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Simply put the number of dice you would like to roll followed by a "d" and then add how many sides you want each die to have. Post rolling requires this in 'quotes' or [Square brackets], and nothing is needed for email rolls.

Email Field Rolling:
You can roll one set of dice from the email field
2d20 in the email field will roll 2 20 sided dice

In Post Rolling:
You can roll up to 5 sets of dice from the post field, each set of dice can contain a different number of dice and a different number of sides.
Rolls can be placed anywhere in the post, they must be put in single 'quotes' or [Square brackets]. You can roll up to 6 sets of dice total
'3d30' will roll 3 30 sided dice.
[5d10] will roll 5 10 sided dice.

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Last time, on Anno Castra…

The party set out from Ironcastle with their deliveries in tow, and bore witness to the awesome destruction of the land caused by the stampede of the Dreaded Ones. All the badlands to the north, east and west had been trampled and reshaped by the passage of the Dreaded Ones who were whipped into a frenzy by the Siren Singer's call. Crags and hills had been stamped flat, low valleys uprooted and shaped again into steep crags. Heaps of rubble and corpses of trampled Dreaded Ones lay underfoot. At least now this meant a somewhat easier passage from Ironcastle to their first stop.

They headed north over the trampled badlands, and found that the Old World town had been little affected by the stampedes, even though the land surrounding it had clearly been trampled. Why the town and the fortress was spared was unknown. It was getting late in the Cycle, so they decided to stop and rest here.

By the lakeside just south of the Abandoned Fortress, they saw a Helping Hoof, an Old World tankpony robot, designed for household cleaning and defense. It had just slain a pair of Sightseers, and took up residence in the Fortress. After some deliberation, the party went to the Fortress to investigate. There, the robot ambushed Zamrud, but seemed to be asking him for directions in Old Equish. It sought to know where it was in relation to a place called "Canterlot," a term unknown to the party. They discovered that the robot had a function for learning new languages and regional dialects, and so they spent the rest of this Cycle teaching it modern Equish by providing audio samples.

Good decided to give it a "Spicy Señorita" accent. Its ultimate accent would be determined by the aggregate of the audio samples provided, so other party members still have a chance to influence it in that regard, if desired.
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I decide to follow in the groups step for a filter as well.

>75 shillings for a filter


"Mmm. I will… keep it in mind, Good." the griffon says. He doesn't really feel the punch, but it's the thought that counts.

Qhapaq promises to be careful, but ultimately the griffon cares more about the mask than the frame- if the frame breaks, it breaks.


You obtain Augmented Air Filters

>Augmented Air Filter: Automatic Free Action; Regeneration 2 per Charge. Does not start Regenerating until deactivated.*

>Effect: While the Augmented Air Filter is active, you can spend any of the four Charges, listed below, as an Automatic Free Action when you are prompted to roll resistance against hazardous airborne substances.
>Charge A: You automatically succeed against the check
>Charge B: You succeed against the check on DC-4
>Charge C: You succeed against the check on DC-3
>Charge D: You succeed against the check on DC-2

*Regeneration periods differ from Recharge periods in that an item / skill with a Regeneration period can, generally, be used at any time so long as you have at least one Charge left. Some powerful items and skills might have both a Regeneration and Recharge period, but this is rare. In most cases, items and skills with Regeneration periods do not start Regenerating until they are deactivated.


Last time, on Anno Castra…

Granpaw entrusted the party with an egregore, a thought-form in the shape of a white, flame-shaped cloud sitting in a candle-holder that floated like a balloon. In the event of an emergency that could not be overcome by other means, they were to release the egregore's chain, and run as it went on the attack. In addition, he assigned one of his knights, a donkey by the name of Sancho, for more conventional dangers they might meet along the way.

While Granpaw was busy tracking down Sancho to conscript his help, the party felt themselves being watched from outside of the farm. They saw an Exarch, a high-ranking member of the Abbey, keeping an eye on them from a distance. This Exarch was alone, but seemed to be no worse off for it; typically, they handled the darker duties of the Abbey, as inquisitors and executioners, and had the power to match. The Exarch left shortly after revealing his or her presence, sinking back into the darkness outside the farm before Granpaw could see them.

After getting their escort, they picked up some augmentations to their armorsuits' air filtering systems to assist them with avoiding the powers of airborne Dreaded Ones and poisonous airborne susbtances more generally.


The son confirms that Qhapaq will be able to remove and slot in the mask from the insulated frame, with the caveat that he might break the frame if he does so carelessly, but adds that he'll show Qhapaq how it's done.

