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Simply put the number of dice you would like to roll followed by a "d" and then add how many sides you want each die to have. Post rolling requires this in 'quotes' or [Square brackets], and nothing is needed for email rolls.

Email Field Rolling:
You can roll one set of dice from the email field
2d20 in the email field will roll 2 20 sided dice

In Post Rolling:
You can roll up to 5 sets of dice from the post field, each set of dice can contain a different number of dice and a different number of sides.
Rolls can be placed anywhere in the post, they must be put in single 'quotes' or [Square brackets]. You can roll up to 6 sets of dice total
'3d30' will roll 3 30 sided dice.
[5d10] will roll 5 10 sided dice.

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At last, the final sight of the Tartarian Descent Team is engulfed by the interminable darkness.

The Great Seal rends the earth with a deafening quake, as it slides nearly shut, open only by a hairsbreadth. The Loyal Kerberos, ten thousand Umbral Hounds strong, holds one end of Shei's Black Thread in one of his mouths. He leers at it contemptuously, but holds it nonetheless as agreed.

Most of the others accompanying Sir Pryce cannot look anymore at the Great Seal, ready to direct their thoughts to anything other than the fates of their friends… and foes. Sir Estuary is the only one who seems composed. He looks to Pryce, and with a slight bow of his head, says, "Perhaps we should make for the surface, milord. We have no further business here."
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You conjure three cots, one for each of you. River and Zjetya take and spread theirs out on the treehouse floors,


Pryce spreads his out in the middle of the treehouse, all prepped and set.
"Night River, Night Zjetya," He says as they all settle in.


"Night," the two say, near enough to touch wings but with enough respectful distance that even a strict marm at the knight's seminary could not find fault at your conduct.

Hopper settles into his aquarium, while across the way, Lockjaw shoves his way under KP's arm, resting his bulk atop KP. It's a bit of a heavy and scaly blanket, but a very protective one.


Pryce pulls over his blanket after the wing taps, shutting his eyes and drifting to sleep while thinking over the trials that lie ahead for them in this land.

KP holds Lockjaw in close instinctively in his sleep, as if Lockjaw was a big stuffed animal.


Warm rays and shuffling cloth awake you. Pryce awakens to River and Zjetya folding up their cots nice and compact to be put back into your bracelet-dimension, while KP awakens to Sugar and Spitshine dividing up breakfast for their pets.

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File: 1659658239173.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.26 KB, 1024x1024, Moon.jpg)


>Iron King Ischyros, the Far Seeker, sets down the fourth and final Report of the Agatecastle Investigation, and sips the coffee Sister Root had set before him. They are the only ones to occupy the conference room on this Cycle.

>Mabin, High Director of the Lux Deorum, is uncharacteristically absent.

>"Sister," Ischyros says, keen to take his mind off anything other than his confidant's absence. "Make a note about this Concord program. It desperately needs some security updates. I mean, have you read this Report? Seems just about everyone's exploiting it one way or another."

>"Yes, sire," the Sister says. She casts another glance at the conference room's sealed and enchanted door. "…Th-this Report was late in coming, I note. Do you think Mabin's absence may be–"

>Before she can finish that sentence, the door flies open. With quick and long strides, a lanky white Diamond Dog, his clothing ruffled and stained by dried blood, enters the room. Sister Root gasps, fishing for the medical supplies she always carries in her saddlebag.

>"You must forgive my tardiness, your Majesty," High Director Mabin says as he takes a seat, taking care to not let the dried blood flake off as he fishes his cigarettes from his coat pocket. "I had an unexpected rendezvous with a certain Noble and spent the past hours in a most gripping discussion."

>Iron King Ischyros scoffs. "Surely we have known each other long enough that you do not need to hide your personal affairs behind euphemisms!" he says. "Truly, it seems the missus was–"

>"No, no," Mabin interrupts. "I speak plainly, but allow me to be even clearer. The Noble who accosted me was none other than Lady Offbeaten Path, of House Titanite."
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Roll #1 9 = 9



[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 10 = 10


I follow along and keep my eyes peeled.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Just before Firmgold, elevated on Steadfast's back, can get whacked by a low-hanging branch, Deadweight flies in and catches it, moving it aside so Firmgold can pass.

