Though I had imagined setting a spot in the main monstergirl "lineup" aside for her I'll probably replace her


What about it? PB is smaller than Anon.



Was Illistere anything but a dancer?




Seems like the closest thing to a "size chart" but they don't seem too huge compared to a human. Not like >>2626 for example.



Did you draw any more of her ever?


File: 1368101822494.gif (9.78 KB, 800x600, huh.gif)

Here are some old monstergals I dug up

No, not really
like I said she didn't interest me much


I would ask for a monstergal quest, but you've got others that are currently going. How are they, by the way?



>What fetish is that exactly?

The way you put it in MLPG was nice

"a girl getting herself into a dangerous situation because she thinks it's harmless and playful, and still, hopefully, trying to treat it as a game even as it becomes more and more dangerous"




I've seen your persona-avatar being drawn everywhere in my country

how does it feel to be internationally famous ?


He doesn't feel like royalty, that's for sure!


I colored one of your Gillou drawings.


Nice job, I always love this picture.


say what?

oh my
thank you muchly dooks, that's some fine roundness you've added there


File: 1368142708592.png (6 KB, 128x128, avatar_61c1281442e9_128[1].png)

uh, your avatar ? , pic related

it's drawn in virtually every bathroom stall you can think of, restaurants, schools.. etc

you should feel proud that your creations are put next to the toilet


what fucking country is this



i'd tell everyone who the real creator is, but I would be linked with your stuff

because there is already some people claiming to be the original artist


Thanks! It's the least I can do since I love your monstergirls (specially Gillou, Ona and Caimon) and I can't draw.

Have another one.


Makes them look so very soft and round


this took longer than I thought
monstergirl height chart/comparison



Huh, is Agua new?


File: 1368159880458.png (40.98 KB, 373x377, cactus.png)


File: 1368160134792.png (7.48 KB, 193x93, 1368153182936.png)

I was getting hype when I saw that monster girl pallete. All the girls look amazing. Though I'm starting too see as time goes by that the macrophiliac side of me is becoming more and more pleased with your work.


totally forgot agua's hair

maybe I should start a new thread, since this one seems to not be bumping anymore?


Gnathodelli is the last one I'd expect to shave her pubes.


Seems prudent.



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