While Grutar works and while Billy waits for his wand to be finished, the mechanic's son takes you to his workshop, and begins to work on the circuitry of your air filtering system. It's a bit uncomfortable having to sit still for so long, but around the time that Grutar finishes his work, the son at last finishes the modifications to your suits and mask. Qhapaq, Zamrud, Billy and Good all end up with an upgraded air filter system… a bit of a steep price at 75 Schillings each, but a sound investment considering what they've heard of the forest's dangers.

You obtain Augmented Air Filters

>Augmented Air Filter: Automatic Free Action; Regeneration 2 per Charge. Does not start Regenerating until deactivated.*

>Effect: While the Augmented Air Filter is active, you can spend any of the four Charges, listed below, as an Automatic Free Action when you are prompted to roll resistance against hazardous airborne substances.
>Charge A: You automatically succeed against the check
>Charge B: You succeed against the check on DC-4
>Charge C: You succeed against the check on DC-3
>Charge D: You succeed against the check on DC-2

*Regeneration periods differ from Recharge periods in that an item / skill with a Regeneration period can, generally, be used at any time so long as you have at least one Charge left. Some powerful items and skills might have both a Regeneration and Recharge period, but this is rare. In most cases, items and skills with Regeneration periods do not start Regenerating until they are deactivated.

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The armored skiffs hum low over the gray, humid earth, speeding toward the Castle of Silence. An AI gunship escort follows each skiff, weapons trained on the dark horizon. Inside your skiff's cockpit, the pilot grimly triple-checks the cloaking device to ensure they have enough charge for the ride back. Knight-Brother Mountain unlocks his harness and enters the ship's passenger hold, casting an apprising glare over the lot of you. You may have been hand-picked by Iron King Ischyros himself for this mission – even made to swear an oath of secrecy on pain of death – but the Knight-Brother's judgment was subject to his own insurmountable standards.

"Wake up, soldiers," Knight-Brother Mountain says. "We'll arrive within the hour. Consider it your new home; you're gonna be here a while."

Mountain flicks a button on a terminal in the center of the hold, portraying a holographic projection of a grand ziggurat, countless miles tall and wide, extending far deeper underground: Agatecastle is its official codename, but it is better known now as the Castle of Silence. Once home to millions and millions of souls of every race and walk of life, it is now nothing but a grave.

"For reasons unknown, Agatecastle fell to the Dreaded Ones, millennia ago," Mountain begins. "Either they infiltrated before the Castle's Heart could erect its protective barrier of light, or, worse, they broke through that barrier. If it's the latter, then whatever broke through could still be out there. And they'll come for the other Castles sooner or later. Agatecastle exists on no official records anywhere in any of the nine remaining Castles, so we have little to go on. All we know now is that the place is crawling top to bottom with Dreaded Ones.

"Your primary mission is to discover why the so-called Castle of Silence fell. Data chips, paper records, get whatever you can find that points to something concrete, something we can kill. As for your secondary mission: As you know, every Castle has a self-destruct mechanism, known as the Sword of the Five Gods, located on Layer Zero. It can only be operated by the keys and authorization codes held by the Castle's royal family. These should be located somewhere Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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note to self, ask autumn if the bonus from pegasus flight would apply here


Last time, on the Castle of Silence…

The party searched L-8 F-8 in search of a power station that they could use to reroute energy to the elevator in the courtyard. Along the way, they met Thuda, a donkey jenny from the same reserve group that they recruited Xu and Huitlapan from. She had apparently gone on to the floors below them, and was now in the business of selling intel about what awaited her fellow explorers. When nobody wanted to buy one, she offered a freebie: The lower floors harbored few, if any, friendly undead. The less that an undead resembled a member of the mortal races, the more likely it was to be feral and attack on sight.

They moved on, and found the power station in the northwestern quadrant of their assigned area. Xu was able to reroute power to the disabled elevator, and spent some extra time increasing the security measures on the terminal so that only she would be able to use it from now on, preventing anyone on this floor from cutting off the power before their descent could finish.

When they went back to the courtyard, they saw that a corpse abomination, little more than a heap of bone and melted flesh with legs and arms, had entered the courtyard to investigate the noises of the elevator. A skeleton courier, apparently coming from a lower floor, was trapped by its gaze. They attacked the abomination to secure the way forward.


You parry its grab with a swift clashing of claw upon bone, but the abomination shoves you back before you can score deeper hits.