However, before they advance too far, Lost notices something, now that the branch has been parted: A camp, occupied by Iron Souls. Between the branches, you can see a group of four leaders – an Elemen, a Hippogriff, a Caprinos, and the Knight-Brother Mountain himself – sitting in a group, with their teams huddled about them. They are discussing something in low voices, and members of their groups are taking watch nearby. Perhaps owing to the serendipitous nature of your discovery, they haven't seen you yet.



Lost quickly messages the others on Concord

>Camp ahead, shall we move to join them?

File: 1644373484623.webm (2.08 MB, 712x712, Super_Cutlass_World.webm)

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Sir Pent slithers off of your arm and crawls over to Sparkler, and bumps his head against her arm until she relents and gives him a pat. Sir Pent soon bites off an old scale, one already on its way to falling off, and holds it out to her. Curious, Sparkler takes it, and after some deliberation, starts to mash it in a pestle while her healing takes its effect.

*Click click* the beetle continues, patiently awaiting your questions with its forelegs folded up together in a professional posture.

Your shark senses tell you there's something worth taking in this room… but it might be a nap.

Juniper flings herself into the pool outside the room, and Cycle follows suit. Juniper then climbs out and steps through the doorway with no issue.

"Looks like the Mechpriests would have had to purify themselves with a ritual bath before entering here," Juniper says. "But for our purposes, just stepping into the pool is enough to enter one of these kinds of chambers, I suppose."

"Yeah…" Chiu mutters, but she does not sound very sure.
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"Yes I can make gadgest with Anima." I have this solar light cannon and my destabalizer sphere. That breaks molecular bonds and makes things break into a sand like quality…." He trailed off before he collapsed.

Willow looked around as his eyes felt so heavy. He took the waterskin as Two Tons was quickly beside him "Dubya?"


"Goodness! Mister Willow, are you well?" Alder asks, hurrying over to try and help ease the kirin back up to his hooves.



Sir Pent searches slithers into the dirt to look for signs of a hiding place.

[1d10+3] for searching

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10



"If we only have a little lite, we should move quick then," Cloud says, anxious over the idea of going right into the enemy base right away, though more worried about what would happen to their allies if they held off.

"…Got anything spare lying around to craft something up real quick?"


Willow shivered and looked around a bit confused "I… I don't know."

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File: 1635909906550.png (680.14 KB, 640x640, The highschool arc.png)

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Last time on HolyQuest Autumn had arrived from his leave of absence only to beset us with another hiatus. The HQ crew strung out of their crack ships have taken their last resort to defeat a monday without a game. FEMTO Presents Holy Kyusetsu!! Uchikeshi no Rapyuchitsu ga Koko ni!

This quest is intended to burn the time away while we wait for the current hiatus to be over and we can move on with the main plot of the 3rd act of HolyQuest. Players will be allowed to remake their character sheets and replay old characters or multiple characters at the DM's discretion. Please make your character appropriate to a highschool setting.

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Flaming seems to pick up on her nervous response, her ears flopping down a bit but keeping a smile going just to keep the mood light. "You should totally go on it too! You know how to start fires, you know how to pitch tents and make the best smores. Remember how I kept burning mine and just ate them all black and charred?"

"I'll let you know soon as I know if someone is getting sacrificed at the school or not," Flaming says as she spots Nightseed at her table, walking in that direction. "Shei and I found this creepy occult looking paper in the printer in the Library and it mentioned stuff like graverobbing and ritual sacrifice! He and his nerd team are trying to decipher while I'm looking for the last person to use the printer before I found the paper. Namely, Nightseed."

Flaming grunts. Normally ANYONE who shouted at her back she'd take as a challenge, but for right now she was a calf with a mission. She saw Nightseed seated at the table with the other sisters, and Flaming bravely charged up to it. "There you are!"

She practically jumps up into Nightseed's face, "Hey! Did you leave something in the printer after you were done using it?!" She asks point-blank, hooves on the side of the table.


"Mmmm…" Gabriele says, crossing her talons. "You're somewhat of a focus group to me, Punish. If you aren't into it, I don't want to risk most of the other students voting for it not going for it either."

She turns to Mocha, "I'm a fan of Goth Prom as well, Mocha, but perhaps if it's best we leave it to a school vote: we'll allow everyone to submit suggestions for a theme and will organize a vote to choose which one the majority wants? That way we're sure to grab a majority of votes here for the Presidential run, and have our options open for when we organize the dance itself."


"It's a camping trip, it's not just watching but doing some teaching too. A way to pass down information to the younger generations," Pryce says to make it sound far more impressive.

