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Since this seems to be the place to post meta about the MLPG in general.

>people whining about /b/read

>one day /b/read decides to raid MLPG
>people bitch about that
>yet accepting terrible users like WolfNanaki, Shiny or that Scootaloo avatarfag, who is literally a WuMA clone
>also participating in off-topic circlejerks about Weaver, Kraut and sentenal
Double standard much?


No one likes Shiny (and by now, many filter him), people tries to avoid Nanaki but that faggot is a whore himself when he use his name and no one really cares about Scootanon.


>Double standard much?
yes now fuck off to /b/ retard.


I'm not defending /b/read nor their users in any way. These threads are stupid.
I post in MLPGs regularly; they're like a "second home" for me on 4chan, if you get it.
I am just interested why some people can't see the obvious shit that's going on.
And only start to complain when things start getting extreme, like yesterday.


Not him but I know what you mean. The past couple months wasn't so great with the new fags coming. Remember Charles and how he fucking shitpost everyday until some of the newfags like him? It did not help that some of his friends help that "progress". As much much as I like Nobody and Reiduran, they tend to bring in random shit that is normally not pony and disregard the Janitor when he actually delete porn and non-pony stuff. This, all the while, there are a some dedicated shitposters that shitpost the general ever since /b/read left.

It is sad to see that my time spending with the general since the the Season 1 finale to now is just horrible.


It was hateanon who started this trend.
It was hateanon who started this thread.

Charles integrated just fine; his first posts were bloggy but he didn't reply-wall or stir up shit about /b/. In the end his presence is a net plus because he took up coloring.

Nanaki has been with us for over a year now, if not more, doing what the old guard tripfags did: occasionally stimulate discussion, keep an ear out for artfags, and be useful for information about the unsavory furry and brony side of things.

Scootanons have also been in MLPG for a long while now, they aren't reflective of the Rainbow poster that showed up just this week.

The frustration the past couple weeks has come from general frustration and boredom that's coagulated into pessimism and misanthropic behavior. Regardless of whether there were any "instigators" on any side, the best solution to all of this is to do less complaining or blaming and do more ponying.


>accepting terrible users like WolfNanaki
more like "grudgingly tolerate because they won't go away" in his case.


>Charles integrated just fine
He was shitposting and he admitted this a whole bunch of time the first month. People call him out when he was avatarfagging non-pony crap and mock everyone when he first "art" for the general.

>The frustration the past couple weeks

Try the past six months. Some act that way because they want the general to die. They fucking shitpost in Episodes Day, for god sake.


Can I just say for the record that "circlejerk" seems to be the name for any kind of discussion about anyone that's even remotely positive
OP talks about "off-topic circlejerks" about me for instance
And while derails have happened a lot in the past (especially re:monstergirls, which is why I moved stuff here in the first place), I've also had countless times where I post a new request I've taken and someone points out the responses to it screaming about how it's a circlejerk
It's a term that gets bandied about even when it's on-topic and contributing to discussion

It's a pretty lenient definition at this point is all I'm saying


File: 1372645985245.gif (69.15 KB, 225x225, THAT EAR.gif)



File: 1373520369648.png (360.09 KB, 720x874, df6d7be43c015881e242c8cf19….png)

MLPG is ruined by the piss that is the rest of the /mlp/

Case in point…

Also, NBS is really getting on my nerves. Holy fuck, he is buttdestroyed. I can understand having a grudge or grumbling but it's gone to like super meta unreasonable levels.

>how dare you use any site ever or have a life grrrr

It's like, even if I never posted on 4chan again for the rest of my life, they're still going to bitch about me on that thread. If I quit drawing MLP, they'd bitch that I WASN'T drawing free art for them anymore (I tried that already 3 times and it was a shitstorm each time over the last 2-3 years)

I know it's passe to complain about 4chan but it seriously used to be better than this. /mlp/ seems to be the only board with a serious moderation problem motivated by "whatever the fuck I feel like doing today" after Scruffygeddon post-Faust.


>tfw 4chan still sucks donkey balls



bumping 5yo thread


bumping thread for still being right

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