>Lost Hope 5/7

Your voice is lost in the din of combat, but Steadfast rolls to his hooves, and brings down his strike onto the monkey's skull before it can bite him. The skull hangs at an angle, yellowed teeth insatiably chomping at the air.


You stretch out your arm as you fly toward the elevator, and manage to get it across the threshold an instant before the doors can shut. The doors shudder as they close onto your hoof, and begin their slow retraction. The courier cowers against the far wall as they slide open once more.

But before you can turn about to focus on the abomination again, you feel a fist slam down onto the back of your head, crushing you against the ground. You black out for a few seconds, and when you come to, you see Xu trying to pull you up. The abomination has sprouted another limb from its back, which it used to strike you just now.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Deadweight breaths a sigh of relief as she manages to get to the elevator in time, but the moment doesn't last long as she gets knocked out from behind, and when she comes to she finds herself in between a tug of war between Xu and the abomination. She tries to free herself from the abomination's grasp.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Lost groaned and then rushed to try and keep the beast from trying to grab Conflag by striking at it twice with her claws.


Roll #1 9, 10 = 19

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Last time, on HolyQuest…

After recovering from their brief but dangerous confrontation with the den of toxic rats, the Saviors descended through the strange, two-dimensional labyrinth, down and down and down. They reached a torture chamber, lit by gemstones filled with demons that, by this point, must have been imprisoned for millennia. From there, they approached a chamber further to the right, but discerned, by the fact that their view was pulling out, that there was something waiting for them beyond. Instead of proceeding directly to it, they pursued a path on a slope leading diagonally upward. At its peak, they saw that, at the base of the chamber was the staircase leading downward… and so too were a pair of enormously long centipede demons, trapped in an eternal guard-dance surrounding the staircase. How they would deal with this, we shall soon discover…
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Shei-Sher draws out his guitar as he gets into position.

"All at once? How about it!" He gleams a toothy smile clearly enjoying himself.


As the massive orb gathers in front of them, Shorthorns turns to Shei after she finishes beating away the last one she had deflected towards the silver statue. "On three! One… two…" JUST as she's about to say three, Shorthorns charges the orb with her shield, throwing it up in front of her horns as she prepares to use it as a ram combined with her forehead's natural strength to deliver a powerful punch to send it towards home base.
[1d10+4] All or Nothing
[1d10+2] Dodging

Roll #1 7 + 4 = 11 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


Cloak grits his teeth through the pain, slowly turning it into a grin as well.

"The time for waiting has passed."

Rushing forward, Cloak uses the pain as fuel for a massive shield slam.
>Talent: (Patience Rewarded; passive: After a successful use of a skill and completing its subsequent recharge, gain +X to the next time the skill is attempted, where X is the recharge of skill. Reductions in cooldown completely nullify the bonus gained.)

[1d10+5] Shatter

Roll #1 8 + 5 = 13


On time with Flaming, Shei-Sher swings the flat side of his Electric *Vector Guitar at the massive ball of energy. Steel ringing loud like a tremor as it smacks their target.
[1d10+3] Batter Up

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


River runs forward with her spear to add to the charge, and Gadriel clears a path by firing volleys of feathers that clear away nearby orbs from the path, while Zjetya bolsters the momentum of the orb with strums from her new lyre.

Together as one, you ram the huge orb forward, sending it hurtling back toward the Silver Dragon, completely overloading its air-stream once and for all. A magnificent light engulfs the arena as the orb makes contact with the Silver Dragon, and a brilliant explosion flings all of you back.

…Once the light and the ringing have diminished enough for you to see once more, you can see that there is no more silver dragon, nor even the walls beyond it. Both the statue and the two walls blocking your progress are gone, blown to rubble by the explosion.

You're gathered together behind what remains of Seneh, which is currently naught but a few embers floating away, having protected you from the blast.


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File: 1588152242507.png (321.89 KB, 1000x1000, TR - Sprig, the Collector.png)

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The party have acquired new provisions and narrowly escaped the clutches of the sinister Parliament, an insidious cult that rule over Last Hearth with an iron fist. Doing so was not without its toll, however. Violet fell in the encounter, her soul bound to a peculiar doll called a Crucible. Reviving her is possible, but will require time, sacrifice, and preparation.

Meanwhile, the Oneiromancer has stolen the body of the undead elk Etrigan, though through Zunden's intervention he remained by their side, having become one with the Fate's Fortune. The repercussions of this remain uncertain.