"S-Sacrificed?" Pryce repeats, unsure if he heard right. He follows after Flaming as she heads towards Nightseed's table. "Is this a serious thing or just some project?" He asks with concern.


Shei chimes in "But we're annoying kids and you don't seem to mind us."

Gadriel also says "Kids can be cool."

Mocha pouts "Pooey, and I was so close, and I'm the one that ruins everything. Are you happy Punish? Now instead of goth prom we can have sparklers and fart jokes be our theme."

Shei answers Pryce "We only started looking at the document seriously right now. It's going to take some time to understand what exactly it is."

A nervous twitch pangs from NightSeed's eye as she can't believe someone is getting this close to their at the same time her friends eye her in a vexed manner as they try to enjoy their lunch.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Amy opens her mouth nervously, then closes it again. Then, she lets out a long sigh. "I-I'm sorry… There's really no easy way to ask this… Do I know you?"

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File: 1658027746264.jpg (397.93 KB, 1200x600, 1552703808896.jpg)


Did you get registered for all the classes you need? I sure hope you did! Anno Classroom is up next, only on mlpg.
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Zamrud grouchily crosses his arms as he sees the bulk of his classroom following Herb out of the class, then watches Herbs splits at all due haste. He turns to Qhapaq and answers, "In the interest of looking out for my students, and seeing as how I don't seem to have that many to teach in the actual CLASSROOM, I believe my duty demands I keep with you all to see that nothing comes of this. But only until we put this nonsense to rest."

He follows after Herb in particular, increasing his pace to keep up with him. "Herb! If you wish to head back to the Dormitory, fine, but at least stop by the Nurse's office first, won't you? Just to check on you."

"Closest friend?" Zamrud says with a brow raised, "You're an excellent student Qhapaq, certainly but, wouldn't that be a bit of an exaggeration?"


Good paused and looked around before hugging the larger mare. He felt bizarrely tempt to do so with how soft she was.

Having sated his needs on that he once again tried to listen to the two shades

[1d10] Listen more

He also went and added Herb on Concord as he didn't want to lost the lead on this too much.

Roll #1 10 = 10


>Don't you guys have phones?
Qhapaq gives the Sticker a curious look, more interested in it than the phone for a moment. He'll try to put in Herb's information, if he can.

Qhapaq looks actually, slightly hurt by the comment. "Do you… not remember anything of our time together? Outside of this… whatever it is."


Zamrud raises his brow, "Outside of the academy…? Qhapaq, correct me if I'm mistaken but, I don't believe we met until you started classes."


La Senorita gladly returns the gesture.

Then, as you listen in…


Your heart almost stops beating. It's… her. You've– you've seen her, just once before… it's… one of your earliest memories, so often hiding away in the back of your mind. Someone not your mother, nor your father, reclining near you, half-asleep, as you share a couch cushion. You were hungry, but you didn't stir, so as to let her continue resting…

No, a sudden calm quickly returns. Right, right… it's not been overlong since you've seen her at all. She moved to [********] not long ago. It's only been a few [*******] since you've seen her. Funny, she didn't mention she got accepted to the Academy.

>(Optional) roll DC 6 to remain cognizant that something is amiss.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1638223244379.png (4.82 MB, 2577x3350, HolyQuest - The Spiders.png)

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At last, the final sight of all those staying upon the surface of your World is engulfed by the interminable darkness.

The Great Seal rends the earth with a deafening quake, as it slides nearly shut, open only by a hairsbreadth. The Loyal Kerberos, ten thousand Umbral Hounds strong, holds one end of Shei's Black Thread in one of his mouths. It is for that reason that the Great Seal has not been shut entirely.

Members of each faction procure a variety of small light sources to aid in grasping the shifting, unpredictable stuff that became darkness upon your perceiving it. The presence of the light, conceptually implying a "darkness that must be lit," renders more of the chaotic stuff into darkness, that is then lit. Fortunately, all that seems to be around you now is a cavern tunnel, as long as it is broad and tall.

The other factions are silent as they walk, tensely keeping weapons at the ready. As you go with them, a nauseating vertigo wells up from within. It feels like gravity's shifting to be before you, as if you were walking down a vertical surface. Although you do not fall, your bodies scream warnings at you that every step could send you hurtling into the chaos ahead, or perhaps, "below" you.
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Shei steps a few paces away to appraise his work. A less than satisfied artist he utters a small harumph "A fine portrait. Not at all what I had in mind. What of you Flaming, what did you try to paint."