Licking their wounds, the party have continued on, at last reaching a safe haven for them; a far-flung swamp town known as Withick. Here they have quickly made a new ally in the form of Sprig, a genteel, slightly eccentric purveyor of antiquities who has a personal vendetta with Lysander. He was eager to form a bond with them, and will aid them in their endeavours. As one with some knowledge of magic, he has promised to lift a spell that renders a map unreadable to them, a map which may, fingers crossed, point them to a hidden place where they can safely hide the terrible Cuckoo's Egg.

In return for this, Sprig has asked them to investigate an anomaly: an entire complex of mysterious ruins has manifested itself into existence in the nearby wilds. A not unheard of phenomenon in the Echoes. Sprig has asked them to go there, scout the ruins, and come back with their findings, along with any trinkets and curios they may find there.

Time in Withick has not been uneventful for the party:

Lilura has found a new home in the castle of Caer Portach, working as a bar maid.

Aegis has left the party to pursue her own personal goals; namely, finding a way to seal her debt with Ragalaseab, and kill Lady Grosvenor.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Yeah, I'd caught that. Apparently some bad stuff happened there. Multiple murder bad. I was workin on digging up more info when I ran into you."

"Yeah. Stubborn is right. Well, alright. Thanks for the heads up."


Aurora nods and swallows, keeping an eye to the skies. "Let's follow her out then," she nods. "The longer we're here the more risk of running into him."



Hermodur nods with approval and grins with joy as he tests out the hand's motion. "Movement feels so much smoother now," he says happily. "You are as talented as you are kind. As thanks, I will try my best to find that lost shipment and get it back to you."

Once they've said their farewells, Hermodur motions for Marisol to come with him. They return to the ship.


''I see'' Aegis replies simply, not showing any intent with her own look
''The first priority is warning the others, then we can come back. Were you given the keys for this place, by the way?''


"Beyond reconvening with Gawain, I believe i'm ready to leave." i reply quietly, keeping watch for the assassin.

"The sooner we are aloft, the sooner we can escape this would-be killer."

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File: 1472866909664.jpg (113.83 KB, 1280x720, 1032707__screencap_crossov….jpg)

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>Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

Calling sheets for the 85th session of TimeQuest
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The nature of the staff starts to over-come your senses as it coils up your hoof, gripping on tight as you feel its need, its desire, for the flare, pizazz, and showmanship to spring forth. Soon, your employees seem as much as supporting characters to the play that is your life more than friends, and the compulsion to shine through in your role kicks in.

"Southern…?" Your co-star, Bossa, asks as she waves a hoof in front of your eyes. "You still in there?"

The sphere expands, and you see Wing suddenly double in his movement speed, shifting and racing all around the air-space as he becomes nearly impossible to follow. However, through sheer skill or miraculous luck, both of your shot-gun shells manage to score a hit against him, the first causing him to fly off kilter and then the second hitting him so hard to fly back into a building and CRACK open a window as he shatters it, before swiftly flying back out of the window with both hooves pointed towards you.

"Gaagh… not a bad way to start things off! But soon, you won't even be able to 'see' my dust, let alone make me eat it!" He says as he fires off two spells, one hoof aimed at you and another towards himself

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


She uses her tail to make a sideways peace-sign in front of her left eye. "Yeah, I'm just vibin' right now. Don't @ me."


Roll #1 9 = 9


>"…do you know what it is like to lose something, Southern Point?" Strength asks, gripping his paws. "To be powerless to stop it, despite every fiber of your being wanting to? We were planning to take the fight back to Mammon when we were ready. We had no idea anyone would take him so quickly."

>"We are not asking for charity. We will do what we must to reclaim what was stolen from our father. I am here asking - pleading - for you to offer us the chance. Is there no more you need of anyone in this world?"

"Look, this is real dramatic and all, but I know what this is leading up to. There's someone out there who still cares about you, even if that's just the three of you, and if you guys really don't have anything left to live for, you can always find something to live for tomorrow. Even if that's just eating good food and enjoying the sunlight. But if you take so much as a single action against me, that will all end in an instant. You won't even get to have a dramatic goodbye, I can promise you that. I don't care either way, just as long as we're all clear."


>As you make Plasm an apron, he seems to take it entirely in stride, making sure it is securely fastened around his waist as he starts stirring in the stiff, dry noodles into the pot, taking out one of Po-Yala's spoons to start mixing the noodles as you command Bossa to cut vegetables.

>"Grrggm…." Bossa says with frustration, taking out her guitar and playing a little tune as vegetables from Po-Yala's stocks start to float out all on their own, slicing themselves into neat (but uneven) cuts and depositing themselves in a bowl, Bossa levitating/cutting them with her magic.

>Chaser stretches out like a cat, leaning down on his back as he yawns. "Tell me when food's ready."

Southern makes a blanket for Po-Yala then sits next to her to literally just vibe until dinner's done.


>"Wait 'til…" he says, shaking his head. "I'm sorry, I'm making this really a lot more awkward than I meant to."
>Bossa laughs, "No, really, it's fine, keep making a fool out of yourself. I'm finding it entertaining."
>"It's just been a while, so to say." He says, scratching the back of his head. "You know, forget it. I'll be fine sharing the bed." He says, giving himself a stretch as he crawls up into the bed, laying down on the far side as he gets comfortable. "What a day it's been… going to look forward to some shut-eye."

>Bossa lets out a yawn, "For once, we're in total agreement."

Southern hops in bed with the rest of her harem and goes to sleep.

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File: 1590884261301.jpg (1.47 MB, 3000x1180, ZarciaTundra2_UNFINISHED.jpg)


Hello, you, yes YOU will test drive my new CYOA!

This is the WIP header image, it's not done yet, as you can plainly see. What's the skinny? Read on…

https://zarciantundra.neocities.org/ This lays out some of the basics.

(YOU) are Curiosity/Wonder, a femanon/male-non sent to go to the Zarcian tundra. Your main character, as seen in the Twine game there, is Frost Shard.

More in the next post.

File: 1587304486455.jpg (249.19 KB, 1088x811, 1547239961559.jpg)

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Last time, on PirateQuest…

Another dream haunted our crew the night before, wherein they and many kingdoms and races of the world stood side by side, trapped within a vortex of overlapping folds of reality, witnessing the opening of a great and towering Vault. From within, an army of giants, metal men like the one that the crew recovered last night, stepped forth, their hands outstretched to take away all that lay before them. But before the giants could snatch the people away, the obsidian machinations of Cuauhtemoc rose with a bloodcurdling frenzy of war-cries, attacking the giants in a guerrilla ambush, and made a mad dash for the Vault itself. But they were defeated and routed, and the giants continued their eternal march toward the world.

That morning, the party rose, groggy and disoriented from the strange dream. After they'd gotten their bearings and breakfast, they set out with a task from Bee Holder. The night before, Paraiba, Prisma and the five remaining mooks had been found by Kukulcan's crew, and had been taken back to his camp for medical attention. Bee Holder, however, distrusted Kukulcan, and wanted our crew to recover the wounded group during their exploration of the island today. With that in mind, they set out for the jungles of Cuauhtemoc. Although Kukulcan was not expecting to see them today, he had made arrangements yesterday, so perhaps the party could use those.

After heading west for a time (minus Cloud, who stayed behind because of his lame forearm), they reached a high plateau overlooking a canopy of a tree-village, and to the distance they saw the gnomon of a magnificent sundial many miles off. Before they could try to scope out more, they were approached from behind by pack of obsidian jaguars, unknown in number, who apparently had a strange taste for the island's fruit.
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The javelin of flame neatly bisects the pillar, and the two halves tumble into the ravine, where they vanish into the sea of mists below. Satisfied, the wyvern lands back down, looking to see if you can top a feat like that.


"Hmm? Oh!" the griffon chirps, hopping out of the crow's nest and fluttering down next to Splendid. "Hello! Sorry, I needed a bit of time alone for something."


"Oh, right."
Cloud says with a laugh as she tickles his wing, having not felt that in a while.
"I'm the good kind of danger though. The kind that makes you feel alive and gets your blood pumping."

"So should we head out to the coast to catch her, or just chill here in the shade?"


Cerulean watches the pillar fall, but it gives her an idea. A crazy idea, but crazy just might work.
"Stick close with me Roger, just in case, okay?" She steps back a bit, then starts running towards the ravine. With her own natural running speed, and with the watery terrain helping her, getting up to a fast speed is no problem. And she hopes that speed will be enough as she attempts to leap across the ravine, hopefully something the wyvern looks at as an impressive feat considering her lack of wings.

>Earthly Affinity-Traversing terrain automatic, not sure how'd you want to translate that into a bonus for this, if any

>Sprinter: Using for more speed, maybe could apply the DC-1

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Chiu shakes her head. "I'm going back to the ship to get some water and work on my knitting. I'm not taking any chances with the heat, even with your cloud covering."