He says it all, so callously ignoring the fact voyage was being used as a paintbrush.


Shorthorns continues to paint the portrait of the lively town in the midst of a feastful day, looking around with wonder and intrigue even as she pushes her boyfriend around like a roller brush to make it unfold before her. "Wow… this place might be the prettiest I've seen in Tartarus yet. Just look at all this, it looks like a perfectly normal town."

She gets into the spirit of painting just as Shei does, laughing even as they indulge in such a care-free hobby. As the watercolor town finally comes to life, Shorthorns smiles in satisfaction, raising Voyage back up to stand on his hooves as she admires all their handiwork.

"Yep… I'd say that's what you call 'pretty as a picture' if I get the pony saying right." She smiles sheepishly at Voyage, trying to avoid snickering at any lingering paint on his coat. "And, thanks. I couldn't have done it without you, Voyage." She says, hoping a sweet sincere smile will serve as apology enough.



"That's good!" Amy says in a supportive tone. "That's kinda what I was leading to."

"The first thing I wanted to do was for all of us to line up and walk forward to see what happens. If we lose track of anyone, we'll all just walk back to where we started. Alright?"


Snorting, Voyage shakes himself off like a wet dog, then smirks at Shorthorned's praise. "I always did think I had a talent for the Clan's hoof-painting arts…" he jokes grimly.

When Voyage sees the Paper Trail entering the completed picture, he drags his hoof against the ground, eyes sparkling with an idea. "Think we might have missed a spot though – how about ya help with the second coat?"

He shoulder-checks the both of you into the painting.

[1d10+6] Cleave vs 2 (non-damaging)

Roll #1 7 + 6 = 13


After a moment of consideration, the others line up at your instruction, with you at the lead, and walk forward…

Once you get close enough to the cliff again, you see now that the scene is far more complex than the last time. Where before, a sheer cliff stood in front of you, nearly at a 90-degree angle, there is instead a chasm to your left, with a river running through it. The cliff itself has become now a complex range. No trail is visible, but the inclines are now low enough that one could, with care, cross country over them. However, the whole thing slopes like a saddle, with the lowest point being where it drops off into the river, far below. Falling here would be quite treacherous.

It seems the group's diverging opinions have become one here… however, like last time, you look about, but you don't see the others.

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File: 1618452033498.jpg (599.23 KB, 1920x1997, 1547170014862.jpg)

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Last time, in the Castle of Silence…

After whipping up a quick meal offering, the expedition team ventured out from the warehouse to approach the Necromancer, who floated languidly through the northern streets. Upon confronting him, they found him willing to engage in dialogue, whereupon he divulged that he indeed had been to the Pillars… in fact, he entered Agatecastle through the Pillars, indicating the existence of a clandestine gateway between the Pillars and the Castle itself. It was as this came up that Lost Hope accidentally divulged the existence of the Ironcastle Expedition Team, a fact which the Necromancer found quite interesting. Huitlapan panicked and tried to walk back Lost's revelation, only to be frozen solid with a blast of winter air.
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The others keep silent as they help the soldiers get to the safety of the arcade, following Firmgold's direction for an indirect, winding route. However, they exchange glances of doubt, conveying they caught it too – this hope the battle has engendered is nothing but deceit.


Deadweight tries to figure out why the scrummage would've been a ruse.



Roll #1 6 = 6


Lost for her part begins to comb the area for anything suspicious or useful.


Roll #1 10 = 10


A post-script…





It's incredible…

Everything is here.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1618707103826.jpg (722.56 KB, 1280x1717, 1546161690358.jpg)

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Last time, on Anno Castra…

A long discussion unfolded between our explorers and "Mendicant Rudolph," assuming that was his true name. The dissident priest who unleashed a startling manifesto about the bleak future facing Ironcastle was, after all the panic and unrest he caused, a rather unassuming figure, not particularly unusual, nor even memorable. He maintained that everything in his manifesto came to him in a startling vision, which also included the zero-day virus that he used to forcibly download the manifesto to every Magicomp in Ironcastle.

This was an impossible feat, according to the Lux Deorum, as Rudolph had no background in technology whatsoever. They completely discredited his story about receiving it all in a vision, divine or otherwise, and maintained that he had to be working with a group of fellow terrorists and malcontents who wished only to stir up chaos in Ironcastle. However, Rudolph proved that he had information he could not have possibly accessed otherwise: He knew that the party had spoken with Godspeed. Just as this seemed to lend credence to his story about visions, he uttered a still stranger thing… that events that had unfolded in Ironcastle were also unfolding in other Castles as well, from ancient historical events such as the rise of the Brotherhood of Flagellants, to the schism of the Charismatics from the Abbey, to the development of mutually intelligible languages across Castles, despite there being no methods of communication between them, and the massive distances that separated them.