She starts to make her way back to the Beesting, fanning herself with shadows all along the way.

"Right, right," Splendid says. "Thought I'd give ya an update, mate. Sparkler started feelin' well enough to help with the healin', so Magoja wandered off. Thessaly came back to take over for me with Cutlass, so I thought I'd get back out and have a bit of a breather from all the maintenance on the crew. I think they'll be right as rain by sundown, but we may just want to spend the night at that rate," Splendid says. "Though, guess it depends if Bee Holder and Cutlass are okay with stayin' among…"

She clears her throat meaningfully. "Well, anyway. Gonna hop back in there and see how Cutlass is doin'. Care to join?"

You fling yourself across the cavern at near-blinding speed, and just as you cross the halfway point, you hear a deep wind-blast from behind, the beating of massive wings– just as you're about to touch down, thick claws enclose about you.

With a barely-caught smug grin, the wyvern spins about once and tosses you high into the air, floating below you as you reach your zenith – and start to come back down, and fast… whether you land somewhere on or in the Temple, or miss it entirely and end up landing somewhere in the ravine… this is going to be bad.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1590102280765.jpg (93.68 KB, 1024x576, lukewarm&lukewarm.jpg)


[This thread is a small excerpt to make up for a non present player.]

So there Luke is pissing on his shoes, stupid fuckin look on his trying to put two and two together.

"Why are you here?" He asks
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Jean pops her sleepy head out of Luke's drawstring bag. "It sounds like a pretty good deal." She whispers in his ear.


"Aaalright, you guys sold me." Luke says all chummy about it.


He presses a piece of paper into Luke's chest for him to accept "Here's a map to the room."

B Luke then spreads his limbs out in pose. "Normal Luke. Gauze me."

To which Normal Luke responds by hopping off the toilet and wrapping Business Luke in toilet paper.

"Thank Nero crystal ponies literally wipe their ass with gauze."


And thats how a drunk, two retards, a cat and 3 assholes made a pact together. Promising to properly sedate Lukewarm with videogames and drugs while they impersonate him for a day.



Thanks I hate it

File: 1586229013880.png (4.53 MB, 2400x2100, HolyQuest - the Saviors.png)

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Last time, on HolyQuest…

The party, along with Regina, Box, River, Zjetya, Gadriel and LJ, hung out, eating ice cream and generally enjoying themselves as a group. Shei got to speak with Gabriele and Punish, in a reunion that quickly went from awkward to far more heartfelt, as they reunited after being so long apart. Like with their reunion with Shei-perd, however, Shei eventually had to move on, and speak with the water spirit whom he had angered for turning the river in which he dwelled into a weapon.

They traveled via Dark Corridor to the outskirts of Fantasia, to the bank of a river that led from northern mountains into a forest to the south, and it is from those waters that the god of the river appeared, in the form of a catfish dragon. After a period of negotiation, the water god agreed to relent from the punishment he had in mind for the whole party, if they agreed to instruct the Fantasians to honor him and the other lesser-known gods of the land in honor of the protection that they provide to the nations. Amy pestered the water god until he agreed to be her friend, business as usual.
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"I'll have them protected, don't worry about that. Flaming does have a point though, you won't always be able to avoid whatever you come across in Tartarus."


A turn is between 3-5 seconds, you're looking at 30 seconds from the crit

Shei scans the millipede demons, feeling the seconds whittling away on his invisibility…

>Lords of the Refuse

>250/250 HP
>Weak: Gun, Blunt, Pierce, Magma
>Resist: Fire, Ichor
>Null: None
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


When Shei relays the demons are resistant to fire, Pryce's mood is lowered a bit.
"Fire resistant bugs?"
He says, looking at his burning spear. He sighs, dismissing the weapon and dropping his bracelet to his hoof. His horn glows as he makes a new lance, without an element this time to be more effective.
>Conjure Weapon [Lance] [DC5, Single, Great] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Shei-Sher takes from a canteen some raw earth and carries it high in his hoof. The dirt stokes hot as embers manifest.
>space affinity

There is magma present in his hoof. He releases his grip and small motes of the ember fly out to imbue his party's choice of weapon.
>spellbleed 6 targets
[1d10+3] magma element for gadds, Amy, River, Shei, Flaming, Zjetya

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 3 + 3 = 6


>Ndindisholo: Passive; Critical Hits and Critical Failures do not deal extra damage to you.

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