Before they could question him further, the DLs furiously dismissed the party, and took them away, back to the baggage claim area of the Ramparts. Many more hours than they had perceived finally caught up with them, and they had to get a ride from Rockfall back to House Titanite.
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"Maybe we can go up the tree? Bound to have some safe place." Billy offers up.


Zamrud looks at the nine different Rides and Grutars also appear to constrain the Herbs, shaking his head as the distant howling of the coming Dreaded Ones put everyone on high alert.

He looks at Good and nods, "Agreed, the buildings are our only cover. Everyone head into the nearest one, we'll hold up there. The question is what to do with 'them'." He says, looking at all the Rides, Grutars, and Herbs.

"We can't just leave them out here, they'll be eaten alive. I think the effect only works on direct contact, can any one use magic to move them with us remotely? I believe affecting ONE of them should affect all of them."


Grutar stumbles about as his legs get shaky, holding his helmet in one hand he tries to keep himself steady as best he can. "Whoa whoa whoa! Thank goodness I didn't have any booze before this! What didja say about a prom, lad? Did someone dump ya?!" Grutar says as he looks for possible dread sources.

>Search for dreads & stay stable.


Roll #1 4 = 4


"Perhaps the time dilation will keep them safe? I cannot imagine this was a thing that occurred suddenly, just now. Perhaps the time effect will keep them safe… but, I do not feel good about leaving them be. Is there a way we could seal them away safely?"


As you try to discern what to do next, a vertigo, then a sudden crashing, waves up over you, as if you had suddenly been dropped on your side onto a Castle ocean's cruel and uncaring waves. Discombobulation follows, and light and shadow play before you, as you stumble, reeling… dark figures of flesh and insatiable hunger tower before and around you, and your muscles, weak, instinctually reach for weapons – either to slay them, or yourself, and spare yourself a most incomprehensible fate…

But some providence of the gods, a divine boon… columns rain from the dark heavens. Not light, nor even darkness, but distortion, and energy, fall like raindrops, upon the monstrous figures… and in an instant of grotesque horror, you witness them shredded, twisted, ground and slain… until, weakened by the impact of hitting the waves, you succumb to weakness, and fall into sleep…

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File: 1627816437480.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, The Conjunction.png)

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The Echoes are changed to their core.

Skylord Lysander is dead. The veil of the Cuckoo's Egg is lifted, revealing a new and altered world. The old chaos runs rampant. In a distant land, the flame of ambition is lit in a woman's heart. And somewhere, sometime, the drifters who were at the heart of it all awaken, amidst the ash and rubble of their former home.

Runes of Union hang in the sky, radiating their primordial spell. The world is unmade and remade again. Beyond the scope of the light they knew, and beyond the reach of the terror and dark, the drifters tread now, peering through the fog of the Conjunction, in search of answers…
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The dragoness does not attempt to hide her dissatisfaction with the state of their adventure. "As if the starvation and dehydration was not enough. The gods challenge us once more." She says, scoffing at that last statement. She begins to spread her wings as the aching pain of exhaustion shoots through them, keeping her grounded.

"If we cannot find shelter, we must hurry into this town." She says, surveying the landscape in a vain attempt to find anything that would help.

Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I would have found it if it was destroyed" Aegis says plainly
"It could have decided to leave… I haven't made use of it much, if at all… Perhaps one of the demons got impatient and decided it should go into someone else's hooves so they could get them to come after me, since I didn't manage to keep my end of a deal"

Upon hearing the serpents up to trouble again, Aegis stands up and trots after Dalliance


"Up to it again? We'd best go see what's up, yeah?" he offers, grabbing his bow and running out after Dalliance.


"Hmm.. I could certainly check. The fall damaged my notes quite badly, but perhaps there's still something of use on gunpowder.."

Pulling out the remains of my Alchemy notes, I carefully flip through what's left on the hunt for gunpowder recipes.
[1d10] notes search

Having checked for Information, my search was interrupted by the sounds of the serpents' arrival.

Packing away my notes, I follow after Dalliance in concern, tense at the thought of the serpent's strange gaze.

Roll #1 6 = 